BOWLS: Northants gear up for big Liberty Trophy clash

Saturday sees Northants Men take on Gloucestershire in the quarter-finals of the prestigious national Liberty Trophy.

Friday, 13th January 2017, 8:00 am
WEIGHING UP THEIR OPTIONS - action from the Denny Cup match between Kingsthorpe and Huntingdon

The County are trying to repeat the feat of 2015 when they collected the trophy, and they take on Gloucestershire IBA in the last eight on Saturday at Northampton & District IBA (10am).

The following players have been selected by manager Jim McKee.

Rink 1: Curtis Johnson, Wellingborough BC/Ben Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC/Dominic Graham, Northampton & District IBA/Paul Broderick, Wellingborough BC

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Rink 2: Neil Rolfe, Kingsthorpe BC/Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA/Callum Height, Wellingborough BC/Andrew Manton, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 3: Richard Lemon, Northampton & District IBA/David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC/Darren Childs, Wellingborough BC/Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 4: Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough BC/Andy Smith, Northampton & District IBA/Darren Lyman, Wellingborough BC/Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough BC

Rink 5: David Love, Wellingborough BC/Jason Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC/John Haines, Desborough IBC/Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 6: Tony Dicks, Daventry IBC/Richard Mann, Desborough IBC/Matt Pownall, Wellingborough BC/Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC

Reserves: Dave Flippance, Desborough IBC/Darren Lewis, Kingsthorpe BC/Mark Tompkins, Kingsthorpe BC/Jim McKee, Kingsthorpe BC/Tony O’Leary, Northampton & District IBA/Danny Walker, Wellingborough BC/Will Walker, Wellingborough BC

Northants name team for Bedfordshire friendly

The following players have been selected to represent Northants Men in a friendly match against Bedfordshire IBA next Wednesday (Jan 18) at Bedford Borough IBC (2pm).

Rink 1: Will Clelland, Desborough IBC/Dave Williamson, Northampton & District IBA/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough BC/George Warren, Desborough IBC

Rink 2: Don Scott, Brackley & District BC/Eddie Short, Desborough IBC/Brian Diver, Desborough BC/Michael Moulton, Daventry IBC

Rink 3: Rick Hayes, Daventry IBC/Eddie Chapman, Wellingborough BC/Geoff Allen, Daventry IBC/Norman Gibb, Desborough IBC

Rink 4: Pete Maloy, Kingsthorpe BC/Roly Smith, Desborough IBC/Peter Mellor, Desborough IBC/John Haines, Desborough IBC

Rink 5: Keith Howlett, Desborough IBC/Peter Gilkes, Northampton & District IBA/Bob Tingle, Desborough IBC/Tony Weston, Northampton & District IBA

Rink 6: Jim Diver, Desborough IBC/Terry Chapman, Rushden Town BC/Richard Somerton, Brackley & District BC/Terry James, Rushden Town BC

Reserves: Robin Frost, Northampton & District IBA/Malcolm White, Rushden Town BC/John Streather, Rushden Town BC/Colin Barnes, Northampton & District IBA/Harvey Fruish, Northampton & District IBC/Geoff Harris, Rushden Town BC

Northants too good for Midland Counties

NORTHANTS Men took on the Midland Counties Indoor Bowling Association in a friendly match at Desborough IBC and won by 10 shots.

The County had four winning rinks against a strong team.

The highest scoring of the County’s rinks was that skipped by George Warren, with an 18 shots win, but not far behind was the rink skipped by Malc Mattinson, which achieved a win by just two shots fewer.

Rink details as follows, Midland Counties’ skips only:

Rink 1: Stuart Lowe, Keith Pick, Malcolm Keeling & Malc Mattinson 32 - Aubrey Brookhouse 16

Rink 2: Pete Maloy, John Carson, John Streather & George Warren 33 – Alex Fleming 15

Rink 3: Don Scott, Tony Warren, Bob Tingle & Tim Robinson 17 – David Hollowell 28

Rink 4: Harvey Fruish, Brian Langdon, Andy Hogg & Geoff Hunt 12 – Tony Weston 31

Rink 5: Will Clelland, Eddie Chapman, Roy Cave & Terry James 17 – Mark Atkins 14

Rink 6: Colin Barnes, Dave Williamson, Brian Sherwood & Norman Gibb 20 – Nick Cornish 17

Northants VPs are too good for hosts Desborough

NORTHANTS Vice-Presidents travelled to Desborough IBC to take on their hosts in a friendly and recorded a big 129-106 victory.

The VPs had just one losing rink, one tied and won four.

The highest scoring for the VP’s was the rink skipped by Dick Howell which won by 16 shots

Rink detailas as follows, Desborough skips only:

Rink 1: Maurice Tyler, Jeff Talbot, Len Marshall & Dave Stewart 27 – Richard Manning 12

Rink 2: Tony Burns, Ted Guiver, Dave Betts & Dave Williamson 27 – Barry Hogston 21

Rink 3: Tom Black, Vic Wallace, Steve Hollywood & Jack Brown 14 – Brian Diver 30

Rink 4: Tony Hancock, Derek Essam, Steve Cooper & Bob Jones 14 – Franck Gardiner 14

Rink 5: Brian Robbins, Liz Keeney, Peter Kitchener & Dick Howell 27 – George Fletcher 11

Rink 6: Ollie Pearson, Will Keeney, Mike McKeown & Ron Chambers 20 – Trevor Wright 18

Clubs needed for new look County League

BOWLS Northamptonshire are appealing for clubs to sign up for the revamped outdoor County League, which will get underway in the summer.

At the Bowls Northamptonshire AGM in December it was decided to form a division one and division two with a promotion and relegation arrangement.

But there is a need for additional clubs to enter the County League.

The top four clubs from each group in 2016 will make up division one (eight clubs) but this leaves only six clubs in division two. The BN Executive committee would like two more clubs to join the County League in division two to make up eight clubs

Secretaries of interested clubs are asked to contact Ken Court or Jan Hunt as soon as possible.

National results

LATEST national competition results.

Ladies Over 60 Singles second round: Marilyn Oram, Kingsthorpe BC beat Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC 21-14

Ladies Over 60 Pairs second round: Linda Warren & Janet Swift, Northampton & District IBA beat Pat Starsmore & Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge BC 20-19.

Ladies Fours second round: Marilyn Oram, Brenda Bishop, Yvonne McKee & Dena Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat Celia Morris, Debbie Watkins, Di Brumwell & Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC 22-8

Yetton Plate (four-rink inter-club competition with two rinks playing at home and two rinks away) fourth round: Northampton & District IBA beat City of Ely IBC 56-44.

Details as follows, Ely skips only:

At Northampton: Rink 1: Jackie Dale, Debbie Bradshaw, Louise Haladij & Sue Lane 10 – T Lowe 15

Rink 2: June Smith, Chloe Weston, Elaine Cox & Heather Newton 16 – C Popple 4

At Ely: Rink 3: Billie Swift, Lisbeth Milburn, Joan Sidebottom & Joyce Porter 12 – V Harlow 14

Rink 4: Margaret Newport, Shannon Swift, Linda Warren & Janet Swift 18 – A Knott 11

Mixed Fours third round: Marilyn Oram, Yvonne McKee, Jason Bryan & Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Debbie Watkins, Celia Morris, Ray Castle & David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC 15-3

Men’s Singles fourth round: Andy Smith, Northampton & District IBA beat David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC 21-7

Under-25 Singles, Area Six Final: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Andrew Bradley, Tamworth IBC 2-0.

Men’s Pairs fourth round: Andrew Manton & Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jason Bryan & Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC 17-16; Andy Smith & Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA beat Tom Wellburn & Mick Richardson, Kingsthorpe BC 17-3

Men’s Triples third round: Andy Smith, Richard Lemon & Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBA beat David Walker, Ben Sharpe & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC 20-12

Men’s Fours second round: Alan Dunkley, Ross Vicars, Ron Morland & Sam Wright, Brackley & District BC beat Martyn Page’s rink, Foxhill IBC, Aylesbury 19-14.

Men’s Fours third round: Andrew Manton, Connor Cinato, Neil McKee & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat Chris Wright, Mick Spear, Ray Castle & David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC 19-9; Neil Rolfe, Roger Tansley, Iain Walker & Martin Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC beat Darren Lewis, M ark Tompkins, Jim McKee & Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe BC 15-14

Men’s Over 50 Triples third round: Ron Morland, Richard Somerton & Alan Dunkley, Brackley & District BC beat Martyn Page’s triple, Foxhill IBC, Aylesbury 24-7.

Denny Cup (inter-club competition for four rinks with two playing at home and two away) fifth round:

Kingsthorpe BC beat Huntingdon IBC 76-46.

Rink details as follows, Huntingdon skips only:

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Jason Bryan, Peter Morris, Mark Tompkins & Mick Sharpe 16 – Nicky Brett 16

Rink 2: Chris Wright, Martin Gearey, Ben Sharpe & Connor Cinato 13 – Lewis Baker 13

At Huntingdon: Rink 3: Neil Rolfe, David Walker, Vernon Gearey & Andrew Manton 23 – Joe Randall 11

Rink 4: Mick Spear, Darren Lewis, Jim McKee & Jamie Walker 24 – Tristan Morton 6

Kingsthorpe BC will now face Norfolk BC in the quarter-finals on January 21.

Northampton edge past Kettering Lodge

NORTHAMPTON & District IBA were 69-62 winners over Kettering Lodge BC in a Men’s Indoor County Triples League match at Kettering Lodge.

The winners had two winning triples and two losing, so the points allocation was 4-2 in Northampton’s favour.

Triples’ details as follows, Northampton names first:

At Kettering: Triple 1: Tony Ellis, Connor Rollings & Kieran Rollings 18 – John Konarzak, David Smith & Peter Morgan 11

Triple 2: Jordan Dickens, Peter Gilkes & Mark Dickens 10 – Steve Waterfield,George Thompson & Adrian Harris 27

At Northampton: Triple 3: David Cox, Dave Jones & Andy Smith 26 – Chris Gray, Allen Simms & Steve Mason 8

Triple 4: Bob Reynolds, Terry Brown & Chris Bland 15 – Dan Waterfield, Brian Barnicoat & John Beal 16

Daventry delight as they dump Shrewsbury

DAVENTRY IBC were 74-64 winners over Shrewsbury IBC in their Wessex League clash.

Details as follows, skips only, Daventry names first:

At Shrewsbury: Rink 1: Geoff Allen 16 – J Lister 15

Rink 2: Michael Moulton 15 – I Evans 21

At Daventry: Rink 3: Mick Worthington 25 – R Payne 11

Rink 4: Bernard Spreadbury 18 – M Taylor 17