BOWLS: Kingsthorpe IBC celebrate with a win

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The English Indoor Bowling Association, led by its President Jenny McConnell of Leicestershire, visited Kingsthorpe BC to help the 25 years anniversary celebration of the indoor arena of the club.

The National Governing Body’s team had players drawn from seven counties, and a number of past presidents and EIBA officers.

The visiting team kept pace with their opponents for the first half of the match, being just a handful of shots adrift, but then the home side ‘pulled out the stops’ and increased its lead to a very healthy 33 shots at the conclusion, with four winning rinks, the highest scoring of which was that skipped by Jim McKee with a 20 shots advantage.

The final score was Kingsthorpe 127 EIBA 94.

Rink details as follows, Kingsthorpe names first:

Rink 1: Sally Row, John Clarke, Brenda Bishop & Jim McKee 30 – Jane Williams, Edna Orchard, Don Whyatt & Pat Rodgers 10

Rink 2: Mike Edwards, Brian Kaye, John Harrison & Ron Everson-Watts 15 – Gillian Wonnacott, Deepak Tanna, Don Scott & Sheila Webster 18

Rink 3: Neil Rolfe, Malcolm Row, Jan Everson-Watts & Hilary Sharpe 19 - Mike Wonnacott, Val Scott, Gordon Thomas & Margaret Allen 23

Rink 4: Jane Maloy, Judy York, John Churchman & Peter Morris 23 - Gordon Orchard, Maureen Whyatt, Jenny McConnell & Arthur Broadberry 18

Rink 5: Peter Maloy, Pat Kaye, Robert Brown & Yvonne McKee 21 - John Locking, Gwen Fuller, Chris Williams & Rodger Fuller 12

Rink 6: Celia Morris, Marie Freeland, Geoff Beard & Mick Sharpe 19 – Roy Rodgers 13

Northants narrowly edged out by Essex

NORTHANTS won four rinks out of six in their friendly againts Essex County IBA at Wellingborough BC, but still ended up on the losing side.

Essex won by four shots, despite claiming only two winning rinks. The highest scoring of the County’s four winning rinks was that skipped by Tony Weston which had a nine-shots win.

The final score was Noerhants 121 Essex 125.

Rink scores, Essex skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Peter Woodhams, Trevor Tilley, Tony Warren & Geoff Hunt 16 – T Hackett 33

Rink 2: Tony Dicks, Ken Lovejoy, Brian Diver & Tony Weston 27 – D West 18

Rink 3: Roger Miller, Dave Garland, Geoff Allen & George Warren 22 – B Holbrook 18

Rink 4: Will Clelland, Peter Byworth, Mike Weatherill & Richard Somerton 20 – P Dibble 17

Rink 5: Jim Diver, John Carson, Peter Boulden & Mick Worthington 22 – B Clements 21

Rink 6: John Rigby, Steve Munton, Dave Williamson & Norman Gibb 14 – J Davey 18

NORTHANTS Ladies President Julie Spreadbury opened her season by taking her County team for a friendly at Desborough IBC, and her team enjoyed a 155-104 win. Northants had four winning rinks, with highest winning rink for the County being the one skipped by Brenda Bishop, which had an overwhelming win by 31 shots.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Chris Cooper, Rhona Holland, Glenys Emery & Vicki Rushall 29 – J Walden, Wendy Mason, Jill Nutt & Pam Page 25

Rink 2: Velda Cooper, Heather Lack, Elaine Urquhart & Hilary Sharpe 25 – Diane Talbot, Sally Hogston, Jean Hallum & Liz Keeney 16

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Joan Bryan, Pat Starsmore & Audrey Height 31 – Zoe Eisler, Beryl Wright, P Price & Lynn Duff 11

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Lynn Upton, Jan Hunt & Brenda Bishop 37 – Val Scott, Margaret Fairs, Shirley Loach & Dawn Owen 6

Rink 5: Joyce George, Val Blackwell, Barbara Oliver & Joyce Porter 15 – Dorothy Diver, Ann Woolston, Sue Edwards & Jeannie Flippance 20

Rink 6: Celia Morris, Elsie Hatton, Pam Sallaway & Yvonne McKee 18 – Veronica Gribble, L Fountain, Denise Carlin & Margaret McGillivray 26

County name team for Berkshire friendly

THE following players have been selected to play for Northants IBA in a friendly against Berkshire at Kingsthorpe IBC next Wednesday (Oct 28), with the match starting at 2pm.

Rink 1: Dougie Cooper, Kingsthorpe/Mike Weatherill, Desborough/Geoff Allen, Daventry/Mick Worthington, Daventry

Rink 2: Jim Diver, Desborough/Trevor Tilley, Wellingborough/Bob Tingle, Desborough/Michael Moulton, Daventry

Rink 3: Keith Howlett, Desborough/John Chester, Desborough/Richard Somerton, Brackley/George Warren, Desborough

Rink 4: Tony Dicks, Daventry/John Carson, Desborough/Tony Warren, Northampton & District/Norman Gibb, Desborough

Rink 5: Stuart Lowe, Daventry/Ken Lovejoy, Kingsthorpe/Bernard Spreadbury, Daventry/Tony Weston, Northampton & District

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Desborough/Dave Garland, Kingsthorpe/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough/Terry James, Rushden

Reserves: Brian Jones, Daventry/Brian Diver, Desborough/Alan Diver, Desborough/Steve Munton, Kingsthorpe/Peter Mellor, Desborough

LATEST results from national competitions

Mixed pairs: Marilyn Oram & Jason Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat Viv Gaudyn & Steve Norman, Wellingborough BC 21-19

Men: Over-60 Double Rink: Desborough IBC B beat Northampton & District IBC B 42-32.

Rink details as follows, Desborough names first:

Rink 1: Will Clelland, Alex McKim, Norman Gibb & George Warren 21 – Paul Cooke, Dave Cox, Terry Brown & Howard Lambert 17

Rink 2: Jim Diver, Roger Miller, Ron Chambers & John Haines 21 – Brian Newton, Vic Billson, Peter Galbraith & Noel Weston 15

Daventry IBC B beat Kettering Lodge BC 65-22.

Rink details as follows, Daventry names first:

Rink 1: Brian Jones, Brian Gelder, Terry Fuller & Adge Smith 38 – Kettering Lodge 9

Rink 2: Geoff Smith, Ray Rumble, Alan Davies & Brian Scott 27 – Kettering Lodge 13

Wellingborough BC A beat Kingsthorpe BC A 45-33.

Rink details as follows, Wellingborough names first:

Rink 1: Pete McDowell, Bryn Walker, John Towell & Pete Boulden 30 - John Baggot, Ivan Wilson, Pete Morris & Jim McKee 16

Rink 2: John Cooper, Ken Brudenell, Geoff Hunt & Brian Rees 15 – Pete Maloy, Ron Everson-Watts, Roger Tansley & Mick Sharpe 17

Under 21 Singles: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jack Lee, Northampton & District IBC 2-0

Champion of Champions: Bernard Spreadbury, Daventry IBC beat Brian Barnicoat, Kettering Lodge BC 21-9

Over 50 Triples: Alan Dunkley’s triple, Brackley BC lost to Gerry Smyth’s triple, Bletchley IBC 14-15