Cobblers bring in Martin Foyle as new head of recruitment

NEW FACE AT SIXFIELDS - Cobblers head of recruitment Martin Foyle (Picture: Pete Norton)
NEW FACE AT SIXFIELDS - Cobblers head of recruitment Martin Foyle (Picture: Pete Norton)

The Cobblers have brought in Martin Foyle as the club’s head of recruitment, with a specific brief to identify talent for the development squad Chris Wilder will bring in next season.

The appointment of Foyle, who is best known for managing Port Vale, is the next stage of Wilder’s plans to reshape the behind-the-scenes Sixfields structure.

He will head up a scouting network which, as well as seeking out young players, will also provide reports on upcoming opponents and cover the breadth of England.

“Martin has a wealth of experience,” said Wilder, “He has been a player, manager and a coach and he has an eye for a player.

“Recruitment is a key task, it needs someone dedicated to the role full time and I am delighted to appoint some like Martin to oversee that.

“This appointment is all about building and improving the infrastructure of the club.

“Martin already has a team of scouts working for him and the club in different geographical areas and they are watching a lot of players on our behalf.

“It seems likely short term loans won’t be allowed in the Football League next season, and even if they are, I want to get away from us having to borrow players from other clubs unless we need to in an emergency.

Wilder is keen to have a development squad in place next season as there are plans in place to only allow clubs to make loan signings during transfer windows,

The manager wants to have a group of players ready to dip into when members of his main squad are injured, rather than relying on temporary recruits from elsewhere.

“It would be far better for the club to have half a dozen or so talented young players, who belong to us and who we can develop, supplementing he first team squad, who can step in to the side when required or who can push their way in through the weight of their performances,” he said.

“They will be our players who will understand the way we work, and not loan players who come and go quickly.

“Amongst other things, Martin will be looking to identify players who we feel would be ideal for that as well as looking at future opposition and other potential targets.

“As manager I have the final say on who comes in, but the job of Martin and his team of scouts is to identify and recommend players for consideration and we have made an excellent appointment.”