Cardoza - transfer activity is indicator of long-term Cobblers planning

THREE-YEAR DEAL - Zander Diamond
THREE-YEAR DEAL - Zander Diamond

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza says the decision to give three-year contracts to Marc Richards and Zander Diamond is due to both long-term planning and a desire to sign those specific players.

Striker Richards and centre-back Diamond have both been brought in on deals until 2017, while Ivan Toney has also completed a contract until that time and Chris Hackett has inked a new two-year arrangement.

Manager Chris Wilder, too, is under wraps for another three years himself and the plan from the boardroom is to ‘settle things down’ after a period of great change and uncertainty.

Thirty-nine players were used in the first team last season and the club are keen to avoid that level of instability, a factor which has been cited as a key one in their struggle against relegation.

“Chris (Wilder) is here for another three years and I’m sure it will go longer – we want to settle things down a little bit,” said Cardoza.

“He’s here for three years so let’s get the spine of the team in place for three years.

“With Marc I don’t know if he’d have signed for two years. He definitely wanted to come, but I think he might have had to have gone off and thought about it if it had been for less than three years.

“We had him here and we wanted him signed before he left so we decided to get it done there and then.

“We tried to sign him last year but I said to him I’m glad we didn’t because I don’t think he would have been happy.
“Zander wanted three years and Chris wants him here for three years so that was quite straightforward. They can easily both play in league one so we’re happy with that.”