ANGLING: Paul picks up big pike at Pitsford

Phil Mapp's 5lb+ Ouse chub
Phil Mapp's 5lb+ Ouse chub

There are pike, big pike, and – every so often – absolutely HUGE pike...and one of the latter has just been banked from Pitsford!

One small stockie-trout snack short of the magic ‘40’ mark, this leviathan took the scales all the way to 39-2.

Unlike so many reservoir ‘dogs’ this one didn’t fall to a boat angler’s lure, but took a smelt deadbait fished on the narrows by bank angler Paul Adams...who a week earlier had pushed his PB to 28-10 on the same water.

The Kettering-based printer deadbaits Pitsford whenever he can, enjoying ‘chilling out’ on the bank, and said: “Finding big ones is like looking for needles in a haystack, but it is worth it when you do.”

Whether the on-going drought having reduced the 600 acre water to almost 1976 levels was a crucial factor is anyone’s guess, but it has certainly made the ‘haystack’ a lot smaller.

ARE you a top lure angler – there are a lot of aces about of late – then why not bid for a Team England squad place?

Freshly appointed by the Angling Trust for next year’s world champs on Rutland, manager Steve Collett is calling for top-class volunteers experienced in boat-fishing and use of fish-finder electronics.

Any takers should email and apply before January 26. If you don’t try you can’t get in!

TWO successive bone-chilling frosts made Boddington rock-hard for Sunday’s Ringer pairs which saw Geoff Ringer and Steve Cooke top dogs with three points ahead of Ringer juniors Phil and Steve on four after they’d gone ahead of Mo Williams and Carl Barnfield (also on four) on weight.

WITH one round to go Meadowlands’ individual league is all over bar the shouting as, following Sunday’s win, Wayne Sharman can’t be caught. Sharman 104-4, Mark Stibbs 68-1, Ian Lillystone 64-12.

CASTLE Ashby: Wed., Brickyard, Chris Camplin 91-6, Frank Pizamenti 54-12, Sergio Pizamenti 34-8; Sat., Brickyard, Ian Hutton 18-6, Mark Moody 13, Chris Garratt 11-8; Sun., Grendon, Paul Robinson 33-10, Mick Hewlett 31-8, Keith Garratt 18-4.

SPLINTERS, Flecknoe: Tom Griffiths 66-7, Trevor Griffiths 53-13, Kevin Lowe 40-7.

WHITE Hart Flore oldies, Spring Pool: Dave Walker 25-4, Jeff Wiggins 19-13, Ted Adams 11lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, canal, Heyford: Graham Martin 17lb (roach), Chris Howard 8-14, Rob ‘Rambo’ Rawlins 6-16.

NENE, canal, Long Pound: Andy Kimpton 3-6, John Balhatchett 2-9, Kevin Nightingale 1-12.

FLORE & Brockhall, silverfish, Barby Banks: Terry Smith 1-9, Rob Rawlins 1-8, Ray Ayres 1-4.

FIXTURES: Dec 9 Olney Ouse Xmas match 01234 240061.