Cobblers diary... Matty Warburton on his first pre-season tour, being one of the new boys, enjoying England hammering the Aussies, and keeping tabs on Love Island

Matty Warburton warms up in Spain
Matty Warburton warms up in Spain

The Cobblers are coming towards the end of their training camp in Spain this week, and each day a player has been giving a little insight into what has been going in at the Pinatar Arena Complex in Murcia.

The team has been in Spain since Sunday evening, and on Thursday they held their training session in front of the travelling Cobblers supporters, who will also be at Friday night's friendly against Coventry City.

Getting the balance right... Matty Warburton

Getting the balance right... Matty Warburton

Here, new signing Matty Warburton gives his take on day four of the trip.

"This week is something which has been completely new for me, and I'm thoroughly enjoying our time here.

"Coming away on a training camp is a new experience for me in terms of being out of the country and warm weather training, it's a little bit different to what I'm used to but it's been great so far.

"The pitches we train on have been really well maintained and the facilities are excellent, the weather hasn't been too bad to be fair because when you're playing or training in it then you're distracted from it, but it's when you stop that you feel it catching up with you!

"But I've really enjoyed this week so far and I'm looking forward to finishing well over the next couple of days

"This morning we had our breakfast a little bit earlier than normal before having some recovery time in the spa.

"We thought Pablo (first-team fitness coach) might have had a little something planned for us but he just allowed us to chill out in there which helped us recover, we then had a training session in the heat followed by some lunch and a few of us watched the England cricket match, we were quite pleased with the result!

"Then this evening, we had a training session which was the open session with the supporters which I'm sure they enjoyed as it was right in front of where they were sitting so it's been a really productive day and the manager is slowly getting across his messages and what he wants to get from training and performances in games.

"It's nice for me to be one of a number of new lads because it means there's not just one of two of us coming into a group.

"Everyone's been getting to know each other and this pre-season trip is a really important part of the process, coming away and spending time with the rest of the squad.

"I'm rooming with Ryan Watson, who's a top lad, and we're all getting to know each other in ways which you might not have done back at home.

"I can't complain with how things are going at the moment since the start of pre-season, I just need to make sure I don't peak too soon I suppose.

"Getting three goals in the game on Tuesday night was really pleasing and it's going to be a different type of test against Coventry City on Friday night.

"I'm happy with how I've done so far and now I just need to make sure that when the bigger tests come along in the remaining pre-season fixtures that I'm up to that standard.

"Every day is a constant learning curve for me because this is all completely brand new, whereas for the majority of players in the squad have been there and done it and they know what to expect whereas for me it's been coming into the unknown.

"I just need to make sure I keep my head on my shoulders and carry on going as I have been.

"The first day we got here it was actually raining so we played quite a bit of pool and have continued that throughout the week.

"Me and Ryan were victorious over Nicky Adams and Harry Smith so that was nice! We've spent a bit of time around the pool within our downtime as well but the majority of the time it's been too hot to go out in so there's been a lot of card games going on along with catching up on Netflix and spending time with the lads.

"We had a nice dinner on Thursday evening which was important after a double session, there's then one room which is hosting Love Island so we'll be catching up on that as well I'm sure!"