Cobblers boss Wilder has ‘no regrets’ over post-match blast at players

STRAIGHT TALKING - Cobblers boss Chris Wilder
STRAIGHT TALKING - Cobblers boss Chris Wilder

Cobblers boss Chris Wilder insists he has ‘no regrets’ over his no-nonsense dressing down of his players following Saturday’s 3-2 defeat at the hands of Plymouth Argyle.

Wilder was furious after seeing his side outplayed by the Pilgrims at the weekend, and made no attempt to hide his annoyance with his team afterwards.

He spoke of some players not doing their jobs, and of others being moved on.

Asked on Tuesday if he now regretted being so forthright in his post-match interview, Wilder was unrepentant, and insisted he will always say exactly what he thinks, no matter who it may upset.

“There are no regrets,” said Wilder. “I don’t pull any punches, and I suppose that is my northern background, and I am not into spin.

“There may be times when you have to man-manage your way through certain periods and with individuals as not everybody is the same.

“But everybody knows it’s a man’s game and it’s a tough world, whether that’s the world of football or the world of life, and when you don’t do well you have to take the criticism.

“We all have to be part of that, from myself right the way through to the players, and Saturday wasn’t good enough.

“I am not happy about the league position, I’m not happy about the inconsistency, I’m not happy about a lot of individuals at the moment, because to be in this positition is not the reason I came to the club.

“I have spoken to the chairman, and I think one of the reasons he employed me is because of my track record at other clubs and how I have turned them from certain situations into another.

“I am more determined than ever to make that happen here.”

Wilder called the players in for extra training on Sunday morning, and admitted he was pleased with their reaction.

“The players were in Sunday morning, and that wasn’t a spin for the supporters, it wasn’t a spin for the chairman, it was because I believed it was necessary for them to come in,” said the Cobblers boss.

“I wanted them in to work and to run, and they did, and they played a friendly on Tuesday, and the attitude was really good.

“There were good individual performances, it was a good collective performance as well, at a Championship side, but as I have always said, it’s no good doing it during the week or in behind closed doors friendlies, we have to do it when the bullets are flying in league two.

“We need to do it when the pressure is on, and that’s what the players gave to do from now on.”

Tuesday’s reserve team friendly at Birmingham City ended in a 2-1 defeat for Town, who on Saturday travel to second-from-bottom Carlisle United in Sky Bet League Two.