Martin and Cebula hit the jackpot

A 6-9 chub was Stuart Shepherd's reward for braving a rising Ouse at Olney, Friday
A 6-9 chub was Stuart Shepherd's reward for braving a rising Ouse at Olney, Friday

FEW would rate the winter Nene as their ‘most likely’ tench water – but Jim Martin and Jan Cebula are on a roll with the river’s tincas!

Out for bream last Tuesday they feeder-fished caster between Thrapston and Oundle...and hit the jackpot with THE species synonymous with stillwaters and summer – not rivers in January

A succession of bites left Jan with an amazing ELEVEN tench to 5-2 plus three perch for a total of 56lb, before it was time to leave.

“We know there are a lot of tench in parts of the Nene,” said Moulton man Jim, 
“but this must surely rate as the biggest tench catch 
ever, in one sitting, from the river.”

More was to come when the pair fished the river again, Sunday, ‘in the Northampton area’, as Jim caught two tincas for 8-11 – plus perch to 2-11 – while Jan had a tench brace for 9lb.

AN outing to Olney’s Ouse saw Stuart Shepherd (pictured below) bag a superbly conditioned 6-9 chub on Friday – almost a year on from his previous visit when he had a 6-11!

SEVEN perch – between a pound and 3-10 – fell to Alex Burbeck on MKAA’s Ouse.

STANWICK came good for Craig Waddington with a 36-10 common – a cracking fish any time of year, letalone mid-January.

WATERLOO was on fire for Trevor Griffiths in White Hart Flore’s sweep as he caught throughout the match, fishing bread on straight lead, for 165-9 of carp.

However, the venue was in the doldrums for everyone else...and Andy Sibley had barely a quarter of Griffiths’ weight for second with 43-9, followed by Gary Muddiman 31-5.

WHEN the ‘Family Ringer’ ran a pairs open on Boddington...Phil and Steve Ringer won with three points and 121lb. But they had far from an easy run, as Jason Shirley and Bas Byrd matched them on 
points and were only 3lb short on overall weight. Carl Barnfield and Darren Saunders were third, four points.

CASTLE Ashby opens: 
Wed, Brickyard, Courtney Hewlett 53-8, Pete Gibson 34-4, Alan West 19-8; Sat, Brickyard, Keith Garratt 54lb, C Hewlett 29-4, Chris Garratt 21-4.

Sunday: Grendon, Richard Dunkley 117-8 (21 carp), C Garratt 22-12, Mick Hewlett 16-10; Brickyard, Martin Faulkner 35-12, C Hewlett 24-8, Dick King 20-6; Scotland, silverfish, Nigel Fawlkes 6lb, Mick Wheeler 5-12, Ray Woodward 4-14.

CASTLE, Canons bottom, silverfish: John Lewis 7-9, Dave Keech 7-1, Nick Antonacci 6lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Cosgrove canal, midweek: Chris Howard 7-2, John Balhatchett 4-10 (inc a big perch), Gerald Green 4-2.

TOWCESTER, Castlethorpe cut: Matt Webb 4lb, Kevin Elliott 3-1, John Balhatchett 3lb (inc a 2lb perch).

FLORE & Brockhall, local cut: Ken Cadd 2-7, Jim Tanser 1-11, Gary Abraham 1-5.

FINEDON pike match, lake near Ringstead, everyone blanked...