Cobblers ruling out deadline day additions

Cobblers boss Chris Wilder
Cobblers boss Chris Wilder

The Cobblers will make no further additions to their squad during today’s (Thurs) loan deadline day as manager Chris Wilder prepares to stand by his squad for the final eight games of the campaign.

Town play host to out-of-form Luton Town on Saturday (3pm) and will do so with no new signings to bolster their attacking line.

“I don’t think we’ll take anyone,” confirmed manager Chris Wilder.

“We’ve gone through lists and lists and lists and nothing has jumped out at us as someone that can make a difference.

“We’ve been punted all kinds of players and a lot of them are younger players but what does that do to our younger players?

“We still think a lot of Ivan (Toney) and it was only recently that we went to Shrewsbury and he helped win us the game up front on his own.

We’ve gone through lists and lists and lists and nothing has jumped out at us as someone that can make a difference

Cobblers boss Chris Wilder

“We want to develop him as well and unless someone is going to make an unbelievable difference then we won’t look at it.

“They’d have to really jump out at us and then you’d have to ask why they’re not going out at a higher level.”

Wilder has felt the current transfer window has been the hardest one to work in, although he has signed forwards James Gray and Diego De Girolamo on loan.

Leading goalscorer Marc Richards remains sidelined with an Achilles injury and while Toney has only scored once since December 13, the manager retains a great faith in his abilities.

“Despite what the one supporter behind me thinks, it is quite difficult to sign players, it’s not like playing Championship Manager where you just pick a name off a list,” he said.

“It’s absolutely the hardest time to sign players because who’s going to let them go? There’s still a lot to play for for all of these clubs.

“We don’t want to get kids because we’ve got a good young player here in Ivan and we want to develop him as well.”