ANGLING: Kyte flying high as he lands monster pike at Ravensthorpe

THE county's biggest pike this year? Patric Kyte with Ravensthorpe 33-4
THE county's biggest pike this year? Patric Kyte with Ravensthorpe 33-4

Using a replica roach lure Christmas present from his son brought Patric Kyte a 33-4 from Ravensthorpe – the county’s biggest pike so far this year, probably!

He and son Raphael had opted to fish away from the other boats, in 15 feet of water 60 yards out from the bank, and when deadbaiting brought not a lot they switched to lures.

Following a savage take the fish stayed deep and put up a powerful fight with Patric struggling to keep it away from the anchor rope before Raphael netted it.

Its Northampton captor said that, as it came up in the water: “We could see the lure hanging outside its mouth with the treble hanging loose.

“It was hooked in the scissors on the large single, and I was worried it would pull out.”

TOWN ace Steve Ringer bounced back from his previous weekend’s three-blanks-in-a-row to win with 18 Barston carp on feeder for 90lb, Sunday – shooting through to next month’s £12,000 final. It was another tough day with second going to just 16lb...

STANWICK’s biggest carp so far of 2018 went 26lb and fell to Martin Green.

MEADOWLANDS teams-of-three fourth round: Tony Wickham (Carpetbaggers) 108-4, Neil Russell (Tornados) 75-8, Darren Cox (Garbolino) 75-5. ‘Baggers top on day and lead Garbolino overall.

WHITE Hart Flore, Flecknoe: Trevor Griffiths 96-4, Dave Griffiths 45-12, Steve Johnson 30-1.

CASTLE Ashby opens: Wed., Brickyard, Mick Hewlett 34-10, Chris Camplin 27-12, Nigel Baxter 20-10; Sat., Brickyard, Courtney Hewlett 53-12, Keith Garrett 31-8, Lloyd Haynes 28-14; Sun., Grendon, Mark Davis 85-8, M Hewlett 33-14, Ian Drage 25-12.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Andy Boocock 65lb, John Cosby 63-12, John Carthy 48-12.

NENE/Towcester, Billing Nene: Andy Kimpton four bream...for 20-4! Mick Goodridge 17lb, Paul Minney 7-4.

MILL Cotton, snake-lake open: Chris Rose 17-8 (all roach), Jeff Rice 15-2, John Lewis 12-13.

FINEDON, Thrapston Nene: Dave Roberts 5-13, Tony Kirk 2lb, Steve Amos 1-7.

FLORE & Brockhall, silverfish teams-of-three, Barby Banks: Kevin Barratt (Nubold) 3-6-8, Alan Bolton (Nubold) 2-9, David Bolton (TT) 1-10. TTs lead, three rounds to go.

TOWCESTER Vets, canal, Heyford: Les Goodridge, Tony Hirst, Rob Rawlins al 08.

IF you haven’t already signed the petition for ‘non lethal control of otters’ please visit as – on Monday just 58 people in town (305 in the whole county) had. Then again, maybe most anglers don’t think we have a problem...

FIXTURES: Sat., Olney Ouse charity open, 01234 240061. Sun., British Pike Champs heat, Sherington Pits, 0795 2812527; March 10, MKAA grand slam, 01234 713144.