BOWLS: Northants Ladies claim Midland Counties victory

Action from Northants men's win over Bedfordshire
Action from Northants men's win over Bedfordshire

Northants Ladies secured an excellent 144-94 win over Bedfordshire in their Midland Counties match at Bedford Borough BC.

The County had four winning rinks, and two losing, albeit by a total of only eight shots between them.

The highest scoring rink for Northants was the one skipped by Pat Mattinson which had a massive win by 32 shots.

Northants claimed18 points, with Bedfordshire grabbing four.

Rink details, Bedfordshire skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Pam Page, Elsie Hatton, Jeannie Flippance & Pat Mattinson 39 – Margaret Hinson 7

Rink 2: Rita Smith-Nolan, Chloe Weston, Joan Bryan & Vicki Rushall 22 – Mary Northfield 19

Rink 3: Lynn Upton, Wilma Walker, Jan Hunt & Brenda Bishop 16 – Janet Payne 22

Rink 4: Marlene Armitage, Elaine Urquhart, Alison Dring & Tina Broderick 31 – Jan Brooks 14

Rink 5: Billie Swift, Pat Bodily, Linda Warren & Joyce Porter 14 – Pat Dobson 16

Rink 6: Velda Cooper, Pat Symonds, Yvonne McKee & Joan Watts 22 – Dot Baker 16

THE following ladies have been selected to represent Northants in a friendly against Northamptonshire Vice Presidents BA at Desborough IBC on Monday (2pm start).

Rink 1: Rita Smith-Nolan, Kettering Lodge/Maxine Belski, Desborough/Margaret Cooper, Kettering Lodge/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge

Rink 2: Val Scott, Brackley/Rhona Holland, Daventry/Liz Keeney, Desborough/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Dorothy Diver, Desborough/Val Blackwell, Rushden Town/Joan Sidebottom, Northampton & District/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District

Rink 4: Marlene Armitage, Wellingborough/Dawn Owen, Desborough/Denise Carlin, Desborough/Wilma Walker, Desborough

Rink 5: Pam Page, Desborough/Lorna Hart, Kingsthorpe/Linda Warren, Northampton & District/Margaret McGillivray, Desborough

Rink 6: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry/Eleanor Winters, Desborough/Lynn Duff, Desborough/Barbara Oliver, Daventry

Northants double up against Bedfordshire

NORTHANTS men followed up their Liberty Trophy win over Bedfordshire with a comfortable 129-96 Midland Counties win over the same opposition at the weekend.

The County won by 33 shots, although for five of the rinks it was a very tight match, with just two shots the difference in favour of the County at the end.

However, it is of course a six-rink match and the sixth County rink, skipped by team manager Jim McKee, did an overwhelming demolition job on their opponents with a 31-shots victory.

The Beds rink did pick up one unexpected count of five shots on the 14th end, at which time they were 29-3 adrift, but with McKee all but getting a ‘Hot Shot’ when he collected a seven on the 16th end, the County’s rink’s superiority was complete.

Northants secured 18 points and Bedford four.

Details as follows, Bedfordshire skips only:

Rink 1: Mick Spear, Paul O’Beirne, Darren Lewis & Jim McKee 41 – Andrew Manning 10

Rink 2: Peter Mellor, Malc Mattinson, Roger Tansley & Callum Height 18 – Des Orr 15

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Tim Dawkins, Norman Gibb & Matt Pownall 18 – C Beard 20

Rink 4: Will Clelland, Mick Richard son, Jack Tobin & Darren Childs 16 – Danny Brooks 15

Rink 5: Pete Maloy, Kyle Buckley, Tony Dicks & Connor Cinato 19 – Graham White 18

Rink 6: Adam Pitfield, Chris Wright, Martin Gearey & Vernon Gearey 17 – Mark Curtis 18

Northampton IBC to host junior gala

A JUNIOR gala for rinks is to be held at Northampton & District IBC on March 5 from 12 noon to 6pm.

The event will be for two age-groups, a junior section for players who will be under 16 years of age on the day, and whose combined ages do not exceed 54 years, and a senior section for players who will be under 25 on the day with a combined age per rink not exceeding 85 years.

There will be money prizes for the overall winning rink of £60 plus £40 for runner-up, and the entry cost is £10 per rink. Please contact Mick Swift on Northampton 642250 or 07722831558 for entry forms and further information.

Northampton and Brackley claim triples wins

THERE were County Triples League wins this week for Northampton & District and Brackley.

This is a competition for four triples, with two playing at home and two playing away.

Northampton & District IBC(5.5 pts) beat Wellingborough BC (.5 pt) 74-49 shots.

Details as follows, Northampton names first:

At Northampton: Triple 1: Connor Dolby, Terry Brown, Chris Bland 26 – Dave Love, Dave Bailey & Steve Norman 11

Triple 2: Tony Ellis, Dave Cox & Olly Kirkwood 16 – Tony Paul, Bob Fuller & Ian Roy 13

At Wellingborough: Triple 4: Dave Williamson, David Jones & Andy Smith 20 – Pete McDowell, Rob Vowles & Terry Falkner 13

Triple 4: Jordan Dickens, Mark Dickens & Tony Weston 12 – Dennis Collins, Malcolm Chambers & Walt Winsor 12

Brackley BC (6 points) beat Daventry IBC(0 points) 71-59 shots.

Details as follows, Brackley names first:

At Daventry: Triple 1: Ian Dunn, Roger Wright & Sam Wright 17 – Brian Robbins, Malcolm Foster & Adge Smith 15

Triple 2: George Hall, Alan Dunkley & Ron Morland 17 – Richard Taylor, Tony Robinson & Terry Fuller 15

At Brackley: Triple 3: Ross Vicars, David Blencowe & Rob Pink 19 – Stuart Lowe, Richard Hooper & Alan Watts 15

Triple 4: Don Scott, Graham Prior & Kevin Taylor 18 – Geoff Smith, Phil Daynes &Alan Davies 14

County Under-25s suffer friendly loss

NORTHANTS Under-25s lost 134-124 in a friendly match against Northampton & District IBC in a seven-rink match.

It is much to the credit of the young bowlers, as well as the club, that 28 players per side were able to turn out, including several who are very busy bowlers in competitions at this time.

The highest scoring rink for the Under 25s was the rink skipped by Adam Pitfield which had a 25 shots advantage, and the one by the club, was that skipped by Reg Jones which had a 22 shots victory.

Rink details as follows, Under 25’s names first.

Rink 1: Shannon Swift, Thomas Maderson, Brian Langton & Kieran Rollings 7 - Alan Baulch, Margaret Hamilton, Roger Summers & Tony Weston 27

Rink 2: Emma Muir, Logan Langley, Billie Swift & Connor Cinato 21 - Adam Brown, Val Hay, Mick Swift & Jonathan Brown 11

Rink 3: Jack Frankham, Cauly Swift, Connor Dolby & Danny Walker 24 - Janet Swift, G Anderson, Dave Richards & Terry Brown 14

Rink 4: Lois Woodward, Kiera Hill, Abby Woodward & Conor Bryan 14 - Ann Woods, Annette Faulkner, Pete Lee & Trevor Spear 15-14

Rink 5: Brice Sibbett, Paige Johnson-Young, Kyle Buckley & Will Walker 15 - K Dye, John Clarke, John Carter & Bob Jones 27

Rink 6: Tay O’Neil, Charlotte Carter, Chloe Weston & Tom Wellburn 13 - F Anderson, Martin Johnson, Linda Warren & Reg Jones 35

Rink 7: Connor Rollings, Maisie Lee, Lousie Haladij & Adam Pitfield 30 - A Dye, Sue Lane, Eugene Hamilton & Joyce Porter 5

County results

LATEST results from county competitions.

Men’s Fours: Dave Love’s rink, Wellingborough BC given walkover by Jim McKee & partner, Kingsthorpe BC; Matt Pownall’s rink, Wellingborough BC beat Will Walker’s rink, Wellingborough 14-13 shots (after an extra end)

Men’s Unbadged Singles: Tom Wellburn, Kingsthorpe BC beat George Clifton, Kingsthorpe BC (no score provided); Morris Freeman, Daventry IBC given walkover by Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC

Men’s Under-25 Singles: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jack Lee, Northampton & District IBC 21-4 shots

National results

LATEST results from national competitions.

Ladies Over-60s Pairs Inter Area Final: Marilyn Oram & Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Carol Hunter & partner, Peterborough & District IBC 18-14 shots.

Mixed Under-18 Singles: Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC beat Conor Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC 2-0 (9-7 & 9-1)

Men’s Over-50s Triples: Inter Area Final: Pete Maloy, Jim McKee & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Stray’s triple, Leicester IBC 18-13 shots.