Underwood triumphs with borrowed rod

Just two ounces short of 40lbs, Mick Poole's 39-14 Stanwick common is some fish ' especially for December!
Just two ounces short of 40lbs, Mick Poole's 39-14 Stanwick common is some fish ' especially for December!

Surely it had to be a joke: Gary Underwood turning up for Newport’s Christmas match without a rod – he does, after all, co-own a tackleshop full of them!

But it was for real. He had forgotten to pack a rod, and was all set to miss out...until kind-hearted Roger Tebbutt loaned him a spare.

And that generosity back-fired on Roger as ‘The man with no rod’ Underwood got lucky at the drawbag and stormed to a runaway win on the Ouzel with 28-14 of chub to 5lb or so.

For Tebbutt ended up third with 6-1 (Paul Abbott 8lb) when, had he not helped out Gary, he would probably have been runner-up.

And all because he played the good guy. Never mind, Roger...someone owes you an awful lot of FREE bait in the months to come.

STANWICK’s fish of the month by a country mile has to be Mick Poole’s 39-14 Roman Lake common known as The Bishop.

A PRAWN on the lead saw Tom Hewer land a 5-1 Wolverton Ouse chub first cast...smashing his PB by more than 2lb.

MEADOWLANDS’ individual league went right down to the wire with, after six rounds, Bas Byrd and Glenn Maxwell tied on 7 points apiece – with Byrd taking the title after a count back. Lee Davies won the final leg with 62-12 as Mark Casemore had 57-8 and Mo Williams 49lb.

AND Castle Ashby’s AT league was much the same, the lead changing hands round by round until, after last week’s final leg, Maver MK emerged on top two points clear of Guru. RAF had fast-jetted to top spot on the day but had to settle for third overall.

League table: Maver MK 16, Guru 18, RAF 19, ‘Ashby Youth 24, Black Horse 26, Royal Mail 28, Browning 39, ‘Ashby A Team 46.

WHITE Hart Flore, Flecknoe: Gary Muddiman 71-6, Dick Spriggs 42-9, John Berry 29-7.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Mark Wilson 56lb, Ian Millen 42lb, Tony Winnick 38lb.

OLNEY, Ouse: Paul Caton 10-1, Pete Hawley 7-7, Dave Partridge 7-1.

TOWCESTER, town Tove: John ‘still smiling’ Balhatchett 11-2, Bas Eaton 9-14, Dave Gibbins 7-10.

FINEDON fur & feather, Ringstead Shallows: Dave Roberts 11-3, Roger Brain 10-8, Paul Brand 8-13.

CASTLE silverfish league final leg, Canons: Paul Lafflin 8-12, Pat Neale 6-8, Alan West 6lb (Neale series winner with West runner-up).

TOWCESTER vets, Navvi canal: Ron Collins 8-5, Chris Howard 4-14, Gerald Greene 4-10.

FLORE & Brockhall, silverfish, Dog Lane: Gareth Abrahams 10-9, Kelvin Macaneaney 7-14, Steve Smith 6-15.

NENE, Grafton willow stumps: Chris Howard 5-14, Brian Beard 5-14, Bob Coles 4lb.