BOWLS: Northants prove too strong for Oxfordshire

Northants Men hosted Oxfordshire in a friendly at Northampton & District IBA and claimed a big 126-78 win.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 7:00 am
ENJOYING THEMSELVES - Kingsthorpes Andrew Manton, Neil McKee and Connor Cinato pictured during their National Area 6 Final win over Welford

The match was reduced to five rinks at the request of Oxfordshire, and the County lost just one rink.

The highest scoring rink was the one skipped by George Warren, which posted a 24 shots win.

Rink details as follows, Oxon skips only:

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Rink 1: Jim Diver, Patrick Clerkin, Tony Warren & Terry James 29 – M Andrew 15

Rink 2: Malcolm White, Keith Pick, Reg Jones & Richard Somerton 13 – S Ponting 19

Rink 3: Don Scott, Brian Langton, Peter Kitchener & George Warren 32 – A Fleming 8

Rink 4: Roger Miller, John Chester, Andy Hogg & Geoff Hunt 22 – M Morris 21

Rink 5: John Barber, Richard Upton, Brian Diver & Norman Gibb 30 – A Smith 15

Northants VPs see off Bedfordshire

NORTHANTS Vice Presidents took on Bedfordshire VPs at Bedford Borough IBC and were 122-104 winners.

The County had just one losing rink from six, and the highest scoring rink was the one skipped by Dick Howell, which posted a 10 shots victory.

Not far behind was Malcolm O’Hanlon’s rink, who won by by two shots fewer.

Rink scores as follows, Beds skips only:

Rink 1: Harry Croxton, Celia Brooker, Phil Bates & Trevor Wright 18 – Chris Saunders 16

Rink 2: Liz Howell, Geoff Talbot, Bill Humphries & Dick Howell 27 – Ron Wells 17

Rink 3: Jennie Mercer, Martyn Critchley, Derek Essam & Peter Mercer 12 – Kennedy Brown 28

Rink 4: Janet Marshall, Len Marshall, Peter Oliver & Colin Incles 20 – Terry Coles 14

Rink 5: Tony Barratt, John Murkett, Peter Byworth & Malcolm O’Hanlon 23 – Robin Mowe 15

Rink 6: Diana Talbot, Marion Humphries, Ken Legan & Roger Atkins 22 – Bob Percival 15

County Ladies see off battling Daventry

NORTHANTS Ladies travelled to take on Daventry IBC Ladies in a friendly, and were 97-71 winners.

It was a match of five rinks and the County won four of them to claim a comfortable win.

The highest scoring rink for the County was the one skipped by Audrey Height which did so by 15 shots.

The winning rink for Daventry was skipped by regular County player Brenda Bishop, and it won by nine shots.

Rink details as follows, County names first:

Rink 1: Marion Mackie, Dawn Owen, Elaine Urquhart & Eleanor Winters 14 – V Lock, Kim Russell, Shirley Shucksmith & Joan Watts 13

Rink 2: Celia Morris, Chloe Weston, Wilma Walker & Audrey Height 24 – Jeanette Taylor, Annie Scrimshaw, Barbara Oliver & Vicki Rushall 9

Rink 3: Lynn Upton, Denise Carlin, Chris Cooper & Linda Warren 24 – L Hopkins, Sally Hayes, Julie Spreadbury & Jean Lancaster 13

Rink 4: Marlene Armitage, Jo Johns, Elaine Cox & Joyce Porter 13 – Vicki Worthington, Valerie Hopson, Chris Cross & Brenda Bishop 22

Rink 5: Wen Hill, Val Scott, Pat Starsmore & Liz Keeney 22 – Sue Yates, Sylvia Hatfield, Sylvia Fuller & Rhona Holland 14

Northampton claim big League victory

NORTHAMPTON & District were 78-60 winners in their County League clash with Daventry IBC.

The win saw Northampton claim 5.5 points, with Daventry earning just half a point.

Rink details as follows, Daventry names first, Northampton skips only, 2 skips at Northampton not known!:

At Daventry: Triple 1: Anthony Hoffman, Alan Davies & Peter C Dymond 16 – Simon Coles 17

Triple 2: Stuart Lowe, Rick Hayes & Philip Daynes 17 – David Jones 17

At Northampton: Triple 3: John Crowther, Kip Frankson & Terry Fuller 10 - Northampton 22

Triple 4: Andrew Tooth, Malcolm Foster & Adge Smith 17 – Northampton 22

National results

LATEST results from national competitions.

Ladies over-50s pairs area six final: Celia Morris & Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe IBC lost to Valerie McDermott & Yvonne Pick, Welford-on-Avon IBC 11-20

Mixed fours last 16: Linda Warren, Billie Swift, Chris Bland & Dominic Graham, Northampton & District IBA beat Cassidy Lenton, Harriet Stevens, Ryan Whitlock & Sam Tolchard, Torquay United IBC18-12

Quarter-final: Dominic Graham’s rink lost to Katy Smith, Lucy Smith, Ian Jefferies & Neil Smith, Westlecot IBC, Swindon 15-23

Men’s two bowl singles fourth round: Ben Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Iddles, Kingsthorpe BC 21-8

Men’s over-60s singles fourth round: Patrick Clerkin, Daventry IBC beat Martin Underwood, Desborough IBC 21-16

Men’s triples area six final: Andrew Manton, Neil McKee & Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Andrew Walters’ triple, Welford-on-Avon IBC 19-5

Men’s over-50s triples fourth round: Jim McKee’s Triple, Kingsthorpe BC beat Mick Spear, Vernon Gearey & Andrew Manton, Kingsthorpe BC 23-16