YOUR VIEW: What went wrong? Who's to blame? Cobblers fans react to heavy Scunthorpe United beating

What went wrong during Saturday's 3-0 defeat to Scunthorpe United? Why are they struggling this season? Is Keith Curle a man under pressure?

Saturday, 12th October 2019, 8:34 pm
Scunthorpe's substitute goalkeeper Jake Eastwood catches a cross. Picture: Pete Norton

Cobblers fans have their say after Saturday's disappointing result. Here are some of the comments to @James_ChronNTFC on Twitter...


"I feel like the players are being stifled. Curle wants to play a certain way but the squad is lopsided. Adams and Lines the only creative players and they aren't being utilised."

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"McCormack was good on the ball and the one positive. Don't know why Andy Williams didn't start, or why Goode and Wharton were so below par today. Didn't look a red card to me either, so nothing much went right. Apart from some odd substitutions - I'd have kept McWilliams and Turnbull on and taken Wharton and Warburton off - it's hard to blame the manager when our our centre backs are so off it. Their keeper was brave, and took a bad gash to the head, but not a red card for me."


"Us football fans are not patient! Personally, I’ll go with the flow. I don’t want games to become toxic. I think KC has ‘done his job’ by stabilising us, now it’s time to gamble. I also think KC hasn’t been given a fair ride by a lot of our fans. But that’s football!"


"The team have proven they can step up & perform, why they can't find the consistency is a mystery to me, ability? Fitness? Coaching? Bad luck? Mental strength? Probably a bit of all these, but ultimately there's only one person who pays in these situations."


"Have to stick with a manager at some point,only just started rebuilding, a few weeks back it was nearly a great start, as disappointing as it is I still think we need to give him time, we arent going down with him in charge so why not risk letting him rebuild for a full season."


"As fans we are too impatience and look to change managers as soon as things look bad. Patience is key and I believe if we stick with Curle we will make playoffs because league 2 teams are very poor this season. Unfortunately the football will be awful."


"I think Curle has done what he came here to do, we thank him and let him go. Bring somebody who wants to play attacking football, and stick with them and trust them. We can’t keep changing managers every half a year."


"You only have to look at some of our signings (Adams etc) to know we must have a pretty big wage budget for the league. But every victory is all about score once then hang on for dear life. And winning is rare. It’s got to be all KC’s doing!"