ANGLING: Phil Lee lands huge chub on Olney Mill stretch

SOLID SUMMER GOLD - Phil Lee's 7-1 summer Ouse chub
SOLID SUMMER GOLD - Phil Lee's 7-1 summer Ouse chub

A huge summer chub, turning the scales all the way to 7-1, is the latest in a growing trickle of cracking Upper Ouse fish.

Big at any time of year Phil Lee’s whacker from Olney’s Mill stretch is an absolute monster for so early in the season, and set to weigh a fair bit more after a summer-long feeding spree.

And while there have been fewer anglers on the river than usual, due in part to dismal weather and wall-to- wall televised Euro footie, that is sure to change in the days ahead.

Phil’s fish follows last week’s 14lb barbel at Newport and a 12-6 from Adams Mill which help underscore the river’s current potential.

ON a completely different front, Nigel Cheetham topped a nice bag of Ringstead trout with a 25lb pike, also on fly, which bodes well for the water’s winter predator sessions.

THE Ringers travelled a long, long way ‘oop north’ to Carmill Dam for the latest Feedermaster eliminator where Phil topped his section with 18-8 to join bro Steve inSeptember’s £17,000 top prize final. Just patriarch Geoff to get through now...

DAN Hyde netted a 24-12 carp at Stanwick while Matt Davey had three 20s to 23-8.

Gilders’ Dan Todd had five to 18-15 plus four bream to 9-12; and at Willowbrook, leisure-angler Jack Knighton had bream to 6lb for 73-8.

MEADOWLANDS open: Mark Jennings 140-6, Neil Russell 113-8, Steve Daly 108.

MILL Lane AC, Wold Farm: Mark Wadhams 114-13, Scott Treacher 104-03, Gary Abrahams 84lb.

WHITE Hart Flore, Barby Banks: Dave Griffiths 101lb, Dale Gibson 100lb, Mick Wheeler 94-11.

SPORTS Social, Waterloo: Nick Wooding 96-8, Tony Glanfield 94lb, John White 71-10.

FLORE Brockhall, Tofts: Jim ‘dolphin boy’ Tanser 81lb, Ray Ayres 64lb, Bob Prowse 56lb.

CASTLE Ashby opens: Weddy, Frank Pizamenti 74lb, Chris Prigmore 72lb, Courtney Hewlett 58-12; Sat., Pete Gibson 66lb, Chris Garrett 55lb, Mick Hewlett 44-12; Sun, Grant Howie 67-4 (inc 44-14 of roach and rudd), Mick Hewlett 60-2, Richard Dunkley 60lb.

COUNTY Vets, ‘Ashby: John Balhatchett 80-1, Dave Cantrell 60lb, Bob Spencer 45-7.

NENE, Bishops Bowl: Balhatchett 63-10, Brian Beard 56-12, Paul Ramsden 48-4.

NEWPORT open, Ouse: Paul Caton 16-10, Myles Phillips 13-10 of roach, Steve Glidewell 11-8.

ABINGTON, Park Lake: Vince Battams 14-6, Dave Huth 4-3, Norman Westbrook 0-12.

OUNDLE, ‘cyanide straight’ Nene: Roger Scott 10-1, Alan Smith 4-7, Graham Prince 3-8.

EA fisheries staff fitted pre-seeded mats in the Shutlanger Tove, Monday, as part of continuing fisheries habitat improvements.

FIXTURES: Olney Ouse opens Tuesday and July 17 01234 240061. Sep 3, start of Oundle’s teams of six river league, sponsored series opened up to all-comers for first time, 07842 920045.