Thomas will give Wilder full backing on Cobblers squad strengthening

Cobblers executive chairman Kelvin Thomas
Cobblers executive chairman Kelvin Thomas

Kelvin Thomas says Chris Wilder will have his full backing when it comes to any sort of squad strengthening in the January transfer window, but it will be a case of evolution not revolution.

Thomas had a sneak peak of what he was buying into when he watched the Cobblers beat Crawley Town 2-1 on Tuesday night, and the club’s new executive chairman was impressed.

Town are on a run of just one defeat in 13 Sky Bet League Two games and are within touching distance of the top spot.

The squad Wilder put together in the summer is really getting into its stride, and Thomas, who completed his takeover of the club on Thursday, says he trusts his manager 100 per cent when it comes to team business.

Asked if funds will be made available to Wilder in the transfer window, Thomas said: “The football is exactly the same as other departments in the football club, in that we will take a view and we will plan.

“The loan window closed on Thursday, so there’s not much we can do until January.

“We will use that time sit down, and Chris has ideas, but I know what Chris is like.

“He is not the type of manager who comes in and says he wants six centre forwards, he’ll have done his work in the summer.

“Chris put this squad together, and he will know what he needs to do. We will talk and we have had some chats about it already.

“We are not coming in to not support the playing staff or any of the staff.”

Thomas is excited by the potential of the Cobblers team.

It is probably a little unusual for a new owner to take control of a club that has a team performing so well, and Thomas admitted the team’s form is an added bonus as part of his purchase of the club.

Thomas said: “It (the team’s form) is an attraction, a bonus, and hopefully it’s not a curse!

“In reality, sometimes it is always good to take on something that is at the bottom of the league.

“But no, we are excited by it.

“I was probably more excited after Tuesday having seen the performance at Crawley.

“It was a very powerful, strong performance from a team that is in good form, and it’s now our job to support that.

“We will sit down and work out how we can help, and see where that goes.”