BOWLS: Middleton Cup defeat for Northants men

Northants Ladies
Northants Ladies

Northants men tasted defeat in their Middleton Cup clash against Leicestershire at Kingsthorpe.

Matches against the local rivals are always keenly contested and this was no different, although it was the visitors who wrapped up a 122-111 victory.

The final scoreline was close but the stage scores showed that Leicestershrie were always in front, albeit by narrow margins.

The county had two winning rinks and one drawn, but with three losing, one of them by a substantial margin, the match was always being chased.

Northants’ highest-winning rink was the one skipped by Paul Broderick as they were victorious by 17 shots, while Jamie Walker’s won by 15. The defeat meant the county claimed just five points, while Leicestershire secured 17.

Northants’ next clash in the competition is this weekend when they make the trip to County Arts BC in Norwich to take on Norfolk (2pm).

Rink scores

Leicestershire skips only

Rink one: Dave Love, David Walker, Alan Ashby, Jamie Walker 30 Stuart Thomas 15.

Rink two: Richard Lemon, Will Walker, Callum Height, Darren Childs 17 Steve Wade 17.

Rink three: Adam Brown, Matt Pownall, Roger Tansley, Neil Corbyn 11 Peter Hobbs 35.

Rink four: Curtis Johnson, Connor Cinato, Andrew Manton, Vernon Gearey 9 Joe Dawson 22.

Rink five: Keith Height, Peter Ward, John Haines, Phil Exley 13 Neil Hope 19.

Rink six: Tony O’Leary, Martin Gearey, Iain Walker, Paul Broderick 31 Alistair Hollis 14.

County squad for the match versus Norfolk

Abington BC: Adam Brown, Jonathan Brown (Reserve), John Freeman, Tony O’Leary

Burton Latimer Town BC: Paul Broderick, Phil Exley

Desborough Town BC: John Haines (Reserve), Peter Ward

Kettering Mid Band BC: Connor Cinato

Kingsthorpe BC: Darren Childs, Martin Gearey, Vernon Gearey, Andrew Manton, Jim McKee, Roger Tansley

Northampton Express BC: Chris Bland, Richard Lemon

Northampton West End BC: Alan Ashby, David Walker, Iain Walker, Jamie Walker, Will Walker

Thrapston BC: Callum Height, Keith Height, Matt Pownall

Wellingborough BC: Neil Corbyn (Reserve), Curtis Johnson (Reserve), Dave Love

Slick start to Johns Trophy campaign

Northants Ladies made an impressive winning start to their Johns Trophy campaign as they beat Huntingdonshire 151-105 at Wellingborough.

The county are bidding to emulate or better their achievement of reaching the semi-finals at Leamington last year and made the perfect start as they won by a big 46-shot margin.

Northants won four winning rinks with one draw and one loss.

That also included a huge victory for the rink skipped by Rebecca Wigfield as they won by 32 shots.

The victory resulted in Northants claiming 19 points, while the visitors returned home with just three.

Team manager Jan Hunt was delighted with the result and the county can now look forward to their next outing in the competition against Bedfordshire.

Rink scores

Hunts skips only

Rink one: Alison Dring, Janet Ashby, Yvonne McKee, Brenda Bishop 20 S Craig 14.

Rink two: Ann-Marie Waters, Jeannie Flippance, Katie Smith, Rebecca Wigfield 37 J Padley 5.

Rink three: Sandra Mawson, Pat Bodily, Jill Welch, Jan Bradley 20 V Corn 20.

Rink four: Chris Cooper, Michelle Harris, Tina Broderick, Sharon Tansley 15 J Ford 37.

Rink five: Trish Basford, Viv Gaudyn, Emma Gray, Val Betts 29 D Barlow 16.

Rink six: Celia Morris, Margaret Cave, Barbara Haseldine, Hilary Sharpe 30 A Rose 13.

Northants Ladies suffered a 138-89 defeat in their friendly against Worcestershire at Harpole BC.

Rink scores, Worcs skips only

Rink 1: Margaret Cave, Pam Sallaway, Heather Lack & Anita Petrucci 14 shots – E Allen 28 shots

Rink 2: Julie Spreadbury, Joan Bryan, Pat Bodily & Nancy Tebbutt 17 shots – B Cresswell16 shots

Rink 3: Joyce George, Velda Cooper, Wilma Walker & Brenda Bishop 7 shots – A Case 21 shots

Rink 4: Celia Morris, Janet Riome, Yvonne McKee & Joyce Porter 25 shots – D Jackson 17 shots

Rink 5: Jan Hunt, Phyll Parry, Eleanor Winters & Di Brumwell 13 shots – S Collis 30 shots

Rink 6: Linda Warren, Margaret Tyler, Pat Gayton & Sharon Tansley 13 shots – M Borthwick 26 shots

Devon tour is mixed for Northants men

Northants Men toured Devon last week, claiming two wins and suffering three defeats in their five matches.

The wins came against Culm Vale, who were beaten 166-97, and Hampshire, who were beaten 73-33 in a ‘half-match’ on the final day of the tour; a match that was also played indoors due to rain.

The defeats were against Sidmouth (138-108), Dorset (139-91) and Devon (141-132).

The player of the tour award for the best aggregate score went to to Mick Malins of Rushden Town BC.


Northants 108 Sidmouth BC 138. Rink scores, Sidmouth skips only

Rink 1: John Ruff, Dick Howell, Mark Betts & George Willmott 12 – M Borst 27

Rink 2: Gordon Morris, Ken Court, Les Johnson & John Hines 17 – B Smith 22

Rink 3: Graham Cashmore, Bryon Mills, Mark Turner & Keith Gordon 18 – R Cook 17

Rink 4: Pete Kitchener, Roly Smith, Dave Lovell & Richard Somerton 18 – M Brimson 21

Rink 5: Peter Court, Vic Wallace, Dave Stewart & John Cooper 25 – A Holland 23

Rink 6: Martin Horsham, Trevor Tilley, Richard Dyball & Carl Haines 18 – J Mason 28

Northants 166 Culm Vale 97. Rink scores, no Culm Vale names

Rink 1: Stuart Lake, Dave Lovell, Les Johnson & George Willmott 16 – Culm Vale 17

Rink 2: Martin Horsham, John Ruff, Richard Dyball & John Church 27 – Culm Vale 13

Rink 3: Don Scott, Graham Cashmore, John Cooper & Roy Cave 21 – Culm Vale 17

Rink 4: Ian Dunn, Roly Smith, Pete Kitchener & Mick Malins 29 – Culm Vale 10

Rink 5: Mickey Munns, Bryon Mills, Mark Betts & John Haines 22 – Culm Vale 13

Rink 6: Bob Tingle, Trevor Tilley, Dick Howell & Mark Turner 22 – Culm Vale 15

Rink 7: Peter Court, Gordon Morris, Dave Stewart & Carl Haines 29 – Culm Vale 12

Northants 91 Dorset 139. Rink scores, Dorset skips only

Rink 1: Roly Smith, Vic Wallace, Les Johnson & Richard Somerton 15 – David Hogsflesh 20

Rink 2: John Ruff, Micky Munns, Richard Dyball & Roy Cave 11 – Roy Farrant 31

Rink 3: Peter Court, Ken Court, George Willmott & John Haines 19 – Paul Spetch 23

Rink 4: Ian Dunn, Gordon Morris, Keith Gordon & John Church 17 – Brian Rumble 28

Rink 5: Stuart Lake, Bob Tingle, John Cooper & Carl Haines 13 – Alec McKeenzie 19

Rink 6: Martin Horsham, Don Scott, Dave Stewart & Mark Turner 16 – Brian Males 18

Northants 132 Devon 141. Rink scores as follows, no Devon names available

Rink 1: Peter Court, Bryon Mills, Richard Dyball & Roy Cave 12 – Devon 18

Rink 2: Martin Horsham, Dave Lovell, Mark Betts & Ken Court 20 – Devon 27

Rink 3: Pete Kitchener, Roly Smith, George Willmott & Mick Malins 19 Devon 16

Rink 4: Gordon Morris, Richard Howell, Mark Turner & John Church 23 Devon 17

Rink 5: Stuart Lake, Vic Wallace, Micky Munns & Richard Somerton 16 – Devon 17

Rink 6: Bob Tingle, Graham Cashmore, Ian Dunn & Dave Stewart 19 Devon 24

Rink 7: John Ruff, Don Scott, Carl Haines & Keith Gordon 23 – Devon 22

Northants 73 Hampshire 33. Rink scores, no Hampshire names available

Rink 1: Roly Smith, Gordon Morris, Bob Tingle & John Cooper 5 Hampshire 10

Rink 2: Ian Dunn, Dave Lovell, Mark Betts & Richard Somerton 17 Hampshire 5

Rink 3: Graham Cashmore, Keith Gordon, George Willmott & John Church 12 – Hampshire 4

Rink 4: Pete Kitchener, Dick Howell, Les Johnson & John Haines 14 Hampshire 5

Rink 5: Mickey Munns, Don Scott, Mark Turner & Roy Cave 14 Hampshire 3

Rink 6: John Ruff, Trevor Tilley, Richard Dyball & Mick Malins 11 – Hampshire 6

Selection sorted for clash at Kingsthorpe

The following players have been selected to represent the Jackson Grundy-sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire Under 25’s for the Midland Counties Ron Barston Trophy league match against Leicestershire at Kingsthorpe BC on Sunday ( 2.30pm):

Rink 1: Nick Manton, Kingsthorpe/Megan Rolfe, Kingsthorpe/Danny Walker, Northampton West End/David Walker, Northampton West End

Rink 2: Tom Wellburn, Kingsthorpe/Jasmin Spear, Kingsthorpe/Sam Gamble, Desborough Town/Chris Wright, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Connor Rollings, Kettering Lodge/Adam Hawkins, Abington/Matt Cattell, Rushden Town/Connor Cinato, Kettering Midland Band

Rink 4: Kyle Buckley, Rushden Town/Kieran Rollings, Kettering Lodge/Adam Pitfield, Rushden Town/Nathan Betts, Rushden Town

Reserves from the following: Alice Moore, Kislingbury/Jordan Dickens, St Crispin/Callum Beale, Wellingborough/Billie Swift, Abbey Park/Harvey Johnson, Rushden Town/Tay O’Neill, Corby Seagrave House /Zac Wilson Earls Barton/Paige Johnson-Young, Rushden Town