Cardoza admits seat and corporate box numbers for new east stand have not been finalised

The east stand at Sixfields
The east stand at Sixfields

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza has admitted he doesn’t yet know how many corporate boxes or how many seats are going to be in the redeveloped east stand.

Building work is now back underway at Sixfields having been put on hold back in September due to a contractual dispute, and Cardoza has revealed that discussions about the final design of the east stand are still ongoing.

There have been two previous artists’ impressions released for how the stand will look when it is finished, and both received criticism from supporters for different reasons.

Cardoza is working closely with the builders Buckingham on how to best move forward, and has again reiterated that when everthing is finished, he wants the capacity of the ground to be up to 10,000 seats.

And although he admits there is still no definite plans in place for how the stand will actually look, he has revealed how he foresees the development, which he says will be finished by September this year, progressing.

“The finalised plan is this, we are trying to put the boxes all the way across the top,” said Cardoza.

David Cardoza

David Cardoza

“The structural engineer is looking at that at the minute, because originally when it was put together, that wasn’t part of it.

“People say I am being vague or whatever, and I am because it is going to take them a while to do that.

“If we can’t put the boxes up the top for whatever reason, and I am told that possibly might not be able to happen, then we might slot them on the first floor, but then that might affect the seating.

“So there is plenty going on, but as it stands, the main structure is up, and within a month you are going to see all the cladding up and the floors and everything, so you’ll get a real good view of it.

“The intention is to get as many boxes in as we can, and as many seats as we can.

“We don’t know how many seats there will be, but what will happen we will make sure the seats are in for the first game of the season.

“Fans will be able to sit in their seats, but just won’t be able to use certain facilities, but that’s by the by. The fact the seats are there is the main thing.”

Cardoza also revealed how the interior of the three-floor stand will be made up.

“There will be your usual concourse on the ground floor, with your bar, kiosks and toilets,” said the chairman.

“The first floor will be a lounge/restaurant for a couple of hundred people, and all the associated bits that go with that such as kitchen, toilets, etc.

“And then the top floor, as it stands, we want to get as many boxes in as we can.

“How many will depend on whether we have doubles or singles, but it could be 14 or 16 boxes.”

To get the capacity up to 10,000, Cardoza says he is in discussions with the builders for extending the capacity of the north and south stands.

“Extending the ends is in the pipeline,” he confirmed.

“We are about to start discussions with Buckingham on what is the best way of getting more seating in, and the most cost-effective way.

“That is ongoing, but we want to get it up to 10,000 seats and I am sure we will.

“I quite like the option of having an away end that you can split into two.

“So if you need more for home fans, or need more for away, then you can do that and it is an option we will talk about.”

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