ANGLING: It’s third time lucky for Tommy at Stanwick

WHAT A CATCH! - Tommy Taylor with his 22-4 Stanwick common
WHAT A CATCH! - Tommy Taylor with his 22-4 Stanwick common

Three big carp in a row – one a 30 – and only the smallest a ‘fair-caught fish’.

That was Tommy Taylor’s disappointing reward for three chilly sessions on Stanwick.

After landing two foul-hooked Elsons fish on the bounce, he must have wondered if he was jinxed. But finally netted a 22-4 common hooked fair and square to break his run of bad luck.

One session saw him foul-hook the 30, the next produced a mishooked high 20 – and he was into his third outing before getting the 22.

SUNDAY’s deep freeze meant chub or nowt for most river matchmen. And Neil Richardson banked on that – stickfloating single bronze and trickling in three pints more to bring fish upstream on the Wolverton Ouse.

Trotting through a deep undercut swim he hooked three fish. One, a fin-perfect 6-2, together with a 3-6 won him the Kingfisher club sweep. Then he lost the fish of visibly dwarfing his 6-2!

CARPIN Capers customers are reporting decent town-centre Nene catches of roach, perch and chub.

WHITE Hart Flore: Barby Banks, Sun, Tom Buck 50-13, Tom Newbury 28-1, Dave Chapman 25-11; Dog Lane, midweek, Terry Perrin 28lb, John Tee 16lb, Tom Griffiths 9lb.

THICK ice meant Sunday’s Castle Ashby’ AT winter league final round was postponed until this weekend (weather permitting).

BISHOPS Bowl opens: Chris Hudson 36-8, Luke Malcher 24lb, Dave Smart 8-4; midweek, Derek Cullip 15lb, Kevin Folwell 4lb, Ron Allam 2-9.

SPORTS & Social, Ringstead shallows, Nene (lots of roach): Jeff Rice 10-13 (inc a 2-6 perch), Ken Taylor 10-11, Stuart Cheetham 8-2.

TOWCESTER Vets, Cosgrove cut: ice-breaker Dave Prodger 8lb of perch to 2lb. Graham Martin 6-7 Les Goodridge 6lb. Some nice roach showed.

TOWCESTER, Tove: Les Goodridge 6-1 (all roach), Mick Goodridge 5lb, John Balhatchett 2-6-8.

FLORE & Brockhall fur & feather, Dog Lane ice-breaker: Dave Ayres 2lb, Terry Smith 1-4...Jim Tanser 0-1. Rob Rawlins? Still hoping Santa will bring him a winning streak.

FIXTURES (Ouse): Jan 1 MKAA ‘hangover’ open 01234 713144; Newport pits AT pike matches, Jan 15 & 29 07896 782715.