Lovelock the big winner at Lakeside

Gale-force winds couldn't stop Gavin Walding banking 'this 20-8 Stanwick common
Gale-force winds couldn't stop Gavin Walding banking 'this 20-8 Stanwick common

Wild, wet and very windy. That was the Sunday just gone – but even the pole-breaking gales couldn’t keep rods from bagging fish.

And three of those fish-at-all-costs characters finished up filling the frame in Osprey’s match at Lakeside near Towcester...and all with ton-plus catches.

Meat fished at seven metres on the water’s most gale-lashed bank seemed to be the key to the top spots as Chris Lovelock won with 193lb, followed by Keith Stent 155lb and Darren Cannock 111lb.

Martin Harrington also topped the ton, with 103-14, to win the Meadowlands spring league opening round with 103-14 – way way ahead of Carl Barnfield 53lb and Steve Daly 51lb.

WHITE Hart Flore really had it in their teeth on Barby Banks where Dave Griffiths persevered for 53lb followed by Dave Chapman 44lb and Drew Adams 37lb.

SOMETHING went a little awry with last week’s column and Drayton bailiff Mark Ryder ended up quoted as saying his must be best ‘run’ water in the country. He didn’t.

He said it was the best ‘runs’ water...which is an entirely different thing.

AT Stanwick Gavin Walding had two good commons to 20-8 and Dan Hyde a 23.

CASTLE Ashby opens: Brickyard midweek, Chris Prigmore 38-8, Frank Pizamenti 24-6, Courtney Hewlett 16-14; Brickyard, Saturday, Steve Smith 38-6 (bream), Keith Garrett 34-2, Mick Hewlett 32-12; Grendon, Sunday, Richard Dunkley 48-8, Chris Garrett 39lb, Bob Reed 26lb.

FLORE & Brockhall, Dog Lane: Bert Isles 30-12, Bob Prowse 27-8, Terry Smith 15lb.

KING’S Head, Yoke Farm: Andy Jackson 23lb, John Sumpter 16-4, Gary Scott 13-7.

TOWCESTER’s knock up on Wappenham Water went to Dave Martin with seven carp for 20lb as Mick Goodridge had a seven-pounder plus 5lb of silvers.

CASTLE, spring silverfish league, third round, Canons: Steve Bettis 12-8, Alan West, now leading with max points, 12-4, Geoff Rice 9lb.

NENE, Long Pound canal at Stoke: Bas Eaton 5-12, John Balhatchett 5-14, Andy Kimpton 2-14.

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TROUT: Airflow heat at Elinor, Sunday, which hosts the £2,000 final on April 19 – – best of week 7-10 to Olney’s Ray Ward; Ravensthorpe best 11-11; Pitsford averaging 5.4 per rod; Ringstead’s best 9-8.

FIXTURES: Nene AGM, April 13, Yeoman of England, Wootton; May 3 AT & CRT national pairs champs round, Yardley cut, practice opens on April 12, 19 & 26, 07711 086436.