Dixon can’t stop reeling in those fish

Pete Dixon with shimmering hangover from the last Ice Age ' a superb 2-3 grayling
Pete Dixon with shimmering hangover from the last Ice Age ' a superb 2-3 grayling

Gilders’ staff man Pete Dixon is fast becoming a legend in his own days off – netting a stream of good fish while all about him others struggle.

And all he has used was a few pints of maggots backed with plenty of watercraft.

A couple of weeks back he was down south on the Dorset Frome – doing it traditionally and trotting maggot with a centrepin for 10 grayling to 2-3. This week, much closer to home, he was on a ‘private stretch’ of the Ouse he reckoned would do the business – and his nous had put him bang on the button!

Maggot, this time on feeder and light bottom, did the trick and in two daylight trips he had two 6lb chub plus others of 5-11, 5-7, 5-4, 5-3, 5-2 and a 3-4...and lost half a dozen more including one ‘well over 6lb’.

BRIXWORTH’s Mike Sando was probably grateful that he couldn’t fish Sunday, as in Monday’s more favourable conditions he netted chub of 4-12, 4-10 and 4-8 on maggot in two hours on an MKAA Ouse section.

TOWCESTER’s sweep on the Shutlanger Tove was a one-man showcase as veteran Tosh Saunders stormed home with four chub and a rake of dace for 9-8. Graham Martin had 1-12, Harry Harris 0-4...and the rest did not weigh.

THE ‘Ringers’ pairs’ on Boddington fished well considering 10 ‘ice hole’ anglers had totally blanked there the day before.

Ian Cobley and Simon Skelton had a perfect 2 point score to win with 43lb. Individual winner (56lb of carp) Terry Fowlkes and Tony Wickham had three points and 67lb with Steve and Phil Ringer, also on three points, third on weight.

FINEDON, Browns Farm: Steve Amos bagged 26-1 of roach, rudd and small carp...no one else caught.

CASTLE Ashby opens: Wednesday, Brickyard, Frank Pizamenti 9-14, Mick Hewlett 8-10, Ron Coles 7-14; Sunday, Brickyard, Gary Millward 10-8, Chris Garratt 8-10, Chris Campling 8-6; Sunday, Scotland pond, Mick Wheeler 3-9, Roy Woodward 3-7, Ian Smith 1-6.

CASTLE, Canons bottom, silverfish: Paul Lafflin 5-3, Fred Prior 2-4, John Lewis 2-3.

NENE, Blisworth canal: Ron Collins 4-6, Chris Howard 2-8, Bas Eaton 2-1.

TOWCESTER vets, canal north of Blisworth tunnel, Wednesday: Chris Howard 2lb, Graham Martin 1-8, the rest...well, least said soonest mended.

FLORE & Brockhall, Brockhall bridge cut: Steve Smith 1-2, Paul Humphries 0-14-10, Ray Ayres 0-12-11.

TROUT: Ringstead opens 7am Saturday morning.

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