WINTER NAPS: Monthly bet prize is up for grabs

THE free £25 bet from Semilong Racing for the month of February will be well and truly up for grabs on Saturday when our tipsters start studying form.

Going into the final Saturday of the month, the best priced winner is only 9/1 which gives added incentive all round.

The Tailor’s Dummies team were one of three to find 9/1 shot Across The Bay last week, but as they have also had a 6/1 winner during the winner, they currently hold a slender advantage although Chris Howe (CJ’s Pickles) has also had a 4/1 winner in the month.

The top seven positions remain unchanged on a day of 25 winners although Tailor’s Dummies move into eighth place. Next Saturday, selections can be made at Chepstow, Kempton and Newcastle.

Winter naps table


*Denotes non runner switched to race favourite

Manor Mayhem Queens Grove +37.50

Bugbrooke Badgers Kentford Grey Lady +27.50

Growly Bears The Bear Trap +26.13

King’s Head Utd The Rainbow Hunter +24.40

Dave’s Doublers CUE CARD (15/8) +20.82

Trinity Old Boys The Bear Trap +17.25

Got Potential Double Handful +16.00

Tailor’s Dummies ACROSS THE BAY (9/1) +15.50

Miracle Workers Triggerman +14.75

T&S Racing UP AND GO (15/8) +14.63

Max Whitby Jack +13.88

Warkton Fields Whitby Jack +12.76

Queen’s Park Snooker Whitby Jack +12.50

Evertonians WELL REFRESHED (9/2) +11.75

Simple Minds XAARCET (11/4) +11.66

Snowy’s Daughter Teaforthree +11.14

Loco Saints Rigadin de Beauchene +10.63

Shonkies Lad Viking Blond +10.50

Abington LTC The Rainbow Hunter +10.00

S&D Racing Whitby Jack +10.00

TP Racing Queens Grove +9.80

Barley Hill Punters Teaforthree +9.57

M & B Racing Diamond’s Return +9.25

Riches’ Floretunes Finian’s Rainbow +9.25

T&J Club WELL REFRESHED (9/2) +9.13

Crown And Anchor Furrows +8.83

Health Matters Monbeg Dude +8.00

NCT Racing UP AND GO (15/8) +7.83

Sons of Black Sam The Bear Trap +7.75

The Nap Hand Partnership Miss Milborne +7.00

Midland Band Pool General Miller +6.88

Mr Grumpy The Bear Trap +6.63

K9 Walkers Mac Aeda +6.50

Cassandra Sadler’s Risk +5.75

Happy Dave ACROSS THE BAY (9/1) +5.75

Nag Nappers Definite Ruby +5.50

CJ’s Pickles ACROSS THE BAY (9/1) +5.00

Gayton Bill WELL REFRESHED (9/2) +5.00

3 Ms Kentford Grey Lady +4.98

Brinley’s Banker Royal Guardsman +4.53

Blue Diamond Whitby Jack +4.40

Moulton Mules SEYMOUR ERIC (7/2) +4.25

Overstone Caravaners ZARKANDAR (1/3) +4.05

Not Too Sad Knock A Hand +4.00

Phoenix Golf Viking Blond +4.00

Diamond Girl Mister Teddy +3.33

Yeoman Boys ZARKANDAR (1/3) +3.15

Spinaclean Silver By Nature +3.00

Wright Nag Vic Venturi +3.00

Mayfield Park Tatenen +2.75

Zulu Warriors JUMPS ROAD (4/1) +2.75

Plough Inn Everdon Billy No Name +2.68

Admiral Rodney Top Of The Range +2.38

Golfing Gourmets Bourne +2.35

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid Whitby Jack +2.21

KAB Brackloon High +2.00

The Wife Can Do Better Triggerman +2.00

West Haddon Bowls WELL REFRESHED (9/2) +2.00

Duston Con Club Cappa Bleu +1.50

Nu Vu Windows Bourne +0.50

Towcester Racecourse Nicto de Beauchene +0.50

Alcon Viking Blond +0.25

Long Buckby Skittles Scoter Fontaine -0.12

Culworth Red Lion VINO GRIEGO (11/4) -0.25

ACKO Teaforthree -0.50

The 3 Js El Dancer -0.75

Brixworth Wanderers Workbench -0.89

Beatnik Beatles Best Boy Barney -1.00

Sons Of The Desert Amigo -1.50

Weekley Saints Lively Baron -1.58

Abfran Racing Definite Ruby -1.74

Old Hamish ROCKY CREEK (8/13) -1.78

Goody Goody UP AND GO (15/8) -1.79

B C Magpie Amigo -2.00

Cogenhoe Star Silver By Nature -2.00

Manor Inn Brackley Queens Grove -2.00

Marron Racers Neptune Equester -2.00

The Uppers Trigger The Light -2.12

Cock At Roade Finian’s Rainbow -2.96

Delboy’s Trotters WELL REFRESHED (9/2) -3.00

Towcester S&SC Sail By The Sea -3.25

Aye Boy COTTAGE OAK (9/4) -3.30

NIBS Old Tricks -3.36

Racegoers I’m So Special -3.40

Roade FC WELL REFRESHED (9/2) -3.50

West Haddon FC Teaforthree -4.17

Roade Walkers Whitby Jack -4.50

Cobblers Youth General Miller -4.74

White Hart Hackleton Cloudy Lane -4.87

Barnstaple Nomads Silver By Nature -4.99

Ashington Flyer Ashkazar -5.00

Kingsley Park Airgun Silver Commander -5.00

Nick Brown Racing Old Tricks -5.00

Postman Pat Bincombe -5.17

Transco OB Sail By The Sea -5.25

Marmalaid Racing Queens Grove -5.37

Cripps Social Club WELL REFRESHED (9/2) -5.00

Maori Racing Cannington Brook -5.50

Margil Social The Bear Trap -5.50

The Wolf Whistler Queens Grove -5.50

OXO VINO GRIEGO (11/4) -5.75

PWB Racing Teaforthree -5.75

Chelsea Pensioners Ghizao -6.00

Exiled Geordies Trigger The Light -6.00

Role On Giles Cross -6.00

Charlie’s Angels Hold On Julio -6.12

Juddies Giants Bullet Street -6.37

Rosebery Ramblers MINELLAHALFCENTURY (3/1) -6.50

Trafford Bridge Fan Club Furrows -7.25

Black Symphony Fashion Week -7.43

Sywell Flyers Whitby Jack -7.43

Aardvark Racing Major Malarkey -7.50

The Likely Lads MINELLAHALFCENTURY (3/1) -7.58

Gusto’s Boys Triggerman -8.00

Lady G Triggerman -8.00

Trueform Aurora The Rainbow Hunter -8.00

The Boys Cannington Brook -8.50

Lonesome Dove The Bear Trap -9.00

Brendan’s Bookie Bashers Cannington Brook -9.00

Jaycee Club Silver By Nature -9.00

Royal Oak Walgrave Tatenen -9.00

The Yarmouth Vagabonds Tatenen -9.00

Blisworth Garden Services Queens Grove -9.05

Ajay Club El Dancer -9.10

Harborough Hamtunes Double Handful -9.25

Old Sun Heyford Tango de Julley -9.25

Rosey Poets Black Phantom -10.00

White Horse Silverstone The Rainbow Hunter -10.00

Girls On Top Tatenen -10.47

Rifle Drum Ashkazar -10.50

Whistle Blowers Trustan Times -10.75

We Like Guinness Zandy Man -10.92

Bulltree Boys The Rainbow Hunter -11.00

Earls Barton WMC Whitby Jack -11.00

Nurses Know Better Triggerman -11.00

Second Glance Sixty Something -11.00

Steeleye Ann Trigger The Light -11.00

The Viking Cannington Brook -11.00

Dalepak Social Whitby Jack -11.50

Red Van Man General Miller -11.50

Greens Norton Racers Whitby Jack -12.25

Kingfisher AC Triggerman -12.25

Rothwell Cobbler Whitby Jack -12.25

St Mary’s FC Triggerman -12.25

Dawn’s Boys The Bear Trap -12.50

Betony Belle Captain Chris -12.75

Cobblers Le Magnifique Creepy -12.75

Holdenby Heroes Bourne -13.00

Go Getters Aaim To Prosper -13.12

Magster Makethe Mostofnow -13.12

Nene Valley Racing Kentford Grey Lady -13.25

Northants Anglers Ben Cee Pee M -14.09

SPA Monte Kaolino -14.67

Bajan Racing Giles Cross -16.00

Baltimore Bullet Wak A Turtle -16.00

Clever Trevor Whitby Jack -16.00

Ex Equestrian Giles Cross -16.00

Fat Boy Khyber Kim -16.00

Forza Milan Triggerman -16.00

Heathens RFC Dragon’s Den -16.00

Kingsley FC Light The World -16.00

M & N Racing Whitby Jack -16.00

Monday Ballroom Bourne -16.00

Mug Punters Mac Aeda -16.00

OK Coral Bourne -16.00

On The Edge Jack By The Hedge -16.00

Only Foals And Horses Whitby Jack -16.00

Pennies From Brisbane Trigger The Light -16.00

Queen’s Park WMC Ashkazar -16.00

Steady Aim Silver Commander -16.00

Sticky Wicket The Rainbow Hunter -16.00

The Byrne Syndicate Trigger The Light -16.00

The N Club West Bay Hoolie -16.00

Tomnjack Khyber Kim -16.00

Wooldale FC Cloudy Lane -16.00