Mighty Mike rules the roost in Mexico

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AS WINTER began making its icy presence felt on local waters, Town’s Mike Green was sweating it out fly-fishing from a beach... in Mexico.

And sweat he did with a succession of hard-fighting ‘rooster’ fish, named after their weird dorsal fins.

“They’re incredibly fast – you have to run like a gazelle to get in front of them,” he said.

No kidding – run like a gazelle? No Mike, LoL, YOU must have found another way...

Back home on Stanwick’s Elsons, Craig Waddington was having fun with the carp, landing a 32lb common. And on Mallard Paddy Wheat and Andy Bazely, mid-double carp aside, both had bream to 10lb.

Big chub are starting to show on the Ouse. Rus Nash included a 6-2 in his winning weight in an MKAA do at Stony Stratford – from the swim which last week yielded a 2-1 roach!

Downstream at Olney, smaller roach were on parade as Paul Caton won the town club’s Saturday benefit open with 15-6. Tom Halfpenny had a 7-6 bream in his 11-3-8 and Steve Glidewell 10-14 of roach to 12 ounces.

Courtney Hewlett had a runaway win in Castle Ashby’s brickyard sweep, Saturday, with 79-14 of small carp, followed by Bob Reed 38-4 and Mick Hewlett 33-2.

A Scotland midweeker had seen Chris Barley with 64-14 of bream as Paul Hardman netted 29-14 and Roy Woodward 26-2. Frost soured Grendon for Sunday’s do and Dick Rogers won with just 27-2.

Meadowlands’ individual league round went to Neil Russell with 66-12 as James Hipkiss had 59-10 and Paul Cassidy 59lb.

WHITE Hart Flore, Spring pools: Dave Griffiths, Tom Griffiths and John Berry all tied for second with 31-8.

Darren Williamson won on 31-8.

TOWCESTER vets, Dog Lane: John ‘smiler’ Balhatchett 32-15 (carp), Tosh Saunders 24lb, Gerald Greene 21-11.

DAVENTRY, Bishops Bowl: Carl Hulley 20-2 (bream and tench), Rich Wills 14-9, Steve Martin 10-2... and Mick Turner beat Gaynor Mills 1-13 to 1-8 in the head to head annual KO final. Never mind, Mick, a win is a win!

CASTLE winter league round, Canons: Paul Lafflin 11-8, Nick Anotonacci 8-9, Pete Laughton 6-2. Lafflin and Antonacci are tied for the lead with two legs to go.

NENE knock-up, GUC, Heyford: Dave Gibbins 6-1-0 skimmers and Perch, Brian Beard 4-4, Chris Howard 2-6.

FINEDON, Ravely drain, the fens: Sam Corteze 5-6 (over 300 bleak!), Paul Brand 5-1, Dave Ross 4-7 (130 ‘razor blade skimmers).

FLORE & Brockhall, Towcester town Tove: Ray Ayres 4-11-8, Brian Johnson 3-8-8, Ken Cadd 2-1-4.

TOWCESTER, Shutlanger Tove: Matt Brafield 3-12 of dace, Andy Jones 3-6. Mick Goodridge 2-12 (seven chub and a dace).

GLEBE, Addington lake: John Kirton 2-15, Dave Jones 1-14.

FIXTURE: Nov 20, Olney Tuesday Ouse open 01234 240061.

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