NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Horton's Ruff races to century before rain ruins the day

The heavy rain put paid to the Hevey Building Supplies Premier Division schedule last weekend, but there were still some strong personal performances in the play that was possible.

Friday, 28th July 2017, 10:31 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:33 pm
Action from Peterborough's abandoned T20 semi-final against Rushton on Sunday (Pictures; Dave Ikin)

None of the top flight matches were completed, but one man who enjoyed himself before the weather had the final say was Horton House’s Elliott Ruff, who scored a brilliant century in their date with Brixworth.

Ruff hit 104 as Horton posted 257 all out before the rains came, with support coming from Sean Mulvey (31) and Alex Mills (31).

Old Northamptonians’ Tom Heathfield snared five for 36 as Rushden were rushed out for just 109, but the reigning champions didn’t get the chance to bat.

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Elsewhere, there were half centuries for Peterborough’s Chris Milner and Stony Stratford’s James Warsop.

The weather also decimated Sunday’s NCL T20 Finals Day at the County Ground.

Finedon Dolben will represent the league in the ECB National Club Twenty20 competition this weekend.

Dolben earned their Group Five Area Final clash with Henley at Bromsgrove on Sunday in unusual circumstances after they won a bowl out on Sunday.

The home of Northants was supposed to play host to finals day, featuring four of the current top five in the Premier Division, but the weather ensured that was not possible.

After a delayed start, the first semi-final between Peterborough and Rushton did get under way before a further downpour ensured no more play was possible.

The decision was taken that bowl outs would then take place to decide who would represent the county this weekend, while finals day will now be played again in full later on in the summer.

The only proper action saw Rushton reach 75 for five in 10 overs against Peterborough (the game had been halved before the start) with the city side five for one from one over in reply when the rain fell.

Andrew Reynoldson carted 21 from one Daniel Oldham over to rescue Rushton from a slow start to what might well have been a winning score.

But Peterborough won the bowl out semi-final that followed before Finedon defeated Old Northamptonians in similar fashion.

And Dolben went on to beat Peterborough 5-2 in the final bowl out to secure their place at Bromsgrove on Sunday, with Chris Goode hitting the wickets twice to wrap things up.

Scores, Saturday, July 22


Horton House 257 all out (Elliott Ruff 104, Sean Mulvey 34, Alex Mills 31) v Brixworth - Interrupted draw

Old Northamptonians v Rushden 109 all out (Tom Heathfield 5-36) - Interrupted draw

Oundle v Peterborough 151 all out (Chris Milner 53, Ben Graves 3-24) - Interrupted draw

Rushton 141-4 (Jack Parker 46) v Geddington - Interrupted draw

Stony Stratford 177 all out (James Warsop 58, Nick Bell 3-51, Saif Zaib 3-55) v Northampton Saints - Interrupted draw

Wollaston v Finedon Dolben 143-6 (Callum Berrill 34, Sean Davis 40) - Interrupted draw


Burton Latimer v Weekley and Warkton 94-7 (Will Baines 3-43, John Maynard 4-46) - Interrupted draw

Desborough 233-8 (Simon Renshaw 61, Wayne Steed 54) v Thrapston - Interrupted draw

East Haddon v Wellingborough Town 153-4 (Richard Curtis 41, Connor Gates 52, Thomas Keeney 33no) - Interrupted draw

Finedon Dolben IIs v Brigstock 123-3 (Patrick Croker 65no) - Interrupted draw

Isham 135-6 v Overstone Park - Interrupted draw

Loddington 197-7 (Adam King 63, Jaymesh Patel 42, James Grayson 6-62) v Old Northamptonians IIs - Interrupted draw


Long Buckby v St Crispins Ryelands 151-3 (Tom Goodman 50) - Interrupted draw

Northampton Saints IIs 101-6 (Michael Jones 3-34) v Irthlingborough Town - Interrupted draw

Old 243-8 (Michael Hosking 61, William Chilton 36, Harry Moore 40no, Jamie Denny 36no) v Earls Barton - Interrupted draw

Peterborough IIs 142-7 (Srikanth Tummala 37, Connor Parnell 31) v Kettering - Interrupted draw

Rushden IIs 79 all out (Andy Rollings 30) v Old Wellingburians - Interrupted draw

Wellingborough Indians 104-4 (Pritam Patel 51no) v Great Houghton - Interrupted draw


Brixworth IIs v Kislingbury 167-1 (Ed Smith 81no, Eddie Fowler 56no) - No result

Great Oakley v Wollaston IIs 66-3 (Cameron Monteith 44) - No result

Heyford v Stony Stratford IIs 147-3 (Andrew Miller 33, Arvind Ramesh 69no) - No result

Irchester 56-1 v Oundle IIs - No result

Old Grammarians v Rothwell 178-8 (James Chambers 51, Ryan Spreadbury 38, Rohin Thapar 36, Kane Brierley 3-30) - No result

Old Northamptonians IIIs v Horton House IIs 107-7 (Kiron Das 39no, Rory Eymour 4-33) - No result


Finedon Dolben IIIs beat Grendon and Prims by forfeit

Geddington IIs 58-7 v Weldon - No result

Overstone Park IIs v Raunds 171-7 (Adam Lack 36, Ben Simpson 31, Prince Jowells 37, Lewis Gates 33) - No result

Podington v West Haddon and Guilsborough 97-4 (James Nuttall 43no, John Hart 4-35) - No result

St Crispins Ryelands IIs v Rushton IIs 117 all out (Bob Smith 5-29) - No result

Wellingborough Town IIs v Bowden 51-2 - No result


Kempston v Stony Stratford IIIs 72-3 (Sumeet Nag 32no) - No result

Kettering IIs 138-5 (Tom Smith 52, Steven Wilson 50) v Cogenhoe - No result

Saints IIIs v S and L Corby 220-4 (Shaun Elliot 36, Naveet Agnihotri 41, Darren Palmer 75, Owen Dunn 30no) - No result

Rothwell IIs 109-6 (Jordan Bell Henshaw 65) v Higham Ferrers - No result

Thrapston IIs v Yelvertoft 140-2 - No result

Weekley & Warkton 134-4 (Nick Dalziel 47no) v Bold Dragoon - No result


Carrib United 131-5 (Billal Khan 45) v East Haddon IIs - No result

Harlestone 173-5 (Fahad Ahmed 46, Stephen Ball 36no) v Isham IIs - No result

Irthlingborough Town IIs v Podington IIs 177 all out (Sam Sturley 53, Ben Ross 3-26) - No result

Obelisk 122-6 (Michael Charnley 64no) v Burton Latimer IIs - No result


Earls Barton IIs 56-4 beat Great Oakley IIs 52 all out by 6 wkts

Gretton 129-4 (Liam Park 39) v Horton House IIIs - No result

S and L Corby IIs v Mears Ashby 94-9 (Greg Reis 34) - No result

Barton Seagrave v Old Northamptonians IVs 168-6 - No result


Bowden IIs 235-7 (Fergus Kenny 88, Daniel Vansverry 36, Sam Gomez 44) v Bugbrooke - No result

Overstone Park IIIs 219 all out (Neel Patel 87, Thomas Pope 40, Malcolm Swann 3-41) v St Michaels - No result

Raunds IIs v Oundle IIIs 138-9 (Ben Weatherington 39, Paul Kimpton 5-41) - No result

West Haddon and Guilsborough IIs lost to Abington by forfeit


Brixworth IIIs 171-8 (Oliver Timm 54, Lahkan Trivedi 4-25) v Old Grammarians IIs - No result

Great Houghton IIs 151-7 (Sam Hughes 78, Mark Lewis 3-29) v Long Buckby IIs - No result

Hardingstone v Wellingborough Town IIIs 119-7 5 (Jake Westly 56no) - No result

Old Wellingburians IIs v Irchester IIs 120-4 - No result

St Crispins Ryelands IIIs v Heyford IIs 140-4 (Tom Robson 71no) - No result


Brigstock IIs 105 all out (Henry Spencer 35) v Weldon IIs 6-1 - No result

Geddington IIIs 143-5 (Joshua Knight 70, Richard Mitcham 3-38) v Little Harrowden - No result

Rushden IIIs v Kettering IIIs 121-6 (Joseph Baxter 73) - No result

Wollaston IIIs 72 all out (Alex Taylor 4-18) lost to Harlestone IIs 181-7 (Simon East 30) by 109 runs


Cogenhoe IIs 126 all out (Dan Harris 40, Owen West 7-9) v Finedon Dolben IVs - No result

Higham Ferrers IIs 125 all out (Rob Smith 54, Stephen Bennett 3-24) lost to Thrapston IIIs 195-5 (Jeremy Burdett 41, Sam Wesby 30) by 70 runs

Kislingbury IIs 128-7 (Luke Evans 59) v Overstone Park IVs - No result

Old Northamptonians Vs 173-4 (John Bishop 69, Grant Jones 56) v St Crispins Ryelands IVs - No result


Bold Dragoon IIs 95 all out (Sam Spencer36, Ronit Vali 5-27) v Stony Stratford IVs - No result

Bugbrooke IIs 177-4 v Hardingstone IIs - No result

Grange Park 84-2 v Old Grammarians IIIs - No result

Mears Ashby IIs 165-7 (Jamie Podkowka 52no) v Irthlingborough Town IIIs - No result

St Michaels 74 IIs v Obelisk IIs 130-9 (Brian Robinson 30, Chris Earl 3-30) - No result


Isham Zingari 157-3 (David Hobbs 108no) v S and L Corby IIIs - No result

Old IIIs 262-6 (Brian Sellars 46, Toby Bence 83, Alex Culverhouse 40no) v Brixworth IVs - No result

Stony Stratford Vs v Barton Seagrave IIs 63-6 (Nathan Browne 3-15) - No result

Thrapston IVs 88 all out (Declan Ward 46, Dave Sherwood 6-19) lost to Barby IIIs 222-7 (Mattgew Outhwaite 93, Steven Blanks 33) by 134 runs

Fixtures, Saturday, July 29

Premier Division: Brixworth v Rushton, Finedon Dolben v Stony Stratford, Geddington v Wollaston, Northampton Saints v Oundle, Peterborough v Old Northamptonians, Rushden v Horton House.

Division One: Brigstock v Desborough, Old Northamptonians IIs v Isham, Overstone Park v East Haddon, Thrapston v Loddington, Weekley & Warkton v Finedon Dolben IIs, Wellingborough Town v Burton Latimer.

Division Two: Earls Barton v Wellingborough Indians, Great Houghton v Rushden IIs, Irthlingborough Town v Long Buckby, Kettering Kettering v Northampton Saints IIs, Old Wellingburians v Peterborough IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands v Old.

Division Three: Horton House IIs v Brixworth IIs, Kislingbury v Old Grammarians, Oundle IIs v Heyford, Rothwell v Irchester, Stony Stratford IIs v Great Oakley, Wollaston IIs v Old Northamptonians IIIs.

Division Four: Bowden v Overstone Park IIs, Grendon & Prims v Geddington IIs, Raunds Raunds v Finedon Dolben IIIs, Rushton IIs v Wellingborough Town IIs, Weldon v Podington, West Haddon & Guilsborough v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs.

Division Five: Bold Dragoon v Northampton Saints IIIs, Cogenhoe v Rothwell IIs, Higham Ferrers v Kempston, S&L Corby v Kettering IIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Thrapston IIs, Yelvertoft v Weekley & Warkton IIs.

Division Six: Burton Latimer IIs v Irthlingborough Town IIs, East Haddon IIs v Harlestone, Isham IIs v Wellingborough Indians IIs, Loddington IIs v Obelisk.

Division Seven: Great Oakley IIs v Old IIs, Horton House IIIs v S&L Corby IIs, Mears Ashby v Desborough IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Gretton, St Michaels 74 v Earls Barton IIs.

Division Eight: Abington v Barton Seagrave, Bugbrooke v West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs, Old Northamptonians IVs v Raunds IIs, Oundle IIIs v Overstone Park IIIs, St Michaels (N) v Bowden IIs.

Division Nine: Heyford IIs v Old Wellingburians IIs, Irchester IIs v Brixworth IIIs, Long Buckby IIs v Hardingstone, Old Grammarians IIs v Great Houghton IIs, Wellingborough Town IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs.

Division 10: Harlestone IIs v Rushden IIIs, Kettering IIIs v Geddington IIIs, Little Harrowden v Brigstock IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Wollaston IIIs.

Division 11: Burton Latimer IIIs v Kislingbury IIs, Finedon Dolben IVs v Old Northamptonians Vs, Overstone Park IVs v Higham Ferrers IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IVs v Horton House IVs, Thrapston IIIs v Cogenhoe IIs.

Division 12: Hardingstone IIs v Bold Dragoon IIs, Irthlingborough Town IIIs v Grange Park, Obelisk IIs v Mears Ashby IIs.

Division 13: Barton Seagrave IIs v Spencer Bruerne IIs, Brixworth IVs v Isham Zingari, S&L Corby IIIs v Kettering IVs