BOWLS: Walker claims double to steer England to Test win over Scotland

Northampton & District IBC youngster Jack Lee
Northampton & District IBC youngster Jack Lee

Northampton bowler Jamie Walker claimed two points as England edged Scotland 6-5 in the Test match between the nations at the weekend.

Walker played three matches, losing his triples encounter, but then winning in the pairs and singles.

In the triples, Walker Jamie played in the centre with Mark Dawes leading and Greg Harlow at skip, and they were up against Scottish stars Paul Foster, Stewart Anderson, and Alex Marshall.

Walker and his team lost by the smallest of margins on a tie break, having won the first set 4-3 before losing the second 5-3.

The other Triple for England took a win to take a share of the points on offer for this discipline.

The six team members then played pairs, and Walker skipped his pairing with Mervyn King to victory against probably the best pairing of bowlers in the world in Foster and Marshall.

Once more the point was won on a tie break after Walker and King had won the first set 7-2 and lost the second 9-6.

England also won one of the other two pairs matches, losing the other, to take the section 2-1 and see them 3-2 ahead going into the singles.

On Sunday each team member played a singles match, and Walker played his namesake in Colin Walker. Again the match went to a tie break which Northampton’s Walker won 2-0, having won his first set 8-4 and lost the second 5-4

All in all, England won three and lost three singles, meaning they edged the match overall.

Youngster Lee falls short in national final

Northampton & District IBC youngster Jack Lee reached the final of the Junior section of the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme.

The national finals were held at Melton & District IBC, and first up Lee beat Isaac Jacob of Wiltshire 11-1.

He then took on Devon Cooper in the semi-final, and eased to an impressive 9-2 win.

Cooper had not been beaten up to this point, and she was in the running for the top honours of the day, but Lee played with great assurance for one so young, especially against an experienced quality young lady as Cooper is.

In the final, Lee struggled to repeat that semi-final performance, and lost 7-1 to Liam Harris from Suffolk.

Kingsthorpe too good for County Under-25s

Northants Under-25s slipped to a six-shot friendly defeat at Kingsthorpe, going down 111-105.

In a tight game, the U25s had just one winning rink, which was the one skipped by David Walker, which had a very impressive victory by 16 shots.

Rink details, Kingsthorpe skips only, as follows

Rink 1: Shannon Swift, Maisie Lee, Tom Wellburn & David Walker beat Brian Kaye 28-12

Rink 2: Jack Lee, Thomas Manderson, Kyle Buckley & Connor Cinato lost to Peter Morris 22-18

Rink 3: Megan Rolfe, Bruce Sibbett, Abby Woodward & Sam Gamble lost to Brenda Bishop 20-12

Rink 4: Harvey Johnson, Lois Woodward, Billie Swift & Danny Walker lost to Roger Caswell 20-17

Rink 5: Connor Dolby, Jack Frankham, Jack Botterill & Will Walker lost to Mick Sharpe 20-15

Rink 6: Mark Waterfield, Abbi Johnson-Young, Sammy Jarvis & Curtis Johnson lost to George Clifton 17-15

The County Under-25s also took on Wellingborough, and they enjoyed a huge victory, seeing off their hosts 119-58.

Every rink can take some credit for the overall win, but none more than the highest winning one which was skipped by Kyle Buckley, and which won by 29 shots.

Details as follows, Wellingborough skips only provided

Rink 1: Jack Frankham, Lois Woodward, Louise Haladij & Kyle Buckley 36 Janey Leggate 7

Rink 2: Chloe Weston, Josh Hughes, Sam Jarvis & Will Walker 20 Peter McDowell 11

Rink 3: Connor Dolby, Keira Hill, Billie Swift & Connor Cinato 21 Malcolm Chambers 8

Rink 4: Shannon Swift, Lucy Botterill, Abby Woodward & Danny Walker 19 John Towell 12

Rink 5: Megan Rolfe, Thomas Manderson, Alice Moore & David Walker 23 Peter Byworth 20

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants Women’s IBA in a Midland Counties match against Leicestershire on Saturday (Oct 31) at Leicester IBC (start 2pm).

Rink 1: Dorothy Diver, Desborough/Barbara Oliver, Daventry/Jan Hunt, Wellingborough/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge

Rink 2: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry/Jean Burgess, Wellingborough/Vicki Rushall, Daventry/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Joyce George, Wellingborough/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Northampton & District/Denise Carlin, Desborough/Glenys Emery,Kingsthorpe/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe

Rink 5: Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe/Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe

Rink 6: Lynn Upton, Brackley/Elaine Urquhart, Brackley/Barbara Haseldine, Rushden Town/Joan Watts, Daventry

Reserves: Rita Smith-Nolan, Kettering Lodge/Heather Lack, Kettering Lodge/Pat Symonds, Daventry/Joan Sidebottom, Northampton & District

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants IBA in the Inter County Over 60 competition against Norfolk IBA next Tuesday (Nov 3) at Cambridge Chesterton IBC (start 1pm).

Rink 1: Jim Diver, Desborough/Mick Richardson, Kingsthorpe, Bob Fuller, Wellingborough/John Haines, Desborough

Rink 2: Will Clelland, Desborough/Pete Morris, Kingsthorpe/John Leggett, Northampton & District/Roger Tansley, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Alan Baulch, Northampton & District/Bob Care, Kingsthorpe/Walt Winsor, Wellingborough/Alan Ramscar, Northampton & District

Rink 4: Pete Maloy, Kingsthorpe/David Bailey, Wellingborough/Tony Weston, Northampton & District/Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe

Rink 5: Roger Summers, Northampton & District/Bernard Spreadbury, Daventry/Colin Jones, Kingsthorpe/Jim McKee, Kingsthorpe

Rink 6: Tony Dicks, Daventry/Norman Gibb, Desborough/George Warren, Desborough/Mick Worthington, Daventry

Reserves: Pete Mellor, Desborough/Terry Britten, Northampton & District/Colin Barnes, Northampton & District/Malcolm Mattinson, Rushden