BOWLS: Kingsthorpe trio set for England trials

Kingsthorpe's Neil McKee, Connor Cinato and Andrew Manton have all been selected to play in the England International Trials for the English Indoor Bowling Association at Northampton IBC on the first weekend of December.

Friday, 25th November 2016, 12:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:50 pm
ACTION from Kingsthorpes Denny Cup win over Northampton & District

McKee will play at No. 2 in a rink skipped by Jamie Chestney of Exonia IBC, Devon, and he will have with him Martin Spencer of Spalding IBC at Lead and David Bolt of South Shields IBC at No. 3. McKee will be looking to retain his place in the England Senior team.

Cinato has been selected to play at No. 3 on a rink skipped by Perry Martin of Swale IBC and he will have with him Matt Whyers of Spalding IBC at Lead, and Graham Smith, also of Spalding IBC at No. 2. This is Conato’s first trial at Senior level.

Manton will play at lead in a rink skipped by Tony Webb of Riverain IBC, and he will have with him Matthew Orrey of Grantham &B District IBC at No. 2, and Stuart Popple of the City of Ely IBC at No. 3. Manton will be looking to retain his place in the England team which he earned last indoor season.

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In addition to the above tro, another Kingsthorpe IBC man Jamie Walker will be hoping to regain his place in the team, but he misses the trial as he is bowling for England in the World Bowls Championships in New Zealand on the day of the trial. The World Championships start on November 29.

Cinato has also been selected to play in the England Men’sUnder 25 trial on Sunday, December 4.

Cinato has been selected to play at No. 3 in a rink skipped by the same Perry Martin of Swale IBC who will skip his Senior Trial rink, and he will have with him Jack Bird of Scarborough at Lead, and Jordan Philpott of Spalding IBC at No. 2. Cinato will be looking to retain his place in the England Junior team.

Also in the junior trials is Kingsgthorpe’s David Walker who has been selected at No. 3 on a rink skipped by Jonathan West of Boston IBC, and he will have with him Jack Fairhall of Adur IBC at Lead and Glenn Williams of Riverain IBC at No. 2. This is Walker’s first England Trial, and he will be looking to get his first ‘cap’

The trials are in preparation for the British Isles Indoor International Series to be held in February and March next year.

Northants pick their Atherley Trophy side

THE following players have been selected to represent Northants Ladies in the prestigious inter-county Atherley Trophy competition against Cambridgeshire at Northampton & District IBC on Saturday (Nov 26, 12.30pm).

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Brackley & District BC/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough BC/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough IBC/Joan Watts, Daventry IBC

Rink 2: Joyce George, Wellingborough BC/Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge BC/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge BC

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry IBC/Heather Lack, Kettering Lodge BC/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC/Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBC/Joan Sidebottom, Northampton & District IBC/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe BC/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District IBC

Rink 5: Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe BC/Vicki Rushall, Daventry IBC/Wilma Walker, Desborough IBC/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC

Rink 6: Billie Swift, Northampton & District IBC/Elaine Urquhart, Brackley & District BC/Alison Dring, Wellingborough BC/Tina Broderick, Wellingborough BC

Reserves: Marlene Armitage, Wellingborough BC/Glenys Emery, Kingsthorpe BC/Pam Page, Desborough IBC/Denise Carlin, Desborough IBC

Kingsthorpe prove too strong for County

NORTHANTS Ladies played a friendly against Kingsthorpe BC and slipped to a 97-71 

The County won on one rink and drew on another. The winning rink for the County was that skipped by Wilma Walker which posted a seven shots win, and the highest from Kingsthorpe’s four rinks was that skipped by Brenda Bishop with a 14 shots win.

Her rink was followed very closely by that skipped by Pat Bodily which had a win just one shot less.

Rink details as follows, County names first:

Rink 1: Joyce George, Sian Hughes-Jones, Pat Starsmore & Pat Symonds 13 – Linda Miles, Maggie Edwards, Maureen Brown & Jan Everson-Watts 13

Rink 2: Julie Spreadbury, Chloe Weston, Elaine Urquhart & Linda Warren 16 – Helen Milner, Pam Tyler, Val Cannell & Hilary Sharpe 19

Rink 3: Velda Cooper, Sandra Mawson, Rhona Holland & Liz Keeney 5 – Tina Williams, Pat Kaye, Glenys Emery & Brenda Bishop 19

Rink 4: Lynn Upton, Heather Lack, Jan Hunt & Wilma Walker 17 – Maureen Hanwell, Jennifer Cooper, Sandy Hayter & Yvonne McKee 10

Rink 5: Marlene Armitage, Sue Lomas, Chris Cooper & Pat Mattinson 10 – Sally Row, Barbara Parsons, Celia Morris & Diane Brumwell 13

Rule 6: Dorothy Diver, Elsie Hatton, Pam Page & Joan Watts 10 – Beryl Harding, Judy York, Tina Hart & Pat Bodily 23

Northants gearing up for Norfolk friendly

THE following have been selected to represent Northtants IBA in a friendly against Norfolk IBC at County Arts IBC in Norwich next Wednesday (Nov 30, 2.30pm).

Rink 1: Keith Howlett, Desborough IBC/John Carson, Desborough IBC/Brian Jones, Daventry IBC/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough BC

Rink 2: Roger Miller, Desborough IBC/Dave Williamson, Northampton & District IBC/Brian Sherwood, Rushden Town BC/John Haines, Desborough IBC

Rink 3: Jim Diver, Desborough IBC/Stuart Lowe, Daventry IBC/Brian Langton, Rushden Town BC/Norman Gibb, Desborough IBC

Rink 4: Will Clelland, Desborough IBC/Tony Warren, Northampton & District IBC/John Streather, Rushden Town BC/Terry James, Rushden Town BC

Rink 5: Trevor Tilley, Rushden Town BC/Eddie Short, Desborough IBC/Brian Diver, Desborough IBC/George Warren, Desborough IBC

Rink 6: Don Scott, Brackley & District BC/Bob Tingle, Desborough IBC/Richard Somerton, Brackley & District IBC/Michael Moulton, Daventry IBC

Reserves: Alan Diver, Desborough IBC/Keith Pick, Desborough IBC/Eddie Chapman, Wellingborough BC/Harvey Fruish, Northampton & District IBC

Midland Counties delight for ladies

NORTHANTS Ladies were winners by seven points in their Midland Counties match against Leicestershire at Desborough on Sunday.

They claimed the win despite winning just two of the rinks and drawing another, they won the match by seven shots, taking 15 points to Leicestershire’s 7 points.

The highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Hilary Sharpe, which recorded a very handsome 17 shots win.

Rink details as follows, Leicestershire skips only:

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Debbie Watkins, Jeannie Flippance & Audrey Height 16 – Mary Ronald 20

Rink 2: Marlene Armitage, Phyll Parry, Joan Sidebottom & Sharon Tansley 17 – Penny Stevenson 22

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Vicki Rushall, Di Brumwell & Brenda Bishop 25 – Jean Clark 17

Rink 4: Pat Starsmore, Chris Cooper, Yvonne McKee & Joan Watts 15 – Su Sharpe 24

Rink 5: Celia Morris, Linda Warren, Wilma Walker & Hilary Sharpe 32 – Jane Hudson 15

Rink 6: Joyce George, Elaine Urquhart, Alison Dring & Tina Broderick 16 shots – Barbara Lewis 16 shots

Latest results in national competition

HERE are the latest results in the national competitions.

Ladies Pairs first round: Marilyn Oram & Dena Bryan, Kingsthorpe BC beat Debbie Watkins & Maureen Hanwell, Kingsthorpe BC 22-14; Joyce Porter & partner, Northampton & District IBC given walkover by Hilary Sharpe & partner, Kingsthorpe BC

Seconf round: Chloe Weston & Linda Warren, Northampton & District IBC beat Yvonne McKee & Brenda

Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC 22-10 shots.

Ladies Champion of Champion singles: Zone Final Area 6: June Smith, Northampton & District IBC lost to Amy Stanton, Welford-on-Avon IBC 11-21.

Zone Final Area 7: Tina Broderick, Wellingborough BC beat Hannah Felce, St Neots & District IBC 21-14 shots

Men’s singles second round: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by Martin Underwood, Desborough IBC; Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section beat Ben Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC 21-20; Andy Smith, Northampton & District IBC beat Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe BC 21-13; David Walker, Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section beat George Clifton, Kingsthorpe BC 21-4; Richard Mann, Desborough IBC beat Iain Walker, Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section 21-19 shots; Tom Wellburn, Kingsthorpe BC given walkover by Martin White, Desborough IBC

Men’s Pairs second round: Jason Bryan & Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC beat Ben Sharpe & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC 19-13; Andy Smith & Chris Bland, Northampton & District IBC beat Neil Rolfe & Roger Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC 20-7; Andrew Manton & Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe BC beat Roger Summers & Ollie Kirkwood, Northampton & District IBC 33-13 shots; Dougie Cooper & Peter Mellor, Desborough IBC beat Jordan & Mark Dickens, Northampton & District IBC 19-10 shots; Pat Crouch & Peter Ward, Desborough IBC beat Dave Iddles & Darren Lewis, Kingsthorpe BC 19-18 shots (after an extra end); Connor Rollings & Richard Lemon, Northampton & District IBC beat Paul O’Beirne & Jim McKee, Kingsthorpe BC 19-13; Chris Wright & Mick Spear, Kingsthorpe BC beat Cameron Knox & John Haines, Desborough IBC 20-11

Men’s triples first round: David Iddles, Darren Lewis & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jim Diver, Richard Mann & John Haines, Desborough IBC 16-10 shots; John Freeman, Tony O’Leary & Ollie Kirkwood, Northampton & District IBC beat Mick Spear, Roger Tansley & Ray Castle, Kingsthorpe BC 19-12

Men’s Fours second round: Andrew Manton, Connor Cinato, Neil McKee & Jamie Walker, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jim Diver, Chris Aitken, Richard Mann & John Haines, Desborough IBC 17-12

Men’s Over 50 Triples first round: John Freeman, Tony O’Leary & Ollie Kirkwood, Northampton & District IBC beat Dougie Cooper, Dave Flippance & Richard Mann, Desborough IBC 14-12

Men;s Over 60 Pairs first round: Jim McKee & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Roger Summers & Tony Weston, Northampton & District IBC 25-11

Men’s Under-25 Singles (played in sets) third round: Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe BC Indoor Section beat Jack Lee, Northampton & District IBC 2-0; Connor Rollings, Northampton & District IBC beat David Walker, Kingsthorpe 2-1

Denny Cup (inter club for four rinks with two at home and two away) second round: Kingsthorpe BC beat Northampton & District IBC 84-52 shots.

At Kingsthorpe: Rink 1: Neil Rolfe, David Walker, Vernon Gearey & Andrew Manton 17 – Adam Brown, Roger Summers, Jonathan Brown & Ollie Kirkwood 10

Rink 2: Jason Bryan, Pete Morris, Mark Tompkins & Mick Sharpe 26 – Connor Rollings, David Fage, Tony O’Leary & Chris Bland 21

At Northampton: Rink 3: Mick Spear, Darren Lewis, Jim McKee & Jamie Walker 28 – Tony Ellis, Jack Lee, John Leggett & Richard Lemon 8

Rink 4: Chris Wright, Martin Gearey, Ben Sharpe & Connor Cinato 13 – Terry Britten, Alan Baulch, Tony Weston & Andy Smith 13

Kingsthorpe BC now faces Welford-on-Avon IBC in the next round on the 10th December, 2016.