BOWLS: Northants Men pick up 100 per cent record on tour

Northants Men enjoyed a whistle stop tour of Oxford and the south of England last weekend, and enjoyed a 100 per cent win record.

Friday, 6th October 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:55 am
Jamie Walker will play for England against Scotland nect week, with the match being shown live on ITV4

They played two matches on each day of the tour, which lasted from Friday to Sunday.

The first day saw them win both matches very comfortably against Oxford clubs, one winning by an enormous margin of 87 shots with just one losing rink, and then by just five shots, and the other by a more modest 37 shots with just two losing rinks totalling six shots.

The highest scoring rinks in those two matches were skipped by Walt Winsor and Norman Gibb against Oxford City & County IBC, each with a 24 shots advantage, and by Mick Worthington against Oxford & District IBC with a 25 shots victory.

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These successes were followed on Saturday with two more wins, against Chawton Park IBC in Alton, Hampshire, and Atherley IBC in Southampton, by 26 shots and 22 shots respectively.

The highest scoring rinks were skipped by Pete Mellor at Chawton Park, and John Haines at Atherley, in which they scored victories of 13 shots and 31 shots respectively.

Sunday saw games against Desborough IBC in Maidenhead and Whiteknights IBC, and the County completed a 100 per cent winning record.

The match against Desborough was a bit of a whitewash with the County winning by an enormous margin of 101 shots, and this a five-rink match, with the highest scoring rink skipped by Norman Gibb winning by 32 shots, with John Haines’ rink not far behind with a 31 shots win.

The match against Whiteknights was not quite such an overwhelming win for the County, although a win by 56 shots with only one losing rink, and one drawing rink, is pretty impressive, and the highest scoring rink was that skipped by Geoff Hunt, which recorded a 22 shots win.

Match details as follows, County names only:

Friday, 29th September, 2017 – versus Oxford City & County IBC – won 155-68

Rink 1: Dougie Cooper, Gordon Morris, Geoff Hunt & Carl Haines 35 – Oxford 13

Rink 2: Stuart Lowe, Peter Byworth, Phil Bates & Alan Watts 13 – Oxford 18

Rink 3: Don Scott, Kip Frankson, Pete Mellor & Norman Gibb 33 – Oxford 9

Rink 4: Tony Dicks, Dave Stewart, Dave Williamson & Tony Weston 20 – Oxford 13

Rink 5: Keith Pick, John Carson, Brian Diver & Richard Somerton 26 – Oxford 11

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Richard Upton, Brian Langton & Walt Winsor 28 – Oxford 4

Friday, 29th September, 2017 – versus Oxford & District IBC – won 108-71

Rink 1: Dennis Collins, Eddie Chapman, Bob Tingle & Michael Moulton 23 – Oxford 14

Rink 2: Colin Barnes, Jim Diver, Trevor Wright & Mick Worthington 32 – Oxford 7

Rink 3: Keith Howlett, Mick Weatherill, David Blencowe & John Haines 17 – Oxford 19

Rink 4: Ian Dunn, John Chester, Bob Blencowe & Malc Mattinson 15 – Oxford 16

Rink 5: Chris Hawkins, Ken Lovejoy, Bob Fuller & George Warren 21 – Oxford 15

Saturday, 30th September, 2017 – versus Chawton Park IBC – won 146-120 shots.

Rink 1: Stuart Lowe, Dave Stewart, Trevor Wright & Carl Haines 29 – Chawton 19

Rink 2: Ian Dunn, Ken Lovejoy, Alan Watts & Norman Gibb 12 – Chawton 21

Rink 3: Tony Dicks, Mick Weatherill, Bob Tingle & Pete Mellor 30 – Chawton 17

Rink 4: Don Scott, Richard Upton, Brian Diver & Bob Blencowe 27 – Chawton 21

Rink 5: Dennis Collins, Gordon Morris, Brian Langton & George Warren 24 – Chawton 22

Rink 6: Chris Hawkins, John Chester, Richard Somerton & Michael Moulton 24 – Chawton 20

Saturday, 30th September, 2017 – versus Atherley IBC – won 115 – 93

Rink 1: Keith Howlett, Eddie Chapman, Phil Bates & Tony Weston 12 – Atherley 26

Rink 2: Will Clelland, Jim Diver, David Blencowe & Malc Mattinson 27 – Atherley 19

Rink 3: Dougie Cooper, Kip Frankson, Bob Fuller & John Haines 36 – Atherley 5

Rink 4: Colin Barnes, John Carson, Geoff Hunt & Walt Winsor 25 – Atherley 21

Rink 5: Keith Pick, Peter Byworth, Dave Williamson & Mick Worthington 15 – Atherley 22

Sunday, 1st October, 2017 – versus Desborough IBC, Maidenhead – qon 169-68

Rink 1: Keith Pick, Jim Diver, Bob Tingle & George Warren 28 – Desborough 22

Rink 2: Keith Howlett, John Chester, Bob Fuller & Mick Worthington 21 – Desborough 16

Rink 3: Tony Dicks, Gordon Morris, Phil Bates & John Haines 41 – Desborough 10

Rink 4: Colin Barnes, Mick Weatherill, Brian Diver & Malc Mattinson 38 – Desborough 11

Rink 5: Will Clelland, John Carson, Trevor Wright & Norman Gibb 41 – Desborough 9

Sunday, 1st October, 2017 – versus Whiteknights IBC, Reading – won 148-92

Rink 1: Don Scott, Eddie Chapman, Bob Blencowe & Geoff Hunt 34 – Whiteknights 12

Rink 2: Chris Hawkins, Dave Stewart, Dave Williamson & Brian Langton 17 – Whiteknights 25

Rink 3: Dougie Cooper, Richard Upton, Alan Watts & Michael Moulton 20 – Whiteknights 11

Rink 4: Dennis Collins, Peter Byworth, David Blencowe & Carl Haines 20 – Whiteknights 20

Rink 5: Ian Dunn, Kip Frankson, Richard Somerton & Tony Weston 29 – Whiteknights 13

Rink 6: Stuart Lowe, Ken Lovejoy, Pete Mellor & Walt Winsor 28 – Whiteknights 11

Draws are made for indoor competitions

THE indoor bowling season is now well underway, and the inter county and inter club competitions will shortly be getting underway.

The draws have been made for the opening rounds, and the fixtures are as follows...

Inter Club Under 25 Triples Double Rink, for the ‘David Cornwell’ trophy, a competition open to both genders, with a combination of any – first round is on Sunday (Oct 8): Northampton & District IBA v Rugby Thornfield IBC; Kingsthorpe BC (Indoor Section) v Tamworth & District IBC

Inter Club Egham Trophy - four rinks with each rink comprising two male and two female players.The first round is scheduled for Sunday, October 15, with two rinks away and two at home: Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section v Daventry Indoor BC, Desborough IBC v Northampton & District IBA; Kingsthorpe or Daventry v Kettering Lodge BC

Inter Club Denny Cup - four rinks of male players. The first round is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, with two rinks at home and two rinks away. Brackley & District BC Indoor Section v Whiteknights IBC, Reading, Desborough IBC v Daventry IBC. Kingsthorpe BC and Northampton & District IBA have a bye to the next round, when they play each other on November 4.

Inter Club Yetton Trophy - four rinks of female players. The first round is scheduled for Saturday, October 21. with two rinks at home and two rinks away: Kettering Lodge BC Indoor Section v Daventry IBC; Northampton & District IBA v Wellingborough BC Indoor Section.

Inter Club ‘Top Club’ - a multi-discipline mixed competition comprising two wood singles for each gender, a mixed pairs, mixed triples, and mixed fours. The preliminary round is to be played at 10am.on Sunday, October 22: Wellingborough BC Indoor Section v Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section, Daventry IBC v Erdington Court IBC

Inter County Over 60 - six rinks competition for men with three rinks at home and three away, The first round is arranged for Tuesday, October 24: Northants v Hertfordshire - three rinks at Watford IBC, and three rinks at Northampton & District IBA.

Inter County Atherley Trophy - six rinks competition for female players with all six rinks playing at the challengers’ venue. The first round is scheduled for Saturday, October 28when Northants will play Leicestershire at Barwell IBC

Inter County Liberty Trophy - six rinks competition for male players with all six rinks playing at the challengers’ venue. The first round is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, when Northants Northamptonshire play Leicestershire at Wellingborough BC.

Walker getting ready to represent England

KINGSTHORPE’S Jamie Walker plays for England in their Test match aganst Scotland at New Earswick IBC in York next week.

The format of the Test, which will be played next Wednesday and Thursday (Oct 11 & 12), will be sets play with two triples and three pairs matches on the first day, followed by six singles matches on the second day.

One point will be awarded to the winner of each match and the team with the most points will be the winners.

The match will be screened live on ITV4 over the two days from 10am-5.30pm.