Ryder wrestles with world’s biggest carp

Mark Ryder
Mark Ryder

EAT your hearts out Drayton regulars...bailiff Mark Ryder has caught a much, much bigger carp than you are ever likely to get from the Daventry reservoir!

Turning the scales to a stunning 92lb, it was the world’s largest reported rod-and-line caught carp when it came out, in spawn, at 99lb last year.

And though having ‘gone back’ a bit, it still has to be among the world’s top three!

It was one of a clutch of biggies he landed – including a 57-4 (briefly his new French PB), four 40s and a mid 30 – in a week on Graviers lake in France.

He also lost a fish estimated as in the 80s, which cut his line on a gravel bar: “I’d had it on for 35 minutes or so. It would have been a world record brace if I’d landed it.”

Fishing with him fellow Daventry angler Chris Balic also had a ball with a 63 and three 50s among others.

Don’t rush to book. Apparently the fishery phone is on for just two hours... once a year! Miss that slot and you wait another 12 months to try again.

ONE round to go and runners-up spot could fall to just about any of the seven teams – other than Kamazan Starlets who have a 10-point lead on the pack – in Castle Ashby’s AT winter league. It’s that tight!

Sunday saw ‘Ashby Youth and Starlets tie on 51 points with MK on 46, which puts Starlets on nine overall with six points spanning the rest.

Top weight was Starlets Ian Wardle, 12 bream for 24-9, ahead of Sensas Chiltern Baits Andy Pell 21-15 and team mate Grant Howie 21lb.

RICHARD KENDRICK topped the latest Meadowlands league round with 91-10 of carp, followed by Steve Randle 89-12 and Ian Coxon 62-14.

OSPREY’s Lakeside, Towcester, trip saw Mark Brown with 80-12 of corn carp. Chris Younger netted 68lb and Matt Grant 50-8.

KEN HAZEL won White Hart Flore’s Barby Banks match with 45lb. John ‘rockin’ Berry had 42-8 and Trevor Griffiths 28. A memorial match is being planned for the late Harry Page.

CASTLE Ashby’s Saturday Grendon sweep fell to Bob Reed with 44-12, carp and bream, ahead of Richard Skeen 29-8 and Frank Pizmenti 25-4. Mick Wheeler won the Scotland pond midweeker with 30 skimmers for 21-2 as Mick Hewlett had 17-8 and Roger Clutton 12-12.

THE latest big Ouse perch bag was Gary Britton’s 26-13 of fish to 2lb to win an MKAA do on the Stony Ouse – with Lee Jones on 21-8 and Pete Whatley 18-9-8.

Downstream in Olney’s Spooner Cup, Paul Caton had 20-2, including perch to 2-4. Les Wallis had 5-5 and Roy Hefferon 5-0-12.

LOCO: Spring Pools, Andy Anderson 31lb of carp, Tom Payne 19-6, Roy Quayle 15-8. FINEDON: Willow Creek Nene backwater, Oundle, Malcolm Hobbs 17-2 mainly seed roach, Steve Amos 12-14, Malcolm Sansome 10-3 – of bleak!

NENE points match, Newton Blossomville Ouse, Paul Minney six perch for 14-10, Dave Gibbins 10-10, Tom Newbury 6-15. CASTLE: silverfish league 4th round, Canons, Jeff Rice 9-12, Fred Prior 8-12, Geoff Lewis 8lb.

OLD Kings Head: Ringstead Nene, Darren Oakley 4-14-8, Dick Stafford 4-9-12, Alan Knight 2-15-4. KETTERING: Wadenhoe Island on the Nene, Rob Eyles 2-7, Martin Owen 2-2, Brian Garrett...0-2.

FLORE & Brockhall: diamond bridge canal, Jim Tanser 2-5, Ray Ayres 1-13, Rob Rawlins 0-15. TOWCESTER: Gayton arm canal, oh dear, Mick Goodridge 0-10-8, Tony Hirst 0-9. No one else weighed.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Heyford fishery silverfish open 01327 340002.