BOWLS: Kingsthorpe’s Cinato suffers semi-final heartbreak at world championships

Mick Cooper, Dennis Collins, Walter Winsor and Paul Coley ponder their next move during Northants Overs-60s defeat to Norfolk
Mick Cooper, Dennis Collins, Walter Winsor and Paul Coley ponder their next move during Northants Overs-60s defeat to Norfolk

Kingsthorpe bowler Connor Cinato suffered defeat in the semi-final of the Under-25 Singles at the World Indoor Bowls Championships at Potters in Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk.

Cinato took on reigning champion Ellen Ryan from Australia.

In the first set, Ryan made a good start with a single followed by a treble, but Cinato struck back quickly in picking up two counts of two to tie things up.

Cinato was in front after eight ends at 8-6, but on the final end dropped a three and lost the set 9-8.

The second set was again of the highest quality, with Ryan in superb form.

Although Cinato bowled excellently, Ryan always seemed to bowl the wood that mattered and after six ends she was 7-2 up.

Cinato fought back and took the next two ends superbly to tie up the set at 7-7 with one end left.

That last end started with Cinato drawing an inch behind the jack, with Ryan following with a superbly drawn bowl which just moved the jack a touch, and Cinato’s weighted bowl just missed.

Ryan put a back covering bowl in and Cinato reverted to the draw, with his bowl almost inch perfect but he touched the jack to Ryan’s bowl, and she then put in another cover bowl to the re-spot position.

Cinato tried to disturb the position but missed by millimetres, and Ryan claimed the narrowest of wins.

Over-60s are edged out in quarter-finals

NORTHANTS Over-60s suffered a 112-108 defeat to Norfolk in the quarter-finals of the National Inter Club competition.

Played at the neutral venue of St Neots & District IBC, the County lost on four rinks and drew on another.

The narrowness of the loss was down to the excellent win by 16 shots recorded by the rink skipped by Mick Cooper.

Rink details, Norfolk skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Roger Summers, Colin Barnes, Paul O’Beirne & Jim McKee 16 – C Boon 25

Rink 2: Dennis Collins, Paul Coley, Walt Winsor & Mick Cooper 29 – Brian Taylor 13

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Mick Richardson, Bob Fuller & John Haines 14 – Tony Dunton 16

Rink 4: Alan Dunkley, John Leggett, Norman Gibb & Tony Weston 15 – M King 15

Rink 5: Will Clelland, Peter Morris, George Warren & Ron Morland 18 – Peter Hurren 26

Rink 6: Tony Dicks, Michael Moulton, Tony O’Leary & Mick Worthington 16 – Roger Barnbrook 17

Northants secure friendly success

NORTHANTS Men took on Norfolk in a friendly at Desborough IBC and were beaten 124-110.

The County won on two rinks, the highest scoring being that skipped by Brian Diver, which did so by a very good 15 shots.

Rink scores as follows, Norfolk skips only:

Rink 1: Colin Barnes, Pat Clerkin, Brian Langton & Mick Worthington 18 – Vic Moore 17

Rink 2: Will Clelland, Keith Howlett, Tony Warren & Tony Weston 19 – Peter Hurren 25

Rink 3: Stuart Lowe, Alan Diver, Geoff Hunt & Norman Gibb 12 – John Gamblin 28

Rink 4: Don Scott, John Barber, Andy Hogg & John Haines 16 – David Perry 22

Rink 5: Tony Dicks, Dick Upton, Bob Sullivan & Brian Diver 25 – Tony Dunton 10

Rink : Bob Tingle, John Chester, Bernard Spreadbury & George Warren 20 – Ray Cutting 22

Cavaliers claim win at Wellingborough

NORTHANTS Cavaliers were 127-107 winners over the Northants Retired Police in a friendly match at Wellingborough BC.

The highest winning rink for the Cavaliers was that skipped by Ray Gray, which posted a 17 shots win, and the highest by the Police was that skipped by Bill Tapp with an 11 shots win.

Rink details, Police skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Cathy Gray, Bill Humphries, Peter Mercer & Brian Hayes 14 – Peter Ditchett 23

Rink 2: Dave Gregory, Stuart Laxton, Harvey Fruish & Roger Summers 26 – Brian Oram 16

Rink 3: Graham Cashmore, Len Marshall, Peter Byworth & Dave Cox 16 – Bill Tapp 27

Rink 4: John Cooper, John Murkett, Ted Patrick & Richard Dyball 18 – Tim Robinson 14

Rink 5: Brian Collin, Bryan Jones, Dennis Sansome & Ron Fox 22 – Clive Appleton 13

Rink 6: Chris Gray, Marion Humphries, Peter Kneeshaw & Ray Gray 31 – Jack Brown 14

VPs defeated in the Desborough friendly

NORTHANTS VPs were beaten 115-110 in their friendly against Lincolnshire VPs at Desborough IBC.

The County team shared rink wins equally, with the highest scoring being that skipped by Dave Betts with a 12 shots victory.

Rink details, Lincs skips only,as follows:

Rink 1: Ollie Pearson, Marion Humphries, Clyde Hulbert & Bob Brown 8 – G West 33

Rink 2: Keith Pick, Albert Julyan, Barry Hogston & Dave Betts 26 – P Godding 14

Rink 3: Tony Hancock, Bryan Audis, Ken Legan & Dick Howell 26 – S Christie 19

Rink 4: Derek Essam, Roger Atkins, Len Marshall & Peter Kitchener 13 – M Jennings 17

Rink 5: Alan Wright, Harry Copson, Phil Bates & Trevor Wright 20 – D Henshaw 14

Rink 6: Maurice Tyler, Peter Byworth, Dennis Sansome & Dave Williamson 17 – J Pearson 18

Ladies lose out as Warwickshire win

NORTHANTS Ladies suffered a heavy 132-80 defeat in their Midland Counties match against Warwickshire at Rugby Thornfield IBC.

The County had just one winning rink, skipped by Joyce Porter, which recorded a two shots victory.

Rink details as follows, Warwickshire skips only:

Rink 1: Linda Warren, Jo Johns, Wilma Walker & Di Brumwell 12 – Lisa Smith 27

Rink 2: Wen Hill, Helen Humphris, Vicki Rushall & Joan Watts 12 – Joyce Thompson 25

Rink 3: Sian Hughes-Jones, Shannon Swift, Glenys Emery & Joyce Porter 16 – Pat Moore 14

Rink 4: Julie Spreadbury, Marion Mackie, Chris Cooper & Brenda Bishop 17 – Jacqui Cook 23

Rink 5: Dorothy Diver, Elaine Urquhart, Liz Keeney & Sharon Tansley 14 – Maureen Timms 16

Rink 6: Marlene Armitage, Maxen Belski, Denise Carlin & Pat Starsmore 9 – Maureen Edwards 27

Northants name side for Midland match-up

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants Ladies in their Midland Counties match against Bedfordshire on Sunday (Feb 4) at Northampton & District IBA (start 12.30pm).

Rink 1: Wen Hill, Desborough IBC/Shannon Swift, Northampton & District IBA/Wilma Walker, Desborough IBC/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 2: Marlene Armitage, Wellingborough BC/Pat Bodily, Kingsthorpe BC/Elaine Cox, Northampton & District IBA/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 3: Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge BC/Barbara Oliver, Daventry IBC/Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 4: Marion Mackie, Kettering Lodge BC/Lisbeth Milburn, Northampton & District IBA/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough BC/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge BC

Rink 5: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry IBC/Sian Hughes-Jones, Kettering Lodge BC/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough IBC/Brenda Bishop, Daventry IBC

Rink 6: Lynn Upton, Brackley & District IBC/Maxeen Belski, Desborough IBC/Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC/Joan Watts, Daventry IBC

Kingsthorpe beaten in Wessex League clash

KINGSTHORPE suffered a 79-71 defeat to Rugby Thornfield in the Wessex League.

The result saw the Northampton club claim four points, with Rugby taking 12.

The defeat sees Kingsthorpe stay second in the Midland Region table, but leaders Church Gresley have pulled further clear at the top, the gap now 22 points.

Third-placed Bromsgrove are also now just two points adrift of Kingsthorpe after they claimed the maximum 16 points from their win over Solihull.

Rink details as follows, skips only Kingsthorpe names first:

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Jamie Walker 17 – L Pearcey 24

Rink 2: Mark Tompkins 22 – C Carter 18

At Rugby: Rink 3: Neil McKee 20 – D Ward 17

Rink 4: Ben Sharpe 12 – H Wilkins 20

County results

LATEST results from county competitions.

Men’s singles: David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by David Iddles, Kingsthorpe BC, Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Love, Wellingborough BC 21-11, Will Walker, Wellingborough BC beat Peter Dymond, Daventry IBC, Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC beat Richard Lemon, Northampton & District IBA 21-12

Men’s Under-25 singles: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Tay O’Neill, Desborough IBC 21-8, Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC given walkover by Connor Rollings, Northampton & District IBA

Men’s unbadges singles: George Clifton, Kingsthorpe BC beat I McIlwain, Rushden Town BC 21-1

Men’s pairs: Chris Bland & partner, Northampton & District IBA beat Will Walker & partner, Wellingborough BC 16-7

Men’s fours: Chris Bland’s rink, Northampton & District IBA beat Terry Fuller’s rink, Daventry IBC 22-9, Chris Wright, Mick Spear, Ray Castle & David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat Scott Johnson, Martin Walker, Mark Corbyn & Darren Lyman 18-7, Dennis Collins, Paul Coley, Nigel Hawkins & Walt Winsor, Wellingborough BC beat George Clifton’s rink, Kingsthorpe BC 19-13, Connor Rollings, Bob Brogdon, Kieran Rollings & Roger Summers, Northampton & District IBA beat Iain Walker, Jim Diver, Richard Mann & John Haines,, Desborough IBC 15-10, David Love’s rink, Wellingborough BC beat Chris Bland’s rink, Northampton & District IBA 19-8

National results

LATEST results from national competitions.

Ladies four-bowl singles: Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA beat Louise Haladij, Northampton & District IBA 21-6

Ladies two-bowl singles: Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA beat Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough IBC 21-11

Ladies pairs: Jeannie Flippance & partner, Desborough IBC beat Sharon Tansley & partner, Kingsthorpe BC 18-15

Ladies fours: Janet Swift’s rink, Northampton & District IBA given walkover by Pat Starsmore’s rink, Kettering Lodge BC

Ladies Over-60s pairs: Di Brumwell & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Brenda Bishop & partner, Daventry IBC 16-6

Mixed pairs: Linda Warren & Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA beat Richard Mann & Partner, Desborough IBC 23-12

Family pairs: Mick Sharpe & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Debbie Watkins & partner, Kingsthorpe BC 15-2

Men’s two-bowl singles: David Iddles, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by Mark Tompkins, Kingsthorpe BC, Tim Dawkins, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by Carl Wigfield, Desborough IBC, Ben Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Richard Lemon, Northampton & District IBA 21-8

Men’s triples: Alan Dunkley’s triple, Brackley & District BC lost to Craig Hatherall’s triple, Westlecot IBC 8-15

Men’s Over-60s pairs: Alan Dunkley & Ron Morland, Brackley & District BC lost to Ray Rouse & partner, Foxhill IBC 15-22