Maestro Mark able to Pitch in at Stanwick

Carp ace Mark Pitchers gave a REAL maestro's performance when asked to give another angler some tuition...banking a 36-13 common plus four other 20s!

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 9:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:16 pm
Grade A student Will Fox with his 25lb Stanwick exam result

And in the same session, ‘student’ Will Fox also came good with three 20s – best 25lb – of his own, also from Stanwick’s Elsons as hinged stiff rigs and pop-ups did the business.Elsewhere on the complex, Simon Compton had a 29lb PB.

SILVER-haired old fox Geoff Ringer came good yet again, Sunday – winning this year’s 80 peg Ivan Marks memorial open.Twenty-two Ferry Meadows bream to around 8lb, on dead reds and corn, added up to 103lb...and a 60lb margin over second-placed Nigel Trueman (48lb) with Adam Waklin on 47lb and Phil Ringer 44lb.Geoff’s runaway win came after locating a small clear patch in the Canadian pondweed filling his swim.“If I dropped the feeder into that the tip would go round. Either side and I got nothing,” he said. He lost three of his first four fish, until switching to holding his rod high, beachcaster style, and drawing hooked fish gently in – some completely enveloped in huge balls of weed.

WHITE Hart Flore’s Barby Banks do fell to Dave Cleaver with 121lb. Graham Cheney had 81-8 and Dave Chapman 80-8. Joe Roberts topped the club old geezers midweeker on the ‘Banks with 103-8. Ron Collins 72-8 and Jeff Wiggins 67lb.

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CARP were crawling up Matt Grant’s rod in Sports & Social’s Waterloo sweep as he won with 242lb. Lee Cox 128lb, Neil Wooding 105lb.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Chris Lovelock 105lb, Neil Hutchins 71lb, Ed Blane 49lb.

NENE with Towcester, Barby Banks: Kevin Elliott 93-8, John Broughton 84-2, Mick Goodridge 60-14.

ROYAL Oak, Packington: Ron Savage 75-14, Carl Barnfield 68-2, John Jenkins 52-5.

COUNTY Vets, Canons: Paul Lafflin 74-9, Bob Spencer 33-4, Ron Coles 27-4,

MILL Lane, Tofts: Kelvin McIlhinney 66-10, Mack Johnson 50-10, Gary Abrahams 50lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Dog Lane: Grenville Reed 66-4, Rob Rawlins 49-2, Paul Minney 40-8.

CASTLE Ashby: wed., Brickyard, Bob Reed 54-4, Mick Bodilly 47-2, Ron Bull 28-6; Sat., Brickyard, Courtney Hewlett 83-4, Keith Garratt 47-6, Steve Smith 33-4; Sun., Grendon, Kevin Folwell 38-6 (silvers), Chris Camplin 36-8, Kevin Taylor 12-14.

FINEDON, Pidley: Bill Boyne 52-4, Geoff Eade 29-10.

GLEBE, Holly Farm: Pat Byrne 37-7, Dave Haddon 35lb, John Armstrong 33-11.

FLORE & Brockhall, Dennetts: Rob ‘magic maggot’ Rawlins 26lb, Dave Wesley 22lb, Tony Ward 21lb.