Chairman Cardoza explains policy over Cobblers season-ticket prices

NEW LOOK FOR A NEW SEASON - Sixfields Stadium is being redeveloped
NEW LOOK FOR A NEW SEASON - Sixfields Stadium is being redeveloped

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza has defended the club’s decision to set season-ticket prices for the next campaign, before it is known which league they will be playing in.

The club are currently in a battle to avoid relegation out of the Football League, and with five matches of the season remaining, their future remains very much in the balance.

If things go well over the next three weeks, then next season will be played out in Sky Bet League Two, if they don’t, then the Skrill Premier awaits.

The club issued season-ticket prices for the next campaign a fortnight ago, and some prices were held from the current campaign, with some increasing.

There was no decrease in prices, and Cardoza has said cutting the price simply wasn’t an option if the club wants to progress next season, no matter what league they are playing in.

“We are selling some tickets, and we are very thankful for that as it is very important for our cashflow for this time of year,” Cardoza told

“A lot of fans are saying ‘why didn’t we wait until after the season?’, and ‘why didn’t we put prices down?’ in case we do get relegated.

“But people have to understand that our finances get cut so severely if we were to go down, and we couldn’t risk putting prices down, they have to stay the same.

“If we go down, we lose £100,000s of Football League money, plus the potential drop in gates, and the drop in commercial income.

“So if we did put prices down, and season tickets were cut in half, then we would lose so much more money and we wouldn’t be able to survive.

“So we want to keep prices the way they are, and if the worst comes to the worst (and the club is relegated), we want to obviously come straight back up.

“We aren’t going to be able to do that with limited cash, we have to do it with as much money in the bank as we can.”

And he added: “Every season ticket bought is important.

“Regardless of which league we are in, it is more money coming in, and basically we can plan better.

“We know how much money we have in June, we know how much money can go towards wages, and that is how it works.

“It is going to be a new-look Sixfields next season.

“We have just put a planning application in for the west stand, we are adding a few boxes, a directors’ area, and some other corporate boxes to let out, which will mean more income for the club.

“As everyone here knows, the work is starting in the west stand and they are stripping out the east stand as we speak, so it is all happening.”

Cardoza has also revealed some changes to the Sixfields redevelopment plans, the main one being that the capacity at the stadium will be 8,500 when work is complete, rather than the 10,000 initially announced.

More corporate boxes have been planned in, rather than seats in the stands, and the conference centre which was initally going to be in the east stand, will now be positioned in the west.

Cardoza also stated that the capacity can be raised to 15,000 if and when that were ever needed to be the case, by extending the north and south stands.

The chairman is hopeful the work on the east and west stands will be completed in time for the start of next season