BOWLS: Wigfield and Walker off to Cyprus as they earn England call

GREAT WIN - Sam Gamble and David Walker during the Northants Under 25 team's double rink win over Hertfordshire
GREAT WIN - Sam Gamble and David Walker during the Northants Under 25 team's double rink win over Hertfordshire

Two of Northants’ young players have been selected to represent England in the Atlantic Rim Games in Cyprus from November 30 to December 13.

The players are Rebecca Wigfield from Desborough Town BC, and Northampton West End BC bowler Jamie Walker.

The event is for an entry from each participating country in the major four disciplines of singles, pairs, triples and fours, for both genders.

Wigfield has been selected for the women’s team in the pairs with Wendy King of Kent skipping it, and to lead for the Fours alongside Jamie-Lea Winch (Warwickshire), Ellen Falkner (Cambridgeshire) & Wendy King.

The other member of the England women’s team is Sophie Tolchard (Devon) who will play the Singles & the Triples alongside Winch and Falkner.

Walker has been selected for the men’s team to play the singles, and the triples alongside Andrew Knapper (Berkshire) & Robert Newman (Berkshire) who will skip them. The other members of the England men’s team are Louis Ridout (Devon) & Graham Shadwell (Wiltshire) who will play the Pairs together and join Newman and Knapper in the Fours.

THE Men’s England Under 25 International Trial is being hosted by Northampton & District IBC this Sunday at 1pm, and several Northants players are involved.

Connor Cinato of Kingsthorpe BC and Callum Height and Jamie Walker, both Wellingborough BC, have been selected as players, and Will Walker, Wellingborough BC has been named as a reserve who will take part during the afternoon.

Height will play on the rink skipped by Walker, and they will have with them BJ Byles, Whiteknights BC at lead and Ryan Whitlock, Torquay United IBC at No. 3.

Cinato will play at No. 3 on the rink skipped by Perry Martin, Swale IBC, and for company he will have Tom Bishop of Cyphers IBC at Lead and Jamie Barker of St Neots & District IBC at No. 2.

Ladies secure rink wins but lose battle

NORTHANTS Ladies claimed four rink wins out of six in their Atherley Trophy match against Cambridgeshire at Northampton & District IBC on Sunday - but still lost the match by 31 shots.

The problem for the County was that the two losing rinks both went down by 21 shots, with the largest winning rink, led by Tina Broderick, only triumphing by four shots.

The final score was Northants 103 Cambridgeshire 134.

Details as follows, Cambs skips only:

Rink 1: Julie Spreadbury, Denise Carlin, Yvonne McKee & Brenda Bishop 10 – Sue Alexander 31

Rink 2: Dorothy Diver, Pat Starsmore, Chris Cooper & Audrey Height 10 – Carol Quinney 31

Rink 3: Billie Swift, Alison Dring, Jan Hunt & Tina Broderick 20 – Val Hughes 16

Rink 4: Celia Morris, Wilma Walker, Vicki Rushall & Hilary Sharpe 24 – Pat Stanley 21

Rink 5: Lynn Upton, Elaine Urquhart, Jeannie Flippance & Joan Watts 20 – Sheila Craig 17

Rink 6: Linda Warren, Joan Sidebottom, Di Brumwell & Joyce Porter 19 – Michelle Barlow 18

Thrilling finish sees Northants earn win

NORTHANTS Under-25 Double Rink men’s claimed a thrilling win over Hertfordshire in the national Inter County competition, with the home rink playing at Wellingborough BC, and the away rink at Harpenden IBC.

It was a great match, with an unbelievable finish in favour of Northants, who won on an extra end. The first third of the match was very even with both County rinks holding a one shot lead, and this tight contest continued over the next few ends for after 10 ends of play the advantage was still two shots to the County at 17-15.

Over the next seven ends, however, disaster struck for the home rink, for after collecting one shot on end 11, to hold a lead of two shots at 11-9, the visitors went onto a real purple patch of play, and no matter what the home rink did they could not hold their opponents back, and they dropped a host of shots to be 24-11 shots down after 17 ends.

A fightback ensued with very good bowls from all four of the Northants players to pick up 14 shots in the last four ends, including a seven and a four. This surge in scoring meant that David Walker’s home rink needed to pick up a single shot to draw the match overall and to leave the outcome to be decided by an extra end, which they did.

The extra end was played at Wellingborough, and the advantage in that end was with Hertfordshire, as they held two good shots until it was David Walker’s turn to bowl, at which point he very expertly, without excessive weight, took both opposition shot bowls out to lie shot.

Bradley Coles, with his last bowl, then drew the shot, leaving Walker a choice of either trying to take out Bradley’s bowl, or to draw shot himself. He chose the second option and did just what was required as he drew the shot to win by one.

Details as follows, Hertfordshire skips only:

At Harpenden: Rink 1: Adam Pitfield, Conor Bryan, Will Walker & Connor Cinato 23 – Tom Muir 11

At Wellingborough: Rink 2: Curtis Johnson, Sam Gamble, Danny Walker & David Walker 14 – Bradley Coles 26. Extra End Walker’s rink won with 1 shot.

NORTHANTS Vice Presidents played at Desborough IBC for the annual Frank Summerley trophy, with the home side claiming a 141-112 victory despite the rinks being shared 3-3.

Details as follows, Desborough skips’ names only

Rink 1: Len Marshall, Ted Guiver, Peter Byworth & Jack Brown 18 – Alex McKim 16

Rink 2: Graham Cashmore, Jeff Talbot, John Cooper & Dave Betts 15 – Frank Gardiner 19

Rink 3: Tony Hancock, Tom Black, Vic Wallace & Dave Williamson 22 – Trevor Wright 29

Rink 4: Len Smith, Colin Incles, Dave Stewart & Dick Howell 20 – Brian Diver 19

Rink 5: Albert Julyan, Dave Garland, Clyde Hulbert & Bob Tingle 9 – Ron Chambers 42

Rink 6: Ollie Pearson, Derek Essam, Liam Keeney & Dave Thurlow 28 – Nev Humphrey 16

NORTHANTS Ladies took on Kingsthorpe in a friendly, and in a tight and low scoring match it was the hosts who claimed a narrow 98-97 win.

Details as follows, County names first:

Rink 1: Joyce Burns, Val Scott, Margaret Cooper & Audrey Height 20 – Judy York, Sandra Mawson, Terri Hepburn & Yvonne McKee 18

Rink 2: Elaine Urquhart, Dawn Owen, Wilma Walker & Vicki Rushall 16 – Helen Milner, Joyce Porter, Celia Morris & Hilary Sharpe 17

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Margaret Tyler, Heather Lack & Jan Hunt 14 – Jane Maloy, Pat Kaye, Lorna Hart & Jane Watts 22

Rink 4: Pam Page, Sylvia Plant, Chris Cooper & Barbara Oliver 16 – Sally Row, Joyce Myers, Chris Woolhead & Di Brumwell 14

Rink 5: Dorothy Diver, Phyll Parry, Pat Starsmore & Joan Watts 14 – Audrey Gardiner, Elaine Munton, Sandy Hayter & Shirley Crighton 18

Rink 6: Lynn Upton, Elsie Hatton, Denise Carlin & Pat Symonds 17 – June Whitfield, Jen Cooper, Maureen Brown & Brenda Bishop 9

THE following players have been selected to represent Northamptonshire Women’s Indoor Bowling Association in a Midland Counties league match on Sunday against Nottinghamshire at Newark IBC,

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Brackley/Sylvia Plant, Daventry/Wilma Walker, Desborough/Joan Watts, Daventry

Rink 2: Marilyn Oram, Kingsthorpe/Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry/Lynn Duff, Desborough/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Northampton & District/Billie Swift, Northampton & District/Glenys Emery, Kingsthorpe/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District

Rink 5: Donna Williamson, Kingsthorpe/Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe/Elaine Urquhart, Brackley/Tina Broderick, Wellingborough

Rink 6: Dorothy Diver, Desborough/Rita Smith-Nolan, Kettering Lodge/Denise Carlin, Desborough/Vicki Rushall, Daventry

Travelling Reserves: Denise Nason, Desborough/Val Scott, Brackley/Dawn Owen, Desborough/Pat Symonds, Daventry

NORTHANTS men travelled to St Neots for a friendly against Cambridgeshire and claimed an emphatic 155-97 win.

The County claimed five winning rinks with the highest scoring the one skipped by Mick Worthington, which posted a 23 shots victory.

Rink details, Cambs skips only:

Rink 1: Will Clelland, Peter Byworth, Tony Warren & John Haines 22 – R Peyton 16

Rink 2: Rick Hayes, John Barber, Richard Somerton & Michael Moulton 28 – J Charlton 12

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Terry Fuller, Geoff Hunt & Tony Weston 27 – D Long 15

Rink 4: Roger Miller, Trevor Tilley, Peter Mellor & Mick Worthington 35 – J Locking12

Rink 5: Ray Ward, John Pickaver, Malc Mattinson & George Warren 10 – J Whitehead 22

Rink 6: Tony Dicks, Don Scott, Brian Jones & Terry James 31 – P Harvey 20