BOWLS: County too strong for Scott’s selection

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Don Scott of Brackley & District BC began his year as President of Northamptonshire Indoor Bowling Association with the traditional inaugural match between a mixed team and Northants Men.

Included in the mixed team were two rinks from Scott’s Brackley club, and a rink each from the Midland Counties IBA, the Northamptonshire Vice Presidents BA, the Northamptonshire Women’s Indoor BA and the hosting club Daventry IBC.

Northants were too strong for their opposition and they won 161-95.

The County had just one losing rink, and then by just four shots, and the highest scoring rink for Northants was the one skipped by Geoff Hunt which posted a 24 shots victory.

As is traditional the match was an opportunity for the County President to make some money for his charity, and this year the charity ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ benefitted to the tune of £100.

Rink scores as follows, NIBA names first:

Rink 1: Tony Dicks, Patrick Clerkin, Andy Hogg & Brian Diver 27 Brackley & District BC Lynn Upton, John Davids, Dick Upton & Bob Blencowe 11

Rink 2: Stuart Lowe, Keith Picki, Dave Stewart & Norman Gibb 24 – Midland Counties IBC Ken Gibson, John Pocton, Martin Coombe & Mark O’Connell 13

Rink 3: Don Scott, Malcom White, Brian Langton & Geoff Hunt 36 - Brackley & District BC Martin Horsham, Rosemary Horsham, Trevor Gregory & Val Scott 12

Rink 4: Keith Howlett, Rod Douglass, Dave Williamson & Bob Tingle 22 – Northants Vice Presidents BA Brian Robbins, Derek Essam, Brian Jones & Jack Brown 26

Rink 5: Colin Barnes, Alan Diver, Peter Kitchener & Richard Somerton 32 – Northamptonshire Women’s Indoor BA Linda Warren, Pat Starsmore, Eleanor Winters & Wilma Walker 14

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Tony Warren, Brian Sherwood & John Haines 20 – Daventry IBC Kip Frankson, Norman Langdon, Ray Dawson & Terry Fuller 19 shots

Northants pick team for Desborough date

THE following players have been selected to represent Northamptonshire Women’s Indoor Bowling Association in a friendly match at Desborough against Desborough IBC ladies on Monday (Oct 16) at 2pm.

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Brackley & District BC/Elaine Urquhart, Brackley & District BC/Pam Sallaway, Rushden Town BC/Joan Watts, Daventry IBC

Rink 2: Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge BC/Rhona Holland, Daventry IBC/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough BC/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 3: Joyce George, Wellingborough BC/Sian Hughes-Jones, Kettering Lodge BC/Jan Hunt, Wellingborough BC/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 4: Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe BC/Elsie Hatton, Brackley & District BC/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge BC/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 5: Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA/Sue Lomas, Desborough IBC/Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District IBA

Rink 6: Marlene Armitage, Wellingborough BC/Heather Lack, Kettering Lodge BC/Glenys Emery, Kingsthorpe BC/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC

County men ready for Worcester friendly

NORTHANTS IBA Men have selected the following players for a friendly against Worcestershire on Thursday (Oct 12) at Daventry IBC (2pm).

Rink 1: Don Scott, Brackley & District BC/Rob Hyde, Kettering Lodge BC/Colin Barnes, Northampton & District IBA/Mick Worthington, Daventry IBC

Rink 2: Roger Miller, Desborough IBC/John Chester, Desborough IBC/Tony Warren, Northampton & District IBC/John Haines, Desborough IBC

Rink 3: Ian Dunn, Brackley & District BC/Rod Douglass, Kettering Lodge BC/Richard Somerton, Brackley & District BC/Terry James, Rushden Town BC

Rink 4: Tony Dicks, Daventry IBC/Stuart Moore, Brackley & District BC/Bob Tingle, Desborough IBC/Peter Mellor, Desborough IBC

Rink 5: Keith Howlett, Desborough IBC/Robin Frost, Northampton & District IBA/Peter Kitchener, Rushden Town BC/Tony Weston, Northampton & District IBA

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Desborough IBC/Phil Page. Kettering Lodge BC/Dave Williamson, Northampton & District IBA/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough BC

Reserves: Kip Frankson, Daventry IBC/Richard Upton, Brackley & District BC/Brian Sherwood, Rushden Town BC/Patrick Clerkin, Daventry IBC

VPs prove too hot for Kingsthorpe

NORTHANTS Vice Presidents BA visited Kingsthorpe BC for a friendly match against club members and won 106-85.

In the five-rink match, in which the home club supplied a rink to play for the VPs, that home rink scored the highest by 20 shots to give the VPs their win by 21 shots.

Rink scores, Kingsthorpe BC skips only, as follows:

Rink 1: Brian Robbins, Peter Kitchener, Mick Weatherill & Jack Brown 22 – Bob Brown 14

Rink 2: Mike Edwards, Maureen Brown, Mick White & Brian Kaye 29 – Geoff Hayter 9

Rink 3: Allan Wright, Phil Bates, Ron Chambers & Trevor Wright 17 – George Clifton 21

Rink 4: Maurice Tyler, Vic Wallace, Colin Incles & Dave Stewart 15 – D Sergeant 24

Rink 5: Derek Essam, Martyn Critchley, Barry Hogston & Dave Williamson 23 – Alan Spencer 17

Mixed results for county pair in Wessex

THE new season of the Wessex League, which involves Daventry IBC and Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section, in the Midlands region, has started for both clubs, with mixed results.

Both matches were played last Sunday, with Kingsthorpe beating Solihull 102-57 and Daventry losing 103-61 to Bromsgrove.

Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section 102 shots (16 points) – beat Solihull IBC 57 shots (nil points).

Details as follows, skips only, Kingsthorpe names first:

Rink 1: Mick Sharpe 22 – R Wilson 15

Rink 2: Connor Cinato 28 – H Dunachie 18

Rink 3: Jamie Walker 32 – G Langford 11

Rink 4: Andrew Manton 20 – R Dowler 13

Daventry IBC 61 shots (nil points) lost to Bromsgrove IBC 103 shots (16 points).

Details as follows, skips only, Daventry names first:

Rink 1: Michael Moulton 12 – R Moule 28

Rink 2: Bernard Spreadbury 13 – N Brereton 26

Rink 3: Mick Worthington 21 – J Cracknell 27

Rink 4: Alan Davies 15 – G Arnold 22