Martin braves the conditions to claim new personal best

Fish thieves' lethal 'gill net' recovered from Abington Park Lake
Fish thieves' lethal 'gill net' recovered from Abington Park Lake

ONE of the few bold enough to be braving our flooded rivers on the freezing Sunday morning just gone – Jim Martin banked a 7-3 PB river bream for his pains!

With ice in the margins and the river topping its banks, he had been feeder-fishing maggot on Wellingborough’s Harrold Ouse stretch – barely a week on from sharing totally unseasonal tench catches from the Nene with a mate.

But, that he will do whatever it takes to find his target species should be no surprise as, though Northampton-based, he makes numerous trips each year after blue shark off Cornwall.

WOULD-be fish thieves are at it again in town. This time 15 to 20 metres of ‘gill net’ – lethal to any fish trapped in its mesh – was found at Abington Park Lake.

Controlling Club Abington AC and the lake’s council owners are determined to prosecute if culprits can be found. Please look out for tell-tale signs wherever you fish, and PROMPTLY report any sightings.

DESPITE the cold everyone caught in Bishops Bowl’s pairs second round with Andy Forbes (pictured below) on 35lb of skimmers and small carp followed by Nick Wheeler 34-12 (next peg) and Eric Lilliman 20lb. Forbes and Andy Poole were top duo.

OSPREY had it good at Lakeside as Tony Winnock totalled 132-2 ahead of Peter Archer 99-2 and Steve Grant 71lb.

MEADOWLANDS teams of three, second round of six: Phil and Geoff Ringer (Team Ringer) 75-4 and 68-4, Darren Cox (Baileys) 55lb, Adam Waklin (Cherry Pie Trio) 47lb. Ringers lead by a far.

WHITE Hart Flore, Barby Banks: Dave Chapman 53-12, Dave Griffiths 32-15, Gary Muddiman 30-9.

MAKINS, second round of six, pole only individual league: Ben Taylor 45lb, John Jenkins 23-12, Mark Willock 18-8. 
Andy Ingleson has a one point lead.

CASTLE Ashby opens: midweek, Brickyard, Pete Gibson 29-14, Lloyd Haynes 29-4, Alan West 19-6; Sat, Brickyard, Keith Garrett 12-6, Mick Hewlett 8-7, Mick Bodilly 6-4; Sun, Grendon, Hewlett 8-2, Andy Jones 6-2, Bob Reed 6lb.

NENE, Weedon cut: Andy Webster 6-14, Pete Lawton 6-6, Brian Beard 6-1.

TOWCESTER’s chilly Astwell Mill sweep went to Graham Martin with 5-4. Darren Pannell had 4-14 and Mick Goodridge 4-8.

FLORE & Brockhall teams of three second round of six, Stockton reservoir: (unusually dire even for them) Dave Boulton and Tony Wood 2-10...and 0-3 (both Tony’s Trio), Paul Humphries (Regulars) one perch 0-2. Regulars lead by two points.

THINK your trip was bad? ‘Nigel’s’ was probably worse, Monday. First he found Bradwell lake flooded out...then his car burst into flames as he re-started it – ending up a smouldering wreck! Thankfully he escaped without injury.