NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Top two get ready for title showdown, with ONs waiting to pounce

Action from St Crispin's Ryelands' clash with Old Grammarians last Saturday (Pictures: Dave Ikin)
Action from St Crispin's Ryelands' clash with Old Grammarians last Saturday (Pictures: Dave Ikin)

Saturday looks like being a key day in the battle for the Hevey Building Supplies NCL Premier Division title.

The title race looks to be between three teams, and the top two Rushton and Peterborough go head to head on Saturday, while third-placed Old Northamptonians take on rock-bottom Wollaston.

Rob White’s reigning champions are currently eight points behind leaders Rushton, and a point adrift of second-placed Borough, and they will be wanting to improve that position this weekend.

Rushton have to travel to Peterborough, but both sides go into the game off the back of wins last weekend, with Rushton easing to a five-wicket success over Stony Stratford, and Peterborough thrashing Rushden by nine wickets.

ONs were also easy winners last Saturday after skipper White took five for 18 to rush out Geddington for just 73 and set up an eight-wicket win.

Elsewhere, there was a century for Horton House’s Ewan Cox, as he hit 100 not out to steer his side to 158 for eight and a draw against Finedon, who had earlier made 195 for seven.

Brixworth’s Callum Guest also made a century, hitting 110 not out as the villagers rattled up 248 for five against Saints, with Toby Sowley making 57 not out.

Saints made a good fist of the chase, but had to settle for draw at 231 for eight, with Harry Adair making 73 and Alex Lacey claiming six for 46 for Brixworth.

Full results and fixtures below.

Results, Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tom Heathfield in bowling action for ONs against Geddington

Tom Heathfield in bowling action for ONs against Geddington


Brixworth 248-5 (Callum Guest 110no, Toby Sowley 57no) drew with Saints 231-8 (Harry Adair 73, Emilio Gay 34, Alex Lacey 6-46)

Horton House 158-8 (Ewan Cox 100no, Tom Brett 5-18) drew with Finedon Dolben 195-7 (Sean Davis 73, Greig Hofbauer 73no, William Knibbs 3-29)

Old Northamptonians 74-2 beat Geddington 73 all out (Tom Heathfield 3-25, Rob White 5-18) by 8 wkts

Oundle 156-6 (Ben Smith 53no, Tom Doyle 4-51) beat Wollaston 153 all out (Tom Doyle 36, Matthew Jones 32, Bashrat Hussain 3-32) by 4 wkts

Rushden 108 all out (Joe Dawborn 5-54, Danny Mohammed 4-21) lost to Peterborough 111-1 (Asim Butt 64no, Kieran Judd 36no) by 9 wkts

Rushton 178-5 (James Kettleborough 74, Ben Mansell 76) beat Stony Stratford 177 all out (James Warsop 33, Mark Hulbert 34, Russell White 42, George Parker 5-30) by 5 wkts


Burton Latimer 132-3 (Alistar McClure 55no) beat Thrapston 131 all out (William Cade 32, Udo Maartens 5-25) by 7 wkts

East Haddon 160 all out (Michael Hale 62, Nick Whorton 42, Tashwin Lukas 7-41) lost to Brigstock 184 all out (Sat Singh 36, Tashwin Lukas 60, Oliver Brown 4-44) by 24 runs

Finedon Dolben IIs 149 all out (Tim Roberts 42, Simon West 3-28) lost to Loddington 235-6 (Andrew Flint 66, James Coles 74no) by 86 runs

Isham 209-8 (Ben Atkinson 39, George Chudley 36, Sam Harris 3-59) drew with Desborough 170-8 (Lee Pollard 48no, Ryan Conyard 4-46)

Weekley and Warkton 140-4 (James Crichton 39no, James Smith 39no) beat Old Northamptonians IIs 139 all out (Levi Draper 43, Matthew Cortese 3-36) by 6 wkts

Wellingborough Town 175 all out (Connor Gates 90, Matthew Cannon 3-39) lost to Overstone Park 178-9 (Matthew Sunter 33, Kyle Awbery 5-45) by 1 wkt


Irthlingborough Town 212-9 (Ashley Doggett 56, James Stevenson 51, Theo Brooks 5-48) drew with Kettering 154-8 (Rhys Linnell 49, Theo Brooks 38no)

Long Buckby 193 all out lost to Great Houghton 194-6 by 4 wkts

Saints IIs 106 all out (Chirag Mandayvia 46, Charlie Lawrence 3-27) lost to Earls Barton 126 all out (George Brooks 51, Matthew Rees 35, Swaboon Zazi 3-23) by 20 runs

Old 167-1 (Benjamin Turner 71no, Ben Street 67no) beat Rushden IIs 166 all out (James Rawlins 85, Tom Firm 40, Jamie Denny 3-16) by 9 wkts

Peterborough IIs 133-4 (Kyle Medcalf 32, Sohail 57no, Oliver Newton 4-42) beat Wellingborough Indians 132 all out (Hitesh Sharma 37, Amit Patel 39, Mohammed Saif 20-7) by 6 wkts

St Crispins Ryelands 97-4 (Chris Taylor 31, Terry Butt 3-19) beat Old Wellingburians 93 all out (Jake Spencer 7-21) by 6 wkts


Great Oakley 192 all out (Ryan Alderson 39, Ruan Kotze 36, Dale Jones 38) lost to Kislingbury 196-2 (Byron Wyngard 108no, Ed Smith 56) by 8 wkts

Heyford 99 all out (Will Smith 3-39, Nick Walker 4-37) lost to Horton House IIs 102 all out (James Baldwin 5-32, Jacob Gilder 4-41) by 3 runs

Irchester 57 all out (Stuart Bonthuys 4-27, Fraser Bennett 6-30) lost to Brixworth IIs 61-0 (Paul Gardner 45no) by 10 wkts

Old Northamptonians IIIs 77 all out (Tim Sheperdson 4-34) lost to Old Grammarians 78-6 (Anthony Shepherdson 36) by 4 wkts

Stony Stratford IIs 108 all out lost to Oundle IIs 137 all out by 29 runs

Wollaston IIs 175-2 beat Rothwell 174 all out by 8 wkts


Finedon Dolben IIIs 192-7 (Nick Coles 38, Chris Stock 37no) beat West Haddon and Guilsborough 124 all out (Tejas Patel 3-39) by 68 runs

Geddington IIs 133-2 (Colin Judd 56) beat Rushton IIs 132 all out (John Pike 41, Lee Smith 3-33) by 8 wkts

Grendon and Prims 69 all out (Paul Fox 6-34) lost to Raunds 73-2 by 8 wkts

Overstone Park IIs 184-1 (Hitesh Patel 89no, Ashil Patel 37, Jacob Summers 60no) beat St Crispins Ryelands IIs 182-7 (Brian Davis 34, Mark Oliver 40, Martyn Standish 32, Cavan Robinson 40) by 9 wkts

Podington 128 all out (Lawrence Simms 34, James McDermott 4-12) lost to Wellingborough Town IIs 139 all out (Alex Bendon 33, James McDermott 34, Kieran Fowler 7-33) by 11 runs


Higham Ferrers 169-4 (Matt Ford 69, Phillip Materna 55, Nick Lester 3-49) beat Cogenhoe 168 all out (Gareth Godard 34, Gareth Tompkins 37, Steven Materna 6-46) by 6 wkts

Kempston 232-8 (Nigel Thorn 38, Leon Harvey 95, Ashley Field 32, Seb Lord 4-51, Martin Wall 3-49) beat Bold Dragoon 177 all out (Ahmed Shah 52, Leon Harvey 4-18) by 55 runs

Kettering IIs 114-9 (Tom Smith 36, Dave Walklate 4-25) lost to Weekley and Warkton IIs 228-4 (Lee Fox 57, Nick Dalziel 61, Oliver Bosworth 71)

Rothwell IIs 104-7 beat Yelvertoft 100-9 (Will Negus 39, Daniel Craig 4-32) by 3 wkts

Stony Stratford IIIs 175-7 (Josh Purchese 48, Asad Masroor 40) drew with S and L Corby 196-9 (Tony Thurman 54, Martin Pearce 44)

Thrapston IIs 245-6 (Andy Stoker 66, Kyle Fox 33, Tom McNally 52, Nasakat Hussain 3-36) drew with Northampton Saints IIIs 201-5 (Ollie Chamberlain 49, Syed Ali 30, Glenn Thompson 37, Tom Law 40no)


Harlestone 139 all out (Fahad Ahmed 45, Joe Ball 32, Stewart Childs 4-24) beat Irthlingborough Town IIs 64 all out (John Burdett 3-24, Michael Allen 4-1) by 75 runs

Loddington IIs 71 all out (Joshua Ozier 3-10, Paul Davey 3-10) lost to Podington IIs 208-7 (Liam Scouster 62, Gary Fowler 47, Joshua Ozier 32) by 137 runs

Obelisk 124-8 (Ryan Rayment 66, Ming Hesic 4-32) beat Carrib United 123-9 (Ming Hestic 31) by 2 wkts

Wellingborough Indians IIs 216-9 (Hiren Prajapati 63, Waqas Elahi 55, Sunny Patel 32) drew with Burton Latimer IIs 178-3 (Laura Tonks 76no)


Desborough IIs 100-3 (James Peel 44) beat Great Oakley IIs 99 all out (Colin Gray 46no, David Starkey 5-24) by 7 wkts

Earls Barton IIs 161-7 (Paul Smith 55, Kieran Ward 3-40) beat Gretton 104 all out (Andrew Ward 45, Sean Carter 3-39, Matthew Desborough 3-38) by 57 runs

Mears Ashby 159-9 (Greg Reis 40, Paul Wolstenholme 5-31) drew with Horton House IIIs 173-5 (Ben Jordan 50, Nick Patek 49, Mike MacDonnell 42)

S and L Corby IIs 178-8 (Ben Lawman 112no, Connor McCabe 3-40) beat Old IIs 177-7 (Tom Windrum 50, Michael Cawley 33, Cai Mackman 37, Matthew Ward 4-37) by 2 wkts

St Michaels 74 91-0 (Chris Goodson 61no) beat Spencer Bruerne 90 all out (Steven Spruels 4-29, Ben Packman 3-18) by 10 wkts


Bowden IIs 219-3 (Robert Gomez 100no, Daniel Vansverry 35) beat Barton Seagrave 133 all out (Jack Butlin 40, Joe Whitworth 4-36, Lee Wilson 3-33) by 86 runs

Oundle IIIs 83 all out (Matt Palmer 37) lost to Old Northamptonians IVs 298-4 (Ramparasasad 37, Rhys Noble 114, Chris Locke 104no) by 215 runs

Overstone Park IIIs 186-7 (Steve Arnold 41, Jason Millard 48, Gavin Mobley 32, Billal Bashir 3-28) drew with Bugbrooke 283-8 (Tom Sidebottom 33, James Letts 46, Andrew Gnanseelan 81no, Joshua Sidebottom 43)

Raunds IIs 55-1 beat West Haddon and Guilsborough IIs 54 all out (Dave Manning 33no, Chris Lack 5-8) by 9 wkts


Brixworth IIIs 115-8 (Lewis Perrin 30, Mark Lewis 3-22) lost to Long Buckby IIs 116-3 (Christian Brient 55no) by 7 wkts

Great Houghton IIs 103-6 (Andy Usher 33no, Paul Smith 4-41) beat St Crispins Ryelands IIIs 102-9 (Ryan Haskins 22no, Ryan West 3-4) by 4 wkts

Old Grammarians IIs 111-5 beat Wellingborough Town IIIs 108 all out by 5 wkts

Old Wellingburians IIs 94 all out (Ben Mellor 5-32) lost to Hardingstone 95-4 by 6 wkts


Brigstock IIs 119 all out (Jacob Cotter 3-15, Nathan Dawson 3-23) lost to Wollaston IIIs 122-5 by 5 wkts

Geddington IIIs 120 all out (Joshua Knight 38, Sean Stanley 3-40) lost to Weldon IIs 126-3 (Brandon Nimmo 39, Mark Haynes 40no) by 7 wkts

Kettering IIIs 191 all out (David Jud 51, Richard Clark 75) lost to Harlestone IIs 207-6 (Gaurav Khanna 44, Jaskirat Saini 59, Russell Hyland 33) by 16 runs


Cogenhoe IIs 57-1 beat Burton Latimer IIIs 54 all out (James Bushell 5-23, James Goodwin 4-8) by 9 wkts

Horton House IVs 114 all out (Christopher Archer 42) lost to Overstone Park IVs 117-1 (George Barry 46no, Ethan La Porta 54no) by 9 wkts

Kislingbury IIs 66-0 (Kye Dufty 37no) beat Old Northamptonians Vs 64 all out (Grant Jones 40no, Danny Mackintosh 4-25) by 10 wkts

St Crispins Ryelands IVs 124-8 (Pete Smith 51, Owen West 3-26) lost to Finedon Dolben IVs 126-3 (Matthew Carroll 30, Darren Moors 40, Krishna Dholakia 31no) by 7 wkts


Bold Dragoon IIs 96-2 (Russell Heyworth 44) beat Mears Ashby IIs 95-7 (Stuart Gray 33) by 8 wkts

Bugbrooke IIs 115 all out (Huw Turner 3-38) lost to Stony Stratford IVs 348-1 (Varun Kale 63, Yash Tailor 100no, Joel Coxon 145no) by 233 runs

Grange Park 94-5 (Mark Bury 47no) beat St Michaels 74 IIs 93 all out (John Stretton 31, Rob Pinnington 3-35, Chris Wade 4-12) by 5 wkts

Hardingstone IIs 57-4 (Michael Walrond 31, Ben Allen 3-19) beat Obelisk IIs 56 all out (Mark Davidson 3-3) by 6 wkts

Old Grammarians IIIs 64 all out (Vince Thomas 4-9) lost to Irthlingborough Town IIIs 65-0 (Oliver Churchill-Coleman 49no) by 10 wkts


Barby IIIs 91-3 (Matthew Beagkey 56no) beat Barton Seagrave IIs 90-9 (Jem Palmer 35) by 7 wkts

Spencer Bruerne IIs 136-3 beat Brixworth IVs 135 all out by 7 wkts

Stony Stratford Vs 95 all out (Baldip Kang 7-17) lost to Isham Zingari 199-2 (David Hobbs 62, Aaron Langley 74) by 104 runs

Thrapston IVs 217-5 (Mike Coyne 34, Ryan Draper 49, Kyle Oliver 66) beat S and L Corby IIIs 52 all out (Mike Draoer 3-9, Travis Thurbon 3-24) by 165 runs


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Premier Division: Finedon Dolben v Brixworth, Geddington v Horton House, Northampton Saints v Rushden, Peterborough v Rushton, Stony Stratford v Oundle, Wollaston v Old Northamptonians.

Division One: Brigstock v Burton Latimer, Desborough v East Haddon, Loddington v Isham, Old Northamptonians IIs v Wellingborough Town, Overstone Park v Finedon Dolben IIs, Thrapston v Weekley & Warkton.

Division Two: Earls Barton v Long Buckby, Great Houghton v St Crispin & Ryelands, Kettering v Old, OWs v Irthlingborough, Rushden IIs v Peterborough IIs, W’boro Indians v Saints IIs.

Division Three: Brixworth IIs v Heyford, Horton House IIs v Great Oakley, Kislingbury v Wollaston IIs, Old Grammarians v Irchester, Oundle IIs v Old Northamptonians IIIs, Rothwell v Stony Stratford IIs.

Division Four: Bowden v Grendon & Prims, Raunds v Podington, Rushton IIs v Weldon, St Crispin & Ryelands IIs v Finedon Dolben IIIs, Wellingborough Town IIs v Overstone Park IIs, West Haddon & Guilsborough v Geddington IIs.

Division Five: Bold Dragoon v Stony Stratford IIIs, Cogenhoe v Thrapston IIs, Northampton Saints IIIs v Kettering IIs, S&L Corby v Higham Ferrers, Weekley & Warkton IIs v Rothwell IIs, Yelvertoft v Kempston.

Division Six: Burton Latimer IIs v Loddington IIs, Carrib United v Harlestone, East Haddon IIs v Obelisk, Irthlingborough IIs v W’ellingborough Indians IIs, Podington IIs v Isham IIs.

Division Seven: Great Oakley IIs v St Michaels 74, Gretton v S&L Corby IIs, Horton House IIIs v Earls Barton IIs, Old IIs v Desborough IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Mears Ashby.

Division Eight: Abington v Oundle IIIs, Barton Seagrave v Raunds IIs, Bugbrooke v St Michaels (N), Old Northamptonians IVs v Bowden IIs, West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs v Overstone Park IIIs.

Division Nine: Hardingstone v Brixworth IIIs, Heyford IIs v Great Houghton IIs, Long Buckby IIs v Old Grammarians IIs , St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs v Old Wellingburians IIs, Wellingborough Town IIIs v Irchester IIs.

Division 10: Harlestone IIs v Brigstock IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Kettering IIIs, Weldon IIs v Little Harrowden, Wollaston IIIs v Rushden IIIs.

Division 11: Finedon Dolben IVs v Burton Latimer IIIs, Higham Ferrers IIs v Horton House IVs, Thrapston IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IVs

Division 12: Irthlingborough IIIs v Bold Dragoon IIs, Mears Ashby IIs v Grange Park, Obelisk IIs v Old Grammarians IIIs, St Michaels 74 IIs v Bugbrooke IIs, Stony Stratford IVs v Hardingstone IIs.

Division 13: Brixworth IVs v Thrapston IVs, Isham Zingari v Spencer Bruerne IIs, Kettering IVs v Stony Stratford Vs