Focusing on food aids bid to bulk at AGW Fitness

AGW Fitness
AGW Fitness

So, lean bulking is not actually that easy. Who knew?

There is a common conception that people who achieve impressive physiques merely look at a gym and instantly transform from Mr Muscle to Mr Muscles.

Phrases like ‘he goes to the gym’ are uttered by people who haven’t actually been to the gym before as they look at bulky blokes.

But what they don’t see is all the hard work, in and out of the gym, that the muscular male has put in.

It takes commitment to working out - not just one or two sessions a week - and commitment to nutrition.

I was one if those people who thought that you just had to pick up a dumbbell to put on size. But not any more.

Having ‘gone to the gym’ for the best part of a year, I’ve learned a lot about how much effort you need to put in to achieve your goals.

And I am doing everything I can to get the physique I want.

That includes nutrition, and I recently signed up to the AGW nutritional advice service.

Dave, one of the three affable personal trainers at the gym, has been talking me through it on a weekly basis, offering up potential meals and giving me daily targets to hit.

Now you may say that’s not for you.

You don’t want to continuously watch what you eat.

But having targets and limits is good.

If you don’t have them, you are like a runaway train some days, veering off the track with relentless abandon.

I like the structure and it has made me understand more about nutrition.

Forget five-a-day, I’ve been eating at least seven.

Fresh food is incredible and just looking at it on the plate makes you feel good.

I’m working as hard as I can in the gym to ensure the nutrition isn’t wasted, with Dave writing me new programmes to keep things varied.

And although I have still not reached my goals, I’m determined to keep trying.

After all, everything worth working for requires work - and AGW Fitness is a very good place to do that.