Relaxed Edinburgh believes Cobblers will be '˜more competitive' with 5USport backing

Justin Edinburgh says he has received '˜full reassurance' that his position as Cobblers boss remains unchanged and unaffected following the announcement this week of substantial investment from 5USport.

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, 4:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:35 am
Cobblers boss Justin Edinburgh

It was announced on Monday that the Chinese company were to become to largest shareholder at Sixfields, but with chairman Kelvin Thomas remaining at the helm and the structure of the club ‘staying the same’.

That structure obviously includes Edinburgh, who this week returned to work with the players for pre-season training at Moulton College.

Edinburgh met with representatives from 5USport on Tuesday night and the Town boss is just looking forward to getting down to work ahead of the new Sky Bet League One season.

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5USport CEO Tom Auyeung

“I have had full reassurance that nothing changes, and my job remains the same,” said Edinburgh. “All it does is make us a little bit more competitive, and it makes it all more exciting.

“I guess that with that comes a little bit more pressure, but I would rather have that than not.

“I have been totally reassured, I had dinner with a few of the investors on Tuesday night, and it is as normal for myself, the staff and the players.”

The extra pressure Edinburgh speaks of could now be a factor, with 5USport sure to be keeping a keen eye on their investment.

5USport CEO Tom Auyeung

The focus at the moment is all on what’s happening off the pitch, but that will soon change and it will be over to Edinburgh and his players to produce the goods on the pitch.

And the Town boss is confident he and his players will rise to the challenge.

“Kelvin has always said, and been totally honest with where our budget is in comparison to everybody else in the league, and what this does is give us a realistic opportunity of being in the top half,” said Edinburgh.

“So rather than overachieving to get in there, what we know is there is an investment to continue that progression.

“The challenges ahead we know are that we need to progress from last season, we need to be better, and we now might be able to do that a little bit quicker than we thought.”

Edinburgh has brought in six new signings to date, and prior to the news of the partnership with 5USport was planning on bringing in five more.

Offers have been made, and Edinburgh is expected to follow through on those deals, as well as now add a couple of other new faces.

But does Edinburgh fear that, with the news of the cash investment in the club, agents may try and squeeze more money out of the Cobblers coffers?

“That is always going to be a threat, and is always a challenge,” said the Town manager. “But I have always said that we’ll pay what we feel is right for a player.

“We won’t jeopardise this football club, and we won’t waste the extra funds that have been put in place.

“It is an exciting time, but one we have to be mindful and careful of.”

Cobblers fans may have been getting excited this week with the fact the club has received a cash boost, but Blackburn Rovers’ £750,000 capture of Gillingham’s Bradley Dack shows just what the club is up against this season.

Edinburgh, who knows Dack well from his time in charge at the Priestfield Stadium, will not be able to compete with that kind of financial muscle, even with 5USport’s cash, but he still feels the division will be an open one.

“I was fully aware before Blackburn made that purchase, of some of the wages that are being bandied around, and what people are speaking of what players are being paid,” said the Cobblers boss.

“We have found that as well in some of our negotiations with some agents, with what they are asking for their players.

“So it is very competitive, but is open as well.”