Fire crew to the rescue for Weatherley

One bite, one 5-13 Ouse chub ' a matchwinner for Dennis Walden
One bite, one 5-13 Ouse chub ' a matchwinner for Dennis Walden

Fighting fires – and helping matchmen with their nets snagged on the bottom – are all in a day’s work for the fire and rescue service!

Vince Battams kept telling people he was on a red-hot peg in Abington AC’s Beckett’s Park match on the town-centre Nene, but thought the joke had gone a bit far when a fire crew rolled up.

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-150128-154657002

But though they were only there to fill their tanks from the river, they turned out to be a real day-saver for eventual winner Andy Weatherley who – trying to pull his keepnet up for the weigh-in, found it stuck on a river-bed snag.

Left to his own devices Andy would probably have torn his net and lost much of his catch, but the nice helpful fire people used a hooked pole to free it, allowing him to weigh 8-10...beating Vince by just two ounces.

“It could so easily have ended differently,” said Vince, “as two minutes later they were off up the road, blue lights flashing, to answer a 999 call.” Malcolm Bunyard had 3lb.

THE Ringers’ pairs do on a rock-hard Boddington saw Glen Maxwell and James Hipkiss win with 71lb, Kev Wright and Tom Challinsworth had 60lb and Jason Shirley and Bas Byrd 18lb.

The Wolverton Ouse was cold enough to shrivel a maggot within seconds when Dennis Walden netted a 5-13 chub to win White Hart’s match. Ray Goulding 5-8 and Barry Neal 4-7-8.

AND a 2-9 perch, put Graham Clipson top of Olney’s Weston Road Ouse do, with Paul Caton netting a 1-9 stripey and Pete Hawley 1-0-8 of bits.

KINGS Arms, Decoy Lakes: Chris Evans 27-6, Keith Robinson 27-1, Roger Brain 26lb.

WHITE Hart Flore, Barby Banks: Robin Wickham 11-11, Andy Sibley 5-7, Trevor Griffiths 0-7.

JOHN Balhatchett MUST have smiled when he drew the peg, in Towcester’s Tove do, which gave him a 17lb perch win back in November – but this time he failed to weigh. Les Goodridge had 7-8 of perch, bro Mick 5-10 of roach and George Cooke 3lb.

MKAA, Stony Ouse: Roger Tebbutt 9-2 (perch, roach and skimmers), Don King 6-8-8, Paul Hamilton 6-1-8.

NENE, Blisworth tunnel canal: Brian Beard 7lb, Andy Kimpton 4-7, Bas Eaton 2-11.

TOWCESTER Vets’, Blisworth canal: Chris Howard 6-5 (skimmers) Grenville Reed 3-12, John Balhatchett 3-11.

CASTLE, Canons ice-breaker: Bob Spencer 2-7, Dave Keech and Geoff Lewis both 2-3.