Cobblers announce two candidates as fans' representative on board of directors

Voting will open in the next few days

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 2:14 pm

Cobblers have announced the two candidates chosen to stand for selection as the supporters' representative on the club's board of directors.

Details of the two candidates, along with their submitted statements, are listed below.

The vote will open in the coming days, via an email to the club's database and voting forms and a ballot box which will be available at Sixfields.

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The closing date for votes will be Monday, October 18, at noon, after which the votes will be counted and checked and the elected candidate will be declared later that week.

Supporters are expected to only vote once, and checks will be in place to ensure the integrity of the vote.



Full name: Thomas John Cliffe

Season Ticket Holder: Yes

Year started supporting the club: 1986

Professional Details

Occupation: Head of People Skills and Knowledge, TRACK in partnership with Issured Limited

Qualifications: BSC Management Science (University of Manchester), Post Graudate Certificate of Education

Other Directorships held: Director or Sport and Autism UK (Spautism), Director of TRACK NN Ltd

State your reasons for wanting to be a Director of Northampton Town Football Club:

From my first game at the County Ground in 1986, to the current season where I volunteer as a Matchday Host in the hospitality section at Sixfields, my dedication to the club has never wavered. I have seen many changes both on and off the pitch; one thing has remained constant, my pride and passion for Northampton Town Football Club.

As the club approaches its 125 Year Anniversary, the history and heritage of the club has never been more at the forefront. For me it is important to recognise this, whilst also ensuring that we embrace new opportunities for the club in the future. I want to celebrate what is great about NTFC, and also help to develop areas through working in collaboration with individuals whom have NTFC at their heart.

For me the badge on the front of the shirt is more important than any one individual (be that a director, player or supporter). The fans are the club, and to represent them would be an honour, a privilege, and a responsibility that I would not take lightly.

The key responsibility for me would be to put forward the fans voice so that many future generations of fans can experience the highs (and lows) which I have during my time supporting the club. Whilst of course I have ideas and opinions on the future of the club, in the role as a director it would not be about me, it would be about representing the supporters of NTFC and contributing towards the future development of our club.

State what you feel you will bring to the Board as a supporter elected Director:

Having volunteered at the club for 13 Years as a matchday host, I have built up relationships with a wide range of supporters. From people attending their first ever game, through to club partners and sponsors, we have all shared experiences. As an elected director I feel that I would be able to represent a wide variety of the club’s fan base. Having set up my own business in Northampton, I am aware of the opportunities and challenges which this role brings. As a business owner I have had to make incredibly difficult decisions and make these based on facts and figures, rather than feelings. Football is an incredibly passionate sport, but I also recognise that as a director my role would be to challenge and question decisions, this is something which as a business we have done with large businesses and made a difference to the lives of many people. I feel I will bring a variety of skills to the board, including a passion and desire to ensure Northampton Town Football Club is the best that it can be. I am under no impressions that this would be an easy role. I have shown throughout my career that I am not afraid to take on challenges, in fact this is where I thrive. I believe it is crucial to present a balance. I feel I would bring alternative ideas on behalf of the fans, be willing to challenge where needed, as well as delivering my passion for the club while at the same time understanding my responsibility to support NTFC as a business.

Any other relevant information you wish to submit:

I don’t think I have ever struggled so much to narrow down my thoughts into 250 words, but hopefully I have been able to get my message across. I appreciate that this role would involve representing a wide variety of opinions; I can only approach this with honesty, a willingness to listen, and engage with as many people as possible. I would look to meet with fans in a variety of ways, not just via social media but also in person. I would propose offering the opportunity to meet in person around the county, within town, and at both home and away matches. Integrity is key when representing and presenting such a vast community, something I pledge to uphold should I be successful. I would also continue my match day responsibilities, as I have done for many years, this would only offer further opportunities to speak to our fans. This role has given me a real insight into the running of the club, something that I feel is a real asset. To represent the fans of NTFC would be a genuine honour. Through this directorship I feel I would be able to bring a collective voice to an organisation I am truly invested in.

PEARCE, Daniel

Full name: Daniel James Pearce

Season Ticket Holder: Yes

Year started supporting the club: 1996

Professional Details

Occupation: Recruitment Manager (starting on 4th October). Current - Sales Manager

Qualifications: University degree in Business Management and Enterprice 2:1. Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner. 4 A-Levels. 10 GCSEs.

Other Directorships held: N/A.

State your reasons for wanting to be a Director of Northampton Town Football Club:

NTFC has been a massive part of my life and I've always wanted an opportunity to properly give something back. This is finally that opportunity to do so.

I want the best for this football club and will do everything in my power to support that happening. I will challenge decisions which I disagree with, and wholeheartedly support those that I agree on. I will not be disruptive but will be happy to apply positive pressure.

I follow this club home and away, and believe that I would be a great fit for representing the fan base of this fantastic club.

I'll provide the commitment levels that are required to support the current board of Directors and assist them in taking this club forward. As an absolute minimum, NTFC should be established as a League One club. I want to do my part in making that a reality.

I also want to ensure that the promises are kept regarding the completion of the East Stand, and implementing Safe Standing into Sixfields.

State what you feel you will bring to the Board as a supporter elected Director:

I give my word to the board and fanbase, that I will not just be a yes man. While this may not be popular for all, I'll act with principles and integrity. My biggest aim is to see a redeveloped Sixfields and the club established at a higher level. I believe that the board will benefit from a supporter who is willing to constructively challenge when necessary. I met with Kelvin Thomas at the presentation of the East Stand plans and did challenge him face to face in a fair way, which he respected. I also was full of respect for how willing he was to listen to my views and respond in a fair manner. I believe that we would work well together.

I will bring feedback from the fans, ensuring that the board fully understand what the current mindset of the fanbase is. In turn, I will feedback information to improve the communication channels between the club and the fans, and vice versa.

Any other relevant information you wish to submit:

This football team has provided me with many of the best moments in my life. The best of which being at Exeter on the 16th April 2016 (sorry Jess!). Others include promotion at Torquay, Sampsons winner at London Road, McGleish's winner at London Road, the balloons release at Blundell Park, Abdul Osman silencing the kop, 31 31 undefeated etc. I'd give anything to be a part of future successes to this fine club.

What you'll get is someone dedicated to the cause who will give every passing opportunity to do something which will benefit the future of Northampton Town.

You'll also not need to worry too much about giving me a seat in the Directors box as I'm pretty happy leading the fans from D44 in the North Stand!

My closing point, I don't envy you of having to make this decision and fully accept the outcome. But you'll not have anyone give you greater dedication than I, nor anyone who cares more for NTFC being an established club at a higher level.