SUMMER NAPS: Bull out in front ahead of final weekend

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Paul Bull (Bulltee Boys) will go into Saturday’s final leg of the 25-week marathon Dalepak Summer Naps League with a £5.65 lead over his closest pursuer after a day of high drama.

Incredibly, the top three going into the action all napped Low Key, a loser in the Cesarewitch but 50/1 winner Grumeti, picked by Cheryl Ledger in a team she shares with her dad Graham Alsop, rocketed The Flumps from 126th spot into fourth.

They briefly held third before Julie Letts (Marron Racers) found 40/1 winner Energia Davos, also chosen by Mario Solazzo (Maori Racing).

Final day selections can be made at Ascot, Catterick or Wolverhampton while the presentation race night takes place on October 22 at the Northampton WMC.

* Denotes non runner switched to race favourite..

Bulltee Boys Low Key +40.00

Midland Band Pool Low Key +34.35

Marron Racers ENERGIA DAVOS (40/1) +33.38

The Flumps GRUMETI (50/1) +32.63

Rothwell Cobbler ARTHENUS (100/30) +31.43

Sywell Flyers Low Key +29.67

Trafford Bridge Stables Navajo Chief +27.50

Maori Racing ENERGIA DAVOS (40/1) +27.00

Old Gits Rule Moscato +26.35

Margil Social Symposium +25.00

Cart Groundworks Cartago +22.88

BC Magpie Noble Silk +22.50

Ringos Bingo Invermere +21.25

New Venture Quick Jack +21.08

White Horse Silverstone Noble Silk +19.50

Queens Park Snooker George Bowen +18.25

Big Mac & The Nuggets Tasaaboq +18.11

Brumbies Angel Gabrial +16.38

Charlie’s Angels Renneti +13.50

Mr Grumpy Memorial Day +12.67

Towcester S&SC Tatlisu +12.50

Roade Walkers DONJUAN TRIUMPHANT (9/4) +10.94

Butch Cassidy/SK High Secret +8.00

DCD Ltd Hors De Combat +6.50

Manor Mayhem Wordiness +6.50

West Haddon FC Heartbreak City +6.00

Growly Bears ---- +5.63

Racegoers Moscato +5.50

Earls Barton WMC William Of Orange +4.75

Long Buckby Skittles Noble Silk +4.50

St Paul’s Six Furlongers Noble Silk +4.00

T&J Club Noble Silk +4.00

Danesfield Mick Winter Rose +3.50

Cock At Roade ARTHENUS (100/30) +3.22

We Like Guinness Noble Silk +3.00

Roseberry Ramblers Grand Meister +2.75

May Winnit One More Go +2.50

Spinaclean Angel Gabrial +2.25

Towcester Racecourse First Sargeant +2.25

Duston Con Club Master The World +2.00

Mug Punters Teak +2.00

The Wolf Whistler Barley Sugar +2.00

The Heed Tatlisu +1.75

Gusto’s Boys Deauville Dancer +1.33

Royal Oak Walgrave Bell Weir +1.25

Gloster & Fife Club Le Maitre Chat +0.00

The Crofters Priory -0.50

Barnstaple Nomads Special Season -1.09

Bristol Arsenal Suzi’s Connoisseur -1.50

Top Gear Touchline -1.62

OXO Poyle Vinnie -2.00

Young Kenny High Secret -2.37

Evertonians Low Key -2.72

Max Poyle Vinnie -2.75

The Hair Bear Bunch Sennockian Star -2.87

The Likely Lads Gavlar -2.96

Lucky Ladies Paddy’s Motorbike -3.00

Whistle Blowers Nameitwhatyoulike -3.00

Alfi Racing Wordiness -3.23

TP Racing Wordiness -3.42

JAY+J George Bowen -4.25

Loco Saints Aussie Reigns -4.50

On Your Marks First Sargeant -4.75

Barnstormers Triumphant -5.00

Riches Floretunes Sanus Per Aquam -5.00

Old Hamish Heartbreak City -6.00

The Nap Hand P’ship Rite To Reign -6.00

Carefree Block XI Banana Split -6.50

K9 Walkers Angel Gabrial -6.50

Crown & Anchor SHARED EQUITY (7/1) -7.00

JK Max William Of Orange -7.00

Selling Plater First Mohican -7.00

Shonkies Lad Deliza -7.00

Abfran Racing Cosmopolitan -7.25

Alcon Poyle Vinnie -7.25

The Knowitalls Oriental Fox -7.40

thehorsebewithyou Norab -8.00

SPA Triumphant -8.12

Ajay Club Renneti -8.21

Brixworth Wanderers Special Season -8.34

Harborough Hamtunes Martini Time -8.50

Tailor’s Dummies CHANCERY (9/1) -8.50

Trueform Aurora BC Foxtrot Romeo -8.62

Martins Maidens The Dancing Lord -9.00

Rainy Day Triumphant -9.00

Rifle Drum Noble Silk -9.00

Yeoman Boys Angel Gabrial -9.00

Diamond Girl Triumphant -9.25

Thin Red Line Spring Offensive -9.50

White Horse A Lacing -10.00

Muller Corner Tigserin -10.50

Snowy’s Daughter First Mohican -10.89

A&J Racing Tasweeq -11.00

Brinley’s Banker Sanus Per Aquam -11.50

Beatnik Beatles Marsh Pride -11.80

Cogenhoe Star Quick Jack -12.00

Dawn’s Boys Hot Spice -12.00

The Boys George Bowen -12.00

Fat Gazza Saved By The Bell -12.50

Queens Park WMC Steve Rogers -12.50

Vezbot Steve Rogers -12.50

Aye Boy Heartbreak City -12.58

Regimental Angel Gabrial -12.77

Ballybunion Cassells Rock -13.00

Headlands Golf Rosairlie -13.00

Marmalaid Racing One More Go -13.00

Sons Of Black Sam Renneti -13.00

Tomnjack Winter Rose -13.00

Delaney Saved By The Bell -14.50

CJ’s Pickles Nameitwhatyoulike -15.00

Juddies Giants Novabridge -15.00

Kingsley Park Airgun Steve Rogers -15.00

Who’s Napping?? Primrose Valley -15.00

Cassandra High Secret -15.50

Forza Milan Wordiness -15.50

Photo Finish Steve Rogers -15.50

The Viking Stylistik -15.50

Trinity OB Magic Dancer -15.75

9 Inchnail High Secret -16.00

Bajan Racing Highland Acclaim -16.00

Mighty Duck Eggs ---- -16.00

Rosey Poets Never Give In -16.25

Clever Trevor Wordiness -16.50

NIBS High Secret -17.40

Weekley Saints Memorial Day -17.53

Midland Band Darts One More Go -17.62

Cobblers Youth Teak -18.00

Green Fingers Angel Gabrial -18.00

Jaycee Club Heartbreak City -18.00

T&S Racing Gavlar -18.00

KAB Big Thunder -18.50

Plough Inn Everdon Period Piece -18.50

Moulton Mules Dutch Mist -18.72

Nag Nappers One More Go -18.25

Greens Norton Racing Communicator -19.00

Halls Of Residence Stroll Patrol -19.00

Old Sun Heyford Dragon Mal -19.00

PWB Racing Gracious John -19.00

West Haddon Bowls First Mohican -19.00

Dave’s Doublers One More Go -19.50

Girls On Top Dawaa -19.50

Nu Vu Windows Quick Jack -19.50

Roade FC Cinnilla -19.50

Rambling Bear Tadaawol* -19.55

Nene Valley Racing Gavlar -19.67

Park Lane Windows Angel Gabrial -20.00

Animal Cracker Farmtruck -20.12

Scorpio Never Give In -20.12

Shaw To Be Shaw Le Maitre Chat -20.50

Andy The Bandit Nearly Caught -20.75

Zulu Warriors Montefeltro -21.33

Dalepak Social Aussie Reigns -21.56

Aardvark Racing Adventurous -24.00

Abington Gal Gabrial’s King -24.00

Buckingham Flooring Never Give In -24.00

Chelsea Pensioners Tiercel -24.00

Delboy’s Trotters Bayan -24.00

Got Potential Camagueyana -24.00

Mincerman Foxtrot Romeo -24.00

Nick Brown Racing Eccleston -24.00

Not Too Sad Aussie Reigns -24.00

Retired Greyhounds Intiwin -24.00