Northants Cricket League results and fixtures

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Results and scorers from the Hevey Building Supplies Northants Cricket League fixtures on Saturday, June 13.

All other matches were abandoned due to rain.

Premier Division

Rushton 130 all out (Daniel Bendon 30, Joe Dawborn 4-29, Paul McMahon 3-51) drew with Peterborough Town 123-5 (Asim Butt 34, Andrew Reynoldson 3-21)

Division One

Finedon Dolben 192 all out (Andy Daniels 45, Ashley Campden 70, Mirwais Khan 3-63) lost to Wellingborough Indians 196-7 (Bhavin Patel 41, Jignesh Patel 58, Pritam Patel 34no, Jack Carroll 4-42, Kunjal Amin 3-34) by 3 wkts

Division Two

Kettering Town 181-6 (Pete Bevan 36, Rhys Linnell 58, Henry Charter 4-70) drew with Stony Stratford 153-8 (Andy Ward 43, Asad Masroor 32, Theo Brooks 5-29)

Overstone Park 112-9 (Vikesh Patel 31, Martin Quenby 3-32, Chris Taylor 3-27) beat St Crispin & Ryelands 60 all out (Sheel Patel 4-19, Guy Sunter 4-34) by 52 runs

Division Three

Heyford 119 all out (Simon Legge 33, Jacob Gilder 42) lost to Long Buckby 120-6 (Jacob Gilder 3-34) by 4 wkts

Division Five

Burton Latimer 107 all out (Aiden Cunningham 51, Matthew Jones 4-25, Rahul Popat-Junior 4-27) lost to Overstone Park IIs 110-4 (Ashil Patel 63) by 6 wkts

Division Six

Isham 151-6 (Jim Lyon 36, Aaron Langley 41no, Bayes Day 3-31) winning draw versus Irthlingborough Town 108-8 (Sandeep Parmar 3-20)

Obelisk 183-7 (Alex O’Grady 36, Matty Summerton 38, Michael Charmley 71no, Ben Perry 5-49) winning draw versus Thrapston 81-5 (Alex O’Grady 4-17)

Mears Ashby 142 all out lost to Bold Dragoon 174 all out by 30 runs

Division Nine

Old Grammarians IIs 34 all out lost to Brigstock IIs 246-4 by 212 runs

Division 10

Old Wellingburians IIs 144 all out (Pritul Khagram 35no) lost to Heyford IIs 146-1 (Andy Sharp 45, Adam Linnell 81no) by 9 wkts

Rushden Town IIs 161-8 (Richard Eady 70no, David Hughes 3-34) beat Brixworth IIIs 84 all out (Harry Cadden 24, Thomas Moffatt 5-31) by 77 runs

Division 11

Geddington 131-8 (Mark Thomas 55no, John Robinson 3-34) beat Mears Ashby 85 all out (Ned Wilson 5-31) by 46 runs

Sun Hardingstone 204-8 (Alan Edge 31, Ian Roberts 62, Avinash Boroowa 4-39) beat Wicken 98 all out (Ben Mellor 5-26) by 106 runs

Great Houghton IIs 132 all out lost to Weekley & Warkton IIIs 193-6 by 61 runs

Division 13

Barton Seagrave IIs 196 all out (Adrian Ward 32, Danyal Rahemtulla 77no, Craig Lewis 3-39) lost to Sun Hardingstone IIs 197-1 (Andrew Legg 80no, Paul Larkin 69no) by 9 wkts

Division 14

Brixworth 198 all out (John Smorfitt 83, Alex Valentine 39no, Charlie Thomas 3-65) lost to Irthlingborough Town 199-4 (Charlie Roberts 41, Ben Potkins 36, Vince Thomas 90no) by 6 wkts

This Saturday’s fixtures

Premier Division: Brixworth v Rushton, Finedon Dolben v Horton House, Geddington v Northampton Saints, Old Northamptonians v Peterborough, Oundle v Stony Stratford, Wollaston v Rushden.

Division One: Burton Latimer v Wellingborough Indians, East Haddon v Old Northamptonians IIs, Loddington v Desborough, Old Wellingburians v Weekley & Warkton, Peterborough IIs v Finedon Dolben IIs, Wellingborough Town v Isham.

Division Two: Great Oakley v Brigstock, Horton House IIs v Thrapston, Northampton Saints IIs v Rothwell, Rushden IIs v Overstone Park, St Crispin & Ryelands v Kettering, Stony Stratford IIs v Irthlingborough.

Division Three: Earls Barton v Oundle IIs, Great Houghton v Old, Heyford v Wellingborough Town IIs, Long Buckby v Irchester, Old Northamptonians IIIs v Wollaston IIs, S&L Corby v Brixworth IIs.

Division Four: Grendon & Prims v Bowden, Kempston v Podington, Old Grammarians v Geddington IIs, Weldon v Raunds, West Haddon & Guilsborough v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs, Wicken v Northampton Saints IIIs.

Division Five: Kettering IIs v Burton Latimer IIs, Overstone Park IIs v Kislingbury, Rothwell IIs v Finedon Dolben IIIs, Rushton IIs v Higham Ferrers, Stony Stratford IIIs v Badby, Wellingborough Indians IIs v Yelvertoft.

Division Six: Bold Dragoon v Obelisk, Irthlingborough IIs v Gretton, Isham IIs v Carrib United, Thrapston IIs v Cogenhoe, Weekley & Warkton IIs v Mears Ashby.

Division Seven: Ashby Timken v East Haddon IIs, Desborough IIs v Loddington IIs, Old Northamptonians IVs v S&L Corby IIs, Podington IIs v Earls Barton IIs.

Division Eight: Northampton Saints IVs v Oundle IIIs, Old IIs v St Michaels 74, Raunds IIs v West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Barton Seagrave, Wellingborough Town IIIs v Kempston IIs.

Division Nine: Bowden IIs v Old Grammarians IIs, Brigstock IIs v Long Buckby IIs, Bugbrooke v Horton House IIIs, Irchester IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs, St Michaels (N) v Overstone Park IIIs.

Division 10: Abington v Gumley, Brixworth IIIs v Little Harrowden, Cogenhoe IIs v Old Wellingburians IIs, Kettering IIIs v Heyford IIs, Wollaston IIIs v Rushden IIIs.

Division 11: Burton Latimer IIIs v Hardingstone, Harlestone IIs v Wicken IIs, Higham Ferrers IIs v Geddington IIIs, Mears Ashby IIs v Great Houghton IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Weldon IIs.

Division 12: Finedon Dolben IVs v Horton House IVs, Kislingbury IIs v Old Northamptonians Vs, Obelisk IIs v S&L Corby IIIs, Overstone Park IVs v Thrapston IIIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IVs v Grendon and Prims IIs.

Division 13: Barton Seagrave IIs v Kettering IVs, Hardingstone IIs v Bold Dragoon IIs, Old IIIs v Old Grammarians IIIs, Rushden & Dean Academy v Bugbrooke IIs, St Michaels 74 IIs v Weekley & Warkton IVs.

Division 14: Barby IIIs v Irthlingborough IIIs, Grange Park v Stony Stratford IVs, Great Oakley IIIs v Isham Zingari.