BOWLS: Holders Northants fall to narrow defeat against Norfolk

Action from Northants Over-60s' defeat to Norfolk
Action from Northants Over-60s' defeat to Norfolk

Holders Northants Over-60s Men suffered an agonising one-shot 97-96 defeat against Norfolk IBA in the National Over-60 Inter County competition.

Played on neutral territory at St Neots & District IBC, the County succumbed by the smallest possible margin - a reversal of last season’s one-shot County victory.

The County started well and after 11 ends played across the board, Northants held a four-shots lead.

End 12 was not good for the County however, as Norfolk picked up 13 shots to just three conceded, and the following end was no better for the County as only a one-shot advance was made in comparison to the 10 shots collected by Norfolk.

At that stage, with five ends to play for all rinks, the advantage had swung sharply in Norfolk’s favour as they now had a lead of 15 shots.

The County dropped further behind at 93-76 shots, but the Northants players were reluctant to give up the fight, and over the last three ends of play showed their resolve as they picked up 20 shots to four, but it still meant they went down by just one shot.

It could have gone the County’s way, but for two specific shots played by Norfolk skips, Roger Barnbrook and Brian Taylor.

With his last bowl on the last end, Barnbrook faced a four shots down lie, and he sent a very good firm bowl which removed three of the four County bowls to drop just one shot, and similarly Taylor was facing a lie of four shots against when he calmly drew second bowl.

Consequently, when holding eight shots on those two ends, the victory was denied Northants by the removal of six of them.

The rink wins were shared overall, and the highest scoring for the County was that skipped by team manager John Haines, which recorded a nine shots win.

Rink details as follows, Norfolk skips only:

Rink 1: Will Clelland, Pete Morris, Mick Worthington & Mick Sharpe 12 – Roger Barnbrook 19

Rink 2: Pete Maloy, John Leggett, Norman Gibb & Tony Weston 11 – Charlie Boon 13

Rink 3: Tony Dicks, Alan Dunkley, Paul Coley & Mick Cooper 19 – Mike King 14

Rink 4: Dennis Collins, Dougie Cooper, Roger Tansley & Walt Winsor 13 – Peter Hurren 23

Rink 5: Jim Diver, Mick Richardson, Bob Fuller & John Haines 22 – Tony Dunton 13

Rink 6: Roger Summers, Colin Jones, Paul O’Beirne & Jim McKee 19 – Brian Taylor 15

Northants pick team for friendly clash

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants IBA in a friendly match against the Northants & Hunts Masonic BA next Wednesday (Feb 8) at Kettering Lodge BC (2pm).

Rink 1: Dougie Cooper, Desborough IBC/Eddie Short, Desborough IBC/Brian Langton, Rushden Town BC/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough BC

Rink 2: Colin Barnes, Northampton & District IBA/John Rigby, Kettering Lodge BC/Richard Upton, Brackley & District BC/Richard Somerton, Brackley & District BC

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Desborough IBC/Terry Smith, Kettering Lodge BC/Chris Hawkins, Desborough IBC/Bob Tingle, Desborough IBC

Rink 4: Alan Diver, Desborough IBC/Dave Garland, Kingsthorpe BC/Bob Sullivan, Desborough IBC/Brian Diver, Desborough IBC

Reserves: Terry Chapman, Rushden Town BC/Rob Duff, Desborough IBC/Keith Pick, Desborough IBC

Norfolk prove too hot to handle

NORTHANTS men were beaten 109-103 in their friendly against Norfolk IBA at Desborough IBC.

Rink wins were shared, with the highest County rink being that skipped by John Haines, which posted a 17 shots win. Rink details, Norfolk skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Dougie Cooper, Eddie Chapman, John Streather & Richard Somerton 12 – David Perry 16

Rink 2: Keith Howlett, Brian Langton, Brian Sherwood & George Warren 22 – Ray Cutting 16

Rink 3: Dougie Ainsworth, Tony Warren, Peter Mellor & Geoff Hunt 8 – Vic Moore 26

Rink 4: Jim Diver, Robin Frost, Stuart Lowe & Bernard Spreadbury 11 – Roger Greef 22

Rink 5: Harvey Fruish, Don Scott, Bob Tingle & John Haines 27 – Tony Dunton 10

Rink 6: Malcolm White, Brian Diver, Geoff Allen & Norman Gibb 23 – Peter Hurren 19

Williamson inspires VPs to victory

NORTHANTS Vice Presidents BA were 101-99 winners over hosts Spalding IBC.

Rink wins were shared, and the highest scoring of the VPs was that skipped by Dave Williamson which recorded a 10 shots win.

Rink details as follows, no Spalding names supplied:

Rink 1: Maurice Tyler, Derek Essam, Len Marshall & Bryan Audis 15 - Spalding 19

Rink 2: Dave Thurley, Tony Burns, Fred Bosworth & Dave Williamson 24 – Spalding 14

Rink 3: Albert Julyan, Birthe Hunt, Peter Oliver & Barry Hogston 11 – Spalding 21

Rink 4: Ollie Pearson, Edna Perkin, Steve Hollywood & Jack Brown 14 – Spalding 17

Rink 5: Chris Gray, Roger Atkins, Rob Goodyear & Brian Hunt 16 – Spalding 14

Rink 6: Brian Robbins, Norman Tasker, Ted Guiver & Dave Thurlow 21 – Spalding 14

Leicestershire are swept aside by County

NORTHANTS Men enjoyed a 46-shot success over Leicestershire in their Midland Counties match at Wellingbrough BC to claim the Warwickshire Trophy.

The County had wins on five rinks and the losing one did so by just six shots, and that was due to an unlucky penultimate end when they dropped the six shots.

The highest scoring of the County’s rinks in the 138-92 win was that skipped by Chris Bland, which won by 18 shots, and it is worth mentioning that this rink at the 14th end stage was drawing at 15-15, but in the last seven ends they were merciless in denying their opponents further shots while scoring 16 themselves.

The win means Northants claimed 20 points to Leicestershire’s two, and means the team is in good shape to retain the title they won last season.

Rink details as follows, Leicester skips only:

Rink 1: Curtis Johnson, Danny Walker, Adam Pitfield & Matt Pownall 20 – J Robinson 26

Rink 2: Pete Maloy, Tony Dicks, Mick Worthington & Chris Bland 31 - L Jinks 15

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Peter Mellor, Richard Mann & John Haines 16 – R Cooper 12

Rink 4: Dave Love, Ian Roy, Walt Winsor & Mick Cooper 21 – B Burton 13

Rink 5: Richard Harding, Kyle Buckley, Jack Tobin & Malc Mattinson 22 – J Warriner 12

Rink 6: Mick Richardson, Paul O’Beirne, Tony Weston & Jim McKee 28 – J Leckie 14

Second place for Sharpe and England

KINGSTHORPE’S Mick Sharpe was part of the England team that finished runners-up in the International Senior Double Rink Tournament at Warner Leisure Hotels in Hayling Island in Hampshire.

The four home nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland participated, and Sharpe had retained his place from last year.

He is the only player who has played in all of the Senior Double Rink Tournaments since their inception in 2000, and this time he played at No.2 in the rink skipped by Martin Sekjer.

The weekend started badly for Sharpe and his team-mates as they were beaten 42-21 by Scotland, and although they recovered to beat Ireland (29-21) and Wales (37-32) it was the Scots who claimed the title.

County results

LATEST county competition results.

Ladies Triples: Marilyn Oram, Hilary Sharpe & Dena Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat Louise Haladij, Lesley Young & Elaine Cox, Northampton & District IBA 13-9; Joan Watts, Julie Spreadbury & Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC beat Billie Swift, Janet Swift & Joyce Porter, Northampton & District IBA 10-6

Ladies Fours: Chloe Weston, Debbie Bradshaw, Joan Sidebottom & Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA beat Louise Haladij, Lesley Young, Serena Santer & Elaine Cox, Northampton & District IBA 21-11

Men’s Singles: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA 21-18

Men’s Pairs: Jamie Walker & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chris Bland & partner, Northampton & District IBA 13-4; David Jones & partner, Northampton & District IBA beat Phil Daynes & Terry Fuller, Daventry IBC 17-5 shots

Men’s Triples: Jim McKee’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Jones’ triple, Northampton & District IBA 13-12

Under-25 Singles: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Connor Rollings, Northampton & District IBA 21-6

National results

LATEST national competition results.

Ladies Singles: Louise Haladij, Northampton & District IBA beat Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough IBC 21-20 - Haladij now meets England international Amy Stanton of Welford-on-Avon IBC in the Zone 1 Final of Area 6

Under-25 Singles Finals: First round: Louise Haladij, Northampton & District lost to Katy Smith, Westlecot IBC, Wiltshire 0-2; Billie Swift, Northampton & District IBA beat Helen Felce, St Neots & District IBC, Cambridgeshire 2-1

Quarter-final: Billie Swift lost to Harriett Stevens, Torquay United IBC, Devon 0-2

Ladies Over-60s Singles: Marilyn Oram, Kingsthorpe BC beat Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA 21-9 shots - this won qualifies Oram for the Area 6 Inter Zone Final, against either Jane Redfern, Rugby Thornfield IBC or Joan Parfitt, Welford-on-Avon IBC

Ladies Pairs fourth round: Marilyn Oram & Katie Smith, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jeannie Flippance & Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough IBC 20-18 shots - Oram and Smith are now in the Area 6 Zone 1 Final against Yvonne Bromfield & partner, from Rugby Thornfield IBC

Ladies Fours: Marilyn Oram, Katie Smith, Brenda Bishop & Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chloe Weston, Elaine Cox, Joan Sidebottom & Louise Haladij, Northampton & District IBA 17-15. They now play in the Area 6 Zone 1 Final against Joan Parfitt’s rink from Welford-on-Avon IBC

Mixed Pairs Area 6 Zone 1 Final: Katie Smith & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC lost to Amy Stanton & Andrew Walters, Welford-on-Avon IBC 7-18

Mixed David Cornwell Under-25 Double Rink: Kingsthorpe BC beat Wellingborough BC 46-44 shots.

Rink details as follows, Kingsthorpe names first:

Rink 1: Jasmin Spear, Trudy Beard, Tom Wellburn & David Walker 31 – Abbi Johnson-Young, Harvey Johnson, Curtis Johnson & Will Walker 15

Rink 2: Katie Smith, David Iddles, Conor Bryan & Connor Cinato 15 – Emily Carr, Paige Johnson-Young, Adam Pitfield & Danny Walker 29

Men’s Leonard Denny Memorial Trophy: First Round: Wellingborough BC beat Brackley & District BC 46-28; Desborough IBC lost to Huntingdon IBC 26-38; Kingsthorpe BC beat Northampton & District IBA 35-20

Men’s Under-25 Singles Finals: First Round: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Bernard ‘BJ’ Byles, Whiteknights IBC, Reading, Berkshire 2-1

Quarter-final: Connor Cinato lost to Glenn Williams, Riverain IBC, Hertfordshire 1-2

Menb’s Triples Fourth Round: Andrew Manton, Connor Cinato & Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe BC beat Andy Smith, Richard Lemon & Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA 21-2 - the Kingsthorpe trio are now in the Area 6 Zone 1 Final against Brian Lees and partners from Welford-on-Avon IBC.

Kinsthorpe cruise to Wessex League win

KINGSTHORPE enjoyed a 75-53 Wessex League win over Welford-on-Avon on Sunday, claiming 14 points in the process.

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Vernon Gearey 27 – D Halls 6

Rink 2: Jim McKee 19 – B Lees 14

At Welford: Rink 3: Ray Castle 11 – M Hawkins 19

Rink 4: Mark Tompkins 18 – M Timms 14

This win puts Kingsthorpe in a very good position in the Midlands section of the league, with a 100 per cent record of six wins from six matches played, and a total of 82 points.

They are in second place behind Church Gresley IBC, which has six wins from eight matches played, losing two of them, and having 88 points.

In third place is Bromsgrove IBC on 80 points while Daventry IBC are sixth of 10 clubs making up the Midlands section, with 44 points, and a record of won two and lost six matches.