BOWLS: Northants so close, but are edged out by Lincolnshire

Northants Under-25 Men lost 32-31 to Lincolnshire in the semi-final of the national double rink competition.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:49 am

One rink played at Boston in Lincolnshire and the other at Wellingborough BC.

The County were bidding to reach their first under 25’s double rink final since 2012, but unfortunately they lost out by the narrowest possible margin.

The ‘home’ rink played a very tight match, but in the end lost by just one shot, and as they had finished before the ‘away’ rink, it was clear that when Connor Cinato and his men played their last end, a very tight finish was in prospect.

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When Cinato went to bowl, his first bowl gave him a shots lie, and it maintained an overall winning score. Unfortunately, his opponent’s first bowl knocked in his only bowl into the head for shot, which gave Cinato a very difficult recovery shot, which he just to accomplish and the match was Lincolnshire’s.

Rink scores, Linc skips only, as follows:

At Wellingborough BC Rink 1: Curtis Johnson, Will Walker, Adam Pitfield & David Walker 17 – Jordan Phillpot 18

At Boston BC: Rink 2: David Iddles, Conor Bryan, Danny Walker & Connor Cinato 14 – Jonathan West 14

County name team for Midland Counties date

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants IBA in their Midland Counties match for the Warwickshire Trophy’ against Warwickshire on Sunday (March 19) at Solihull IBC (10am).

Rink 1: Richard Harding, Kyle Buckley, Jack Tobin & Malc Mattinson – all Rushden Town BC

Rink 2: Jim Diver, Pete Mellor, Richard Mann & John Haines – all Desborough IBC

Rink 3: Dennis Collins, Wellingborough BC, Andy Smith, Northampton & District IBA, Matt Pownall & Paul Broderick – both Wellingborough

Rink 4: Tony Dicks, Daventry IBC, Mick Richardson, Kingsthorpe BC, Tony Weston, Northampton & District IBA & Mick Worthington, Daventry IBC

Rink 5: Dave Love & Ian Roy, both Wellingborough BC, Mick Spear, Kingsthorpe BC & Darren Childs, Wellingborough BC

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Norman Gibb, George Warren – all Desborough IBC & Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC.

Northants claim win in charity showdown

THE traditional annual President’s Charity Match for the Northamptonshire IBA was held by president Geoff Hunt at his club, Wellingborough BC, last week.

Hunt chose the British Heart Foundation as his charity to support, a result of his experiences with a bypass operation he had himself some years ago.

The match raised an overall total of £411, and this was raised by the generosity of the match players and visitors.

Hunt invited six rinks drawn from Wellingborough BC (2 rinks), County VPs, County Retired Police, Daventry IBC, and a VIP rink of EIBA & MCIBA.

The Northants team won just two of the six rinks, but by sufficient shots to take the match by 19 shots.

The highest scoring rink for the County was the one skipped by Norman Gibb with a 20 shots advantage, and the highest winning rink from the opposition was that from Daventry IBC, skipped by Michael Moulton, which had a more modest win by eight shots.

The final score was Northants 135 Visiting Rinks 116.

Rink details as follows, Northamptonshire IBA names first: Rink 1: Don Scott, Peter Gilkes, Brian Langton & Peter Mellor 17 – Hugh Garrod, Barry Harrison, John Towell & Terry Falkner – Wellingborough BC 21

Rink 2: Stuart Lowe, Trevor Tilley, Bob Sullivan & Norman Gibb 32 – Colin Incles, Peter Byworth, Dave Williamson & Fred Bosworth- Northants VP’s 12

Rink 3: Dennis Collins, Keith Pick, Terry James & Geoff Hunt 13 – Keith Howlett, Peter Breese, Martin Cooke & Arthur Broadberry – VIP Rink 13

Rink 4: Will Clelland, Dave Garland, Brian Diver & John Streather 36 – Terry Tapp, Peter Simmons, Mick Warren & Tim Robinson – Northants Retired Police 22

Rink 5: Roger Miller, John Chester, Bob Tingle & Tony Weston 21 – Tony Asher, Jonathan George, Bryn Walker & Walt Winsor – Wellingborough BC 24

Rink 6: Pete Maloy, Peter Kitchener, Tony Warren & Richard Somerton 16 – Ray Rumble, Adge Smith, Brian Jones & Michael Moulton – Daventry IBC 24

Northampton too good for Brackley

IN the County Triples League, Northampton & District IBA (5 points) beat Brackley & District BC (1 point) 74-51.

Rink details as follows, Northampton names first:

At Brackley: Triple 1: Bob Reynolds, Bob Brogden & Chris Bland 25 – Trevor Gregory, Tony Marks & P Hobley 8

Triple 2: Tony Ellis, Dave Jones & Tony Weston 19 – Ian Dunn, Ken Court & Graham Prior 11

At Northampton: Triple 3: Peter Gilkes, Dave Williamson & Terry Brown 15 – Charlie Greig, Dave Blencowe & Ron Morland 18

Triple 4: Jordan Dickens, Simon Coles & Mark Dickens 15 – Mike Smith, Dick Upton & Richard Somerton 14

Kingsthorpe march on in Wessex League

IN the Wessex League quarter-final Kingsthorpe BC beat Church Gresley BC 68-62

Kingsthorpe are now into the semi-finals and they will play Westlecot IBC from Wiltshire at the neutral venue of Oxford City & County IBC on March 27.

The other semi-finalists are Bournemouth IBC and Clarrie Dunbar IBC.

Rink scores, skips only, Kingsthorpe names first:

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Mick Sharpe 16 – M Alsop 20

Rink 2: Jamie Walker 15 – D Brennan 6

At Church Gresley: Ben Sharpe 22 – J Bowman 12

Vernon Gearey 15 – D Alsop 24

County results

LATEST results from county competitions.

Ladies Pairs: Janet Swift &Billie Swift, Northampton & District IBA beat Joan Watts & Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC; Yvonne McKee & Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chloe Weston & Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA 14-5

Men’s Fours: Jim McKee’s rink, Kingsthorpe BC beat Matt Pownall’s rink, Wellingborough BC 16-8

Mixed Under-15 singles: Jack Lee, Northampton & District IBA beat Lois Woodward, Desborough IBC

Mixed 15-18 Singles: Shannon Swift, Northampton & District IBA beat Tay O’Neill, Desborough IBC

Mixed Pairs: Shannon & Billie Swift, Northampton & District IBA beat Cauly Swift & Kieran Rollings, Northampton & District IBA

National results

LATEST results from national competitions.

Ladies Pairs: Area 6 Zone 1 Final: Marilyn Oram & Dena Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jane Redfern & Yvonne Bromfield, Rugby Thornfield IBC 23-6

Ladies Triples: Area 6 Zone 1 Final: Marilyn Oram, Katie Smith & Dena Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC lost to Maureen Edward’s triple, Rugby Thornfield IBC 16-17

Ladies Over 60 Singles: Area Final: Marilyn Oram, Kingsthorpe BC beat Gillian Cliff, Bromsgrove & District IBC 21-14 his win puts Oram through to the last 16 in the country, and she will be playing in the National Finals, at Nottingham IBC on April 14.

Family Pairs: Area 6 Zone 1 Final: Pete & Tom Wellburn, Kingsthorpe BC lost to Darren Ward & partner, Rugby Thornfield IBC 19-33

Men Two-wood singles: Area 6 Zone 1 Final: Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat Brian Lees, Welford-on-Avon IBC 21-12. This win puts Jamie in the Area7 Final against Ryan Atkins of Malvern Hills IBC

Men’s Fours: Area 6 Final: Andrew Manton, Connor Cinato, Neil McKee & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat Rodney Monington, Elliot Jude, Alex Lewis & Garry Langord, Solihull IBC 29-17. This win puts the Kingsthorpe quartet into the National Finals, last 16, to be played at Melton & District IBC on March 25.