BOWLS: Northants Men storm to Warwickshire Trophy success

Northants Men enjoyed a 134-105 win over Leicestershire in their Midland Counties Warwickshire Trophy clash at Barwell IBC.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 8:00 am

Their four winning rinks saw them add 18 points to their tally in the competition.

The highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Norman Gibb with a 12 shots win, but not far behind was that skipped by Callum Height with a win by one shot fewer.

Rink details as follows, Leics skips only:

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Rink 1: Will Clelland, David Flippance, George Warren & Norman Gibb 28 – Martin Allsopp 16

Rink 2: Jim Diver, Peter Mellor, Richard Mann & John Haines 20 – Bill Hobart 14

Rink 3: Conor Bryan, Tom Wellburn, Jason Bryan & Jamie Walker 20 – Alistair Hollis 11

Rink 4: Tony Dicks, Colin Barnes, Connor Rollings & Andy Smith 20 – Andy Irons 22

Rink 5: David Love, Malc Chambers, Mick Worthington & Callum Height 29 – J Robinson 18

Rink 6: Bob Fuller, Ian Roy, Cameron Knox & Darren Childs 17 – Chris Moore 24

Joy for James and Co as they claim victory

NORTHANTS Men were big winners over Cambridgeshire in their friendly clash at Rushden Town BC.

The County were 156-95 winners, with the highest scoring rink being that skipped by Terry James, with a 23 shots victory.

Not far behind in the scoring stakes was the rink skipped by Tony Weston which won by 20 shots.

Rink details as follows, Cambs skips only:

Rink 1: Jim Diver, Richard Upton, Dave Williamson & Bernard Spreadbury 24 – Digby Long 16

Rink 2: Keith Howlett, Rod Douglass, Peter Kitchener & Terry James 31 – Peter Harvey 8

Rink 3: Don Scott, Rob Hyde, Colin Barnes & Geoff Harris 28 – David Ford 20

Rink 4: Malcolm White, John Chester, Geoff Hunt & Tony Weston 31 – Richard Peyton 11

Rink 5: Rick Hayes, Larry Lawrence, Kip Frankson & Richard Somerton 24 – Tony Barclay 23

Rink 6: Alan Diver, John Davies, Keith Flatcher & John Haines 18 – David Black 17

Host club pipped at post as Boro bag title

NORTHAMPTON & District and Kingsthorpe were pipped at the post in the annual Ivy & Horace Tarrant Trophy competition, with Wellingborough emerging as winners.

The competition was held at Northampton & District IBA, with all eight county indoor clubs taking part, entering two rinks each.

Each rink played three games against other drawn opposition, with the winning club being that which at the conclusion of the three matches, had the highest aggregate score.

After the first set of matches, Kettering, Kingsthorpe and Northampton & District, were leading, with each on plus-6 shots.

The result of the second session saw the lead held by Northampton & District on plus-15 shots, with Wellingborough in second on plus-12 shots.

The final session of matches saw Wellingborough perform very well to win by a very good 16 shots, which added on to the shots advantage already in the bag gave them plus-28 shots for the overall victory.

Northampton & District took second place with plus-24 shots and Kingsthorpe were third with plus-22 shots.

Ladies able to edge past Lodge in friendly

NORTHANTS Ladies took on Kettering Lodge Ladies in a friendly, and were delighted to edge a 69-62 victory.

The rink wins were shared, but with the County rinks skipped by Joyce Porter and Joan Watts both winning by 12 shots, compared with those losing doing so by 17 shots between them, the win for the County was achieved.

What was interesting from the highest scoring rink for Kettering Lodge BC, skipped by Audrey Height, is that her lead, Marjorie Wright, is 100 years old, and 101 next month!

Rink details as follows,County names first:

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Margaret Tyler, Liz Keeney & Joyce Porter 24 – Janice Hamilton, Jill Robertson, Sheila Rigby & Margaret Haig 12

Rink 2: Denise Carlin, Sue Lomas, Margaret Cave & Joan Watts 24 – Marion Mackie, Chris Johnson, Sue Briggs & Margaret Bosworth 12

Rink 3: Marlene Armitage, Elsie Hatton, Elaine Urquhart & Pat Starsmore 10 – Marjorie Wright, Glenys Oldham, Sian Hughes-Jones & Audrey Height 21

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Pam Sallaway, Pat Bodily & Jeannie Flippance 11 – BarbaraMurkitt, Helen McAdams, Linda Simms & Delia Panther 17

Kingsthorpe secure superb Welford win

KINGSTHORPE stay second in the Wessex League Midlands Region tables after a comprehensive win over Welford IBC.

The town team were 97-53 winners, which meant a 14-point haul for them, with Welford taking just two.

Kingsthoprpe are second, behind Church Gresley, but they do have a game in hand.

Rink details as follows, skips names only, Kingsthorpe first:

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Mick Sharpe 31 – A Francis 5

Rink 2: Jim McKee 14 – L Chedgzoy 20

At Welford: Rink 3: Andrew Manton 30 – M Timms 14

Rink 4: Mark Tompkins 22 – M Hawkins 14

DAVENTRY suffered a 99-61 Wessex League defeat to Rugby Thornfield A.

The Northants club claimed just two points for their efforts, with Thornfield winning 14.

Rink details as follows, skips names only, Daventry first:

At Daventry: Rink 1: B Scott 12 – D Sands 24

Rink 2: Michael Moulton 10 – L Pearcey 32

At Rugby: Rink 3: Adge Smith 27 – D Ward 16

Rink 4: Peter Dymond 12 – H Wilkins 27

Daventry deliver a win against Brackley

DAVENTRY were 66-54 winners over Brackley in their County League clash.

The win saw Daventry claim five points, and Brackley one.

Rink details as follows, Daventry names first:

At Brackley: Triple 1: Andrew Tooth, Stephen White & Adge Smith 23 – Charlie Greig, Don Scott & Richard Somerton 11

Triple 2: D Hill, T Hoftman & Peter Dymond 17 – Brian Lancaster, Mike Smith & Paul Stevens 13

At Daventry: Triple 3: Alan Watts, Richard Hooper, Phil Daynes 11 – Ian Dunn, Martin Graves & Paul Hooley 19

Triple 4: Kip Frankson, Malcolm Foster & Alan Davies 15 - Richard Upton, Trevor Gregory & Kevin Taylor 11

National results

LATEST national competition results.

Ladies Pairs third round: Billie Swift & Joyce Porter, Northampton & District IBA beat Val Cannell & Trudy Beard, Kingsthorpe BC 25-5

Ladies Triples third round: Yvonne McKee’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC beat Marion Mackie, Karen Austin & Sian Hughes-Jones, Kettering Lodge BC 27-15; Hilary Sharpe’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC beat Pat Starsmore triple, Kettering Lodge BC 22-11

Ladies Over-60s Singles first round: Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBA given walkover by Marilyn Oram, Kingsthorpe BC

Ladies Over 60s Pairs second round: Di Brumwell & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Vicki Rushall & partner, Daventry IBC 20-17; Brenda Bishop & partner, Daventry IBC beat Linda Warren & partner, Northampton & District IBA 20-15; Margaret Silsby & partner, Kettering Lodge BC beat Marilyn Oram & partner, Kingsthorpe BC 18-9; Pat Starsmore & partner, Kettering Lodge BC beat Yvonne McKee & partner, Kingsthorpe BC 22-15

Mixed Fours fourth round: Linda Warren, Billie Swift, Chris Bland & Dominic Graham, Northampton & District IBA beat Yvonne McKee, Trudy Beard, Jason Bryan & Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC 18-17

Family Pairs second round: Neil Rolfe & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Billie Swift & partner, Northampton & District IBA 21-17; Trudy Beard & partner, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by Mark Dickens & partner, Northampton & District IBA

Men’s Four Wood singles fourth round: Jason Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Iddles, Kingsthorpe BC 21-11

Men’s Two Wood Singles second round: Andy Smith, Northampton & District IBA beat Tom Wellburn, Kingsthorpe BC 21-7

Men’s Pais fourth roundBen Sharpe & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat David Walker & Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC 16-8: Curtis Johnson & Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC beat Mark Curtis & partner, Kempston Park BC 18-9

Men’s Triples third round: Richard Mann’s Triple, Desborough IBC beat Vernon Gearey’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC 14-9

Men’s Fours third round: Neil Rolfe’s rink, Kingsthorpe BC beat Mick Spear’s Rink, Kingsthorpe BC 14-10; Neil McKee’s Rink, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chris Bland’s Rink, Northampton & District IBA 19-11

Men’s Over-60s Sungles third round: Patrick Clerkin, Daventry IBC given walkover by George Clifton, Kingsthorpe BC; Martin Underwood, Desborough IBC given walkover by Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC

Men’s Over-60s Pairs second round: Peter Mellor & partner, Desborough IBC beat Mark Dickens & partner, Northampton & District IBA 19-9; Jim McKee & partner, Kingsthorpe BC beat Patrick Clerkin & partner, Daventry IBC 22-8; Norman Gibb & partner, Desborough IBC beat Kip Frankson & partner, Daventry IBC 17-10

Men’s Over-50s Triples second round: Tony Dicks’ triple, Daventry IBC beat George Clifton’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC 16-15; David Flippance’s triple, Desborough IBC beat Roger Summers’ triple, Northampton & District IBA 23-18; Jim McKee’s triple, Kingsthorpe BC beat Mark Dickens’ triple, Northampton & District IBA 21-3

Men’s Pver-60s Fours second round: Mark Dickens’ rink, Northampton & District IBA beat Tony Dicks’ rink, Daventry IBC 24-15; Roger Summers’ rink, Northampton & District IBA beat Peter Mellor’s rink, Desborough IBC 17-14