BOWLS: Practice not perfect for Gearey’s Northants team

50-UP - English Indoor Bowling Association president Arthur Broadberry was at Kingsthorpe Bowls Club on 'Saturday for the specific purpose of making a presentation to Mick Sharpe (right) of the Kingsthorpe club, to mark the player's 50th appearance in an England shirt. Sharpe reached the landmark in the British Isles Senior Double Rink event at Warners Lakeside earlier this year
50-UP - English Indoor Bowling Association president Arthur Broadberry was at Kingsthorpe Bowls Club on 'Saturday for the specific purpose of making a presentation to Mick Sharpe (right) of the Kingsthorpe club, to mark the player's 50th appearance in an England shirt. Sharpe reached the landmark in the British Isles Senior Double Rink event at Warners Lakeside earlier this year

Northants men lost their Middleton Cup practice match against Oxfordshire 121-108 at Kingsthorpe on Saturday.

Team manager Vernon Gearey selected a team which contained several young players, and he enlisted the services of very experienced former Middleton Cup players Bob Fuller and Mick Sharpe to assist him in viewing the players on show.

Northants actually led the match going into the final four ends, but a strong finish from Oxfordshire earned them the victory.

Rink scores, Oxon skips only

Rink 1: Adam Brown, Dave Flippance, Richard Lemon & Roger Tansley 20 – Paul Sharman 15

Rink 2: Dave Love, Will Walker, David Walker & Jamie Walker 15 – Mark Charlett 21

Rink 3: Curtis Johnson, Matt Cattell, Connor Cinato & Matt Pownall 19 – Colin Whitehead 17

Rink 4: Tony O’Leary/Adam Pitfield (shared the match), Jason Bryan, Chris Bland & Andrew Manton 19 – Ian Snowdon 28

Rink 5: Iain Walker, Jonathan Brown/Martin Cinato (shared the match), Alan Ashby & Martin Gearey 19 – Baden Sparkes 26

Rink 6: Keith Height, John Freeman, Peter Ward & John Haines 16 – Mark Sykes 14

THE following have been selected to represent Northants men in their first Midland Counties match of the season, against Derbyshire on Saturday.

The match is at Long Eaton Town BC (2pm).


Abington BC: Adam Brown, Jonathan Brown, Tony O’Leary, John Freeman (Reserve)

Desborough Town BC: Dave Flippance (Reserve), John Haines, Peter Ward

Kettering Midland Band BC: Connor Cinato, Martin Cinato

Kingsthorpe BC: Jason Bryan (Reserve), Darren Childs, Martin Gearey, Vernon Gearey, Andrew Manton, Jim McKee, Roger Tansley

Northampton Express BC: Chris Bland, Richard Lemon, Rob White

Northampton West End BC: Alan Ashby, David Walker, Iain Walker, Jamie Walker

Rushden Town BC: Matt Cattell (Reserve)

Thrapston BC: Callum Height, Darren Height, Matt Pownall

Wellingborough BC: David Love

George able to get the better of Anita’s bunch

Northants ladies started the new season with the traditional President versus Immediate Past President match at Wellingborough BC, the home club of president Joyce George.

Seven rinks were played, providing a match for 56 players from the County, and there were also a couple of extra players.

George had a pretty impressive 127-82 win against Anita Petrucci’s team, taking the match with five wins and two losses.

The highest scoring was the rink skipped by Jan Bradley with a thumping win by 25 shots.

Rink scores, President’s Team names first

Rink 1: Marlene Armitage, Linda Walsh, Heather Golding & Brenda Bishop 20 – Elsie Hatton, Barbara Murkitt, Sandy Hayter & Joyce Porter 13

Rink 2: Maureen Brown, Eileen Forrester, Janet Cousner & Margaret McGillivray 18 – Linda Warren, Doreen McLaughan, Elaine Urquhart & Lisbeth Milburn 19

Rink 3: Chris Cooper, Lynn Babb, Joan Bryan & Maureen McDonald 16 – Debbie Cox, Heather Lack, Elaine Munton & Jan Hunt 12

Rink 4: George/Velda Cooper (shared the match), Phyll Parry, Wilma Walker & Jean Frisby 14 – Judy Jones, Barbara Oliver, Jill Welch & Anita Petrucci 13

Rink 5: Doreen Bedford, Birthe Hunt, Rhona Holland & Jan Bradley 29 – Agnes Johnson, Carol Houghton, Sylvia Downer & Gill Letts 4

Rink 6: Sandra Mawson, Pat O’Hanlon, Marilyn Dunkley & Eleanor Winters 12 – Trish Basford, Margaret Tyler, Brenice Willmott/Janey Leggate & Sharon Tansley 15

Rink 7: Sue Collins, Annette Norris, Lorna Hart & Barbara Haseldine 18 – Debbie Bradshaw, Shirley Salado, Marjorie Keal & Pat Bodily 6.

Northants battle to see off Berkshire

Northants Ladies were 111-90 winners against Berkshire in their county clash at Irchester BC last Friday.

Of those winning, the top score was shared by Val Betts’ rink and Brenda Bishop’s rink, which both scored the same number of shots and both conceded the same number, their advantage being eight shots.

Rink scores, Berkshire skips only

Rink 1: Debbie Cox, Michelle Harris, Joyce Porter & Sharon Tansley 16 – W Smart 26

Rink 2: Celia Morris, Elaine Munton, Jill Welch & Hilary Sharpe 19 – S Harrison 16

Rink 3: Joyce George, Gill Letts, Emma Gray & Val Betts 19 – H Simpson 11

Rink 4: Jenny Muir, Mary Muir, Chris Cooper & Nancy Tebbutt 19 – A Ward 13

Rink 5: Trish Basford, Heather Golding, Yvonne McKee & Brenda Bishop 19 – L Holliday 11

Rink 6: Alison Dring, Dawn Owen, Jeannie Flippance & Rebecca Wigfield 19 – 
J Holmes 13

Ladies set for clash with Cambridgeshire

The County Ladies take on Cambridgeshire in the Middle England League at Roade BC on Thursday.

The following players have been selected:

Rink 1: Maggie Edwards, Kingsthorpe/Annie Macavoy, Swanspool/Michell Harris, Kingsthorpe/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe

Rink 2: Pat Bodily, Northampton Whyte Melville/Julie Spreadbury, Heyford/Jill Welch, Heyford/Jan Bradley, Heyford

Rink 3: Linda Warren, Abbey Park/Sandra Mawson, Northampton Whyte Melville/Margaret McGillivray, Desborough Town/Val Betts, Higham Ferrers Town

Rink 4: Alison Dring, Swanspool/Rhona Holland, Heyford/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 5: Chris Cooper, Burton Latimer Town/Doreen Bedford, Finedon Town/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe/Barbara Haseldine, Finedon Town

Rink 6: Trish Basford, Geddington & Newton/Denise Carlin, Desborough Town/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough Town

Travelling Reserves: Joyce George, Wellingborough/Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe

Non-travelling Reserve: Pat Gayton, Swanspool

THE following players have been selected to represent the Women’s Section of Bowls Northamptonshire in a friendly against the Northamptonshire Vice Presidents’ Bowling Association next Wednesday (May 20) at Wellingborough BC

Rink 1: Agnes Johnson, Wellingborough/Brenice Willmott, Irchester/Chris Cooper, Burton Latimer Town/Val Betts, Higham Ferrers Town

Rink 2: Alison Dring, Swanspool/Velda Cooper, Irchester/Wilma Walker, Corby Forest/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Val Scott, Brackley/Elsie Hatton, Brackley/Pat Gayton, Swanspool/Joyce Porter, Abbey Park

Rink 4: Margaret Cave, Rushden Town/Joan Bryan, Burton Latimer Town/Pat Bodily, Northampton Whyte Melville/Barbara Haseldine, Finedon Town

Rink 5: Joyce George, Wellingborough/Sue Ellerby, Rushden Town/Sandy Hayter, Bugbrooke/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe

Rink 6: Doreen Bedford, Finedon Town/Gill Letts, Finedon Town/Eleanor Winters, Corby Forest/Margaret McGillivray, Desborough Town

Travelling Reserves: Trish Basford, Geddington & Newton/Sandra Mawson, Northampton Whyte Melville

Non-travelling Reserve: Jan Hunt, Swanspool

Kingsthorpe setting up Triples tournament

Kingsthorpe Bowls Club is organising a new Triples Tournament to be called the Hunter Tredwell Outdoor Open Triples.

The tournament will be held on Sunday, July 5, with the first session commencing at 10am. The name of the event is in memory of three of the club’s best known bowlers, the late Andrew Hunter, his father, the late Melvin Hunter, and the late Ernest Tredwell.

Triples may be single gender or mixed, and the cost is £36 per triple, which is inclusive of all rink fees, and a substantial lunchtime meal. Prize money of £120 for the winning triple is on offer, with the runners-up to receive £75.

Bar and refreshments will be available all day, and the club has arranged for evening entertainment.

Entries are being accepted now, and they must be in no later than June 5. They must be sent to Ivan Wilson, Hon Sec Kingsthorpe BC, Central Avenue, Whitehills, Northampton, NN2 8DZ, with names of players and contact telephone details, with cheques payable to Kingsthorpe BC.

Entries may also be made at the club office.

Squad set for White Rose Trophy tussle

Northants Under-25s have named the squad for their clash with Suffolk BA in the national White Rose Trophy for double rinks at Wellingborough BC.

Rink 1: Nathan Betts, Rushden Town BC/ Shaun Marriott, David Walker & Jamie Walker, all Northampton West End BC

Rink 2: Matt Cattell, Rushden Town BC/Danny Walker, Northampton West End BC/Connor Cinato, Kettering Midland Band BC/Callum Height, Thrapston BC

Reserves: Sam Gamble, Desborough Town BC/Adam Pitfield, Rushden Town BC

Northants Under-25s warmed up for that match with a 134 -77 friendly win over Kettering Lodge BC on Sunday.

Rink scores, Kettering Lodge skips only

Rink 1: Connor Rollings, Bruce Sibbett, Adam Hawkins & Adam Pitfield 21 – Phil Austin 8

Rink 2: Megan Rolfe, Paige Johnson-Young, Nick Manton & David Walker 22 – Elizabeth Dalton-Stirling 13

Rink 3: Harvey Johnson, Tay O’Neill, Dan Waterfield & Sam Gamble 37 – John Chester 10

Rink 4: Abbi Woodward, Zac Wilson, Conor Bryan & Danny Walker 28 – Ron Page 10

Rink 5: Matt Jarvis, Kieran Rollings, Alice Moore & Tom Wellburn 13 – Gerry Rowlands 21

Rink 6: Billie Swift, Cauly Swift, Connor Dolby & Connor Cinato 13 shots – Alan Simms 15 shots

Mawson’s men see off Ainsworth and Co

Rresults from the latest round of county competitions.



1st Round: Sue Prior’s rink, Brackley beat Ann-Marie Waters’ rink, Roade

Jan Bradley’s rink, Heyford beat Debbie Cadd’s rink, Abington

Hilary Sharpe’s rink, Kingsthorpe beat Brenda Bishop’s rink, Kingsthorpe

Janet Ashby’s rink, Northampton West End beat Barbara Astle’s rink, Kingsthorpe

Sue Graham-Hole’s rink, St Crispin beat Pat Bodily’s rink, Northampton Whyte Melville

Anita Petrucci’s rink, Abington beat Barbara Oliver’s rink, Kislingbury



1st Round: Kevin Mawson’s rink, Northampton Whyte Melville beat Dougie Ainsworth’s rink, Northampton Whyte Melville 20-17

Mike Spruels’ rink, Bugbrooke beat Pete Milburn’s rink, Abington 27-20

Jonathan Brown’s rink, Abington beat Steve Lemon’s rink, Northampton Express 20-11

Dave Kovacs’ rink, Northampton West End beat Roger Caswell’s rink, Kingsthorpe 26-8

John Freeman’s rink, Abington beat R Tyark’s rink, Woodford-cum-Membris 31-7

Pat McAlwane’s rink, Abington beat Colin Jones’ rink, Kingsthorpe 21-12

2nd Round: Roger Tansley’s rink, Kingsthorpe beat Alan Ward’s rink, Kislingbury 26-8

Kevin Mawson’s rink beat Mike Spruels’ rink 23-11

Jamie Walker’s rink beat Paul Green’s rink, Northampton Express 27-4

Martin Gearey’s rink, Kingsthorpe beat Dave Masters’ rink, St Crispin 27-8

Dave Kovacs’ rink beat Jonathan Brown’s rink 21-8

Richard Somerton’s rink, Brackley beat Dave Crowson’s rink, Kingsthorpe 28-10

Jim McKee’s rink, Kingsthorpe beat Alan Dunkley’s rink, Roade 21-11

Mick Taylor’s rink, Abington beat Will Walker’s rink, Northampton West End

John Freeman’s rink beat Tony Weston’s rink, Northampton West End 25-19

Bob Blencowe’s rink, Brackley beat Nick Beirne’s rink, St Crispin 28-11

Vernon Gearey’s rink, Kingsthorpe beat Dave Symonds’ rink, Daventry Tigers 24-4

Dominic Graham’s rink, Northampton Express beat Chris Bland’s rink, Northampton Express 16-11

Phil Boseley’s rink, Abington beat Pat McAlwane’s rink 26-18

Geoff Allen’s rink, Heyford beat C Terry’s rink, West Haddon 22-11

Tony Hilliard’s rink, Northampton Whyte Melville beat Tim Dawkins’s rink, Wootton Graange 21-18 shots

RESULTS from the latest round of national competitions.


Champion of Champions Singles

Preliminary Round: Emma Gray, Burton Latimer Town BC beat Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC 21-12



Preliminary Round:Jill Welch & partner, Heyford beat Mark Dickens & partner, St Crispin 28-20

Joan Sidebottom & partner, Roade beat Kevin Mawson & partner, Northampton Whyte Melville 22-20

1st Round: David Master & partner, St Crispin beat Michael Moulton & partner, Heyford 21-20

Family Pairs

Preliminary Round:

Mark Dickens & partner, St Crispin beat Mick Spear & partner, Kingsthorpe 24-8

Vernon Gearey & partner, Kingsthorpe beat Rob White & partner, Northampton Express 24-11

Dominic Graham & partner, Northampton Express beat Iain Walker & partner, Northampton West End 19-18 shots


Club Two Fours

Kingsthorpe ‘A’ beat Abington ‘A’ 46-34 shots

Northampton West End ‘B’ beat Bugbrooke ‘A’ 41-15 shots

1st Round: Kingsthorpe ‘B beat St Crispin ‘A’ 44-39 shots