Cobblers boss Edinburgh says he'll be '˜a happy man' if he can land six more signings

Justin Edinburgh says he is still targeting six more players to ensure he is '˜a happy man' before the start of the Sky Bet League One season.

Wednesday, 5th July 2017, 5:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:42 am
Cobblers boss Justin Edinburgh

It was thought with the recent additions of Dean Bowditch and Yaser Kasim that recruitment in the midfield and attacking areas would be complete, but that is not the case.

The extra funds available to Edinburgh following the partnership with 5USport mean he can now bring in a couple of extra bodies he wasn’t expecting to be able to, and he says they will be in attack and midfield.

The priority is of course still to bring in central defenders and a goalkeeper, but Edinburgh said: “I have always said if the right player is available then we will look at it, and we are in talks with one or two in the midfield and attacking area.

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“Ideally, we need a goalkeeper, three central defenders, maybe another midfielder and another forward player, and then I will be a happy man.”

Some supporters are getting anxious that Leon Barnett is the only first team central defender on the club’s books, and Edinburgh understands that anxiety, and he is hoping things will soon ‘fall into place’.

“Everybody will be wanting to concentrate on the central defenders though, which we are,” said the Cobblers boss.

“We are very serious about that and we understand the importance of it, and we hope that things start to fall into place, and I believe as every day comes along we get closer.”

Another potential concern for Edinburgh as well as the club’s supporters is what will happen if the Cobblers miss out on the players they have set their heart on signing?

It seems competition is pretty fierce to win those signatures, and although Edinburgh is confident he will get his men, he says contingency plans are in place if they are rebuffed.

“We need to remain calm, and not get anxious, and we have to believe in what we are trying to do,” said the Town manager.

“What we have do while we are chasing these targets, that we have to be aware, keep our options open, and make sure we have our finger on the pulse of the players below that because you are not always going to get your number one target.

“It is a busy time and a stressful time because you don’t always get what you want, but you then don’t want to miss out on the ones below.

“It has been frantic, but we have to remain calm and trust ourselves that we can compete and accomplish what we have set out to do.”