ANGLING: Guru’s Andy Pell picks up massive victory

Stanwick 21-10 pike for Simon Green
Stanwick 21-10 pike for Simon Green

So far out in front the others couldn’t even see his dust let-alone his heels – that was Guru’s Andy Pell in the latest Meadowlands teams-of-three!

In a blistering performance – on a peg from which he’d been runner-up on 94-6 in the previous round – he almost trebled the next man’s weight with 22 carp on feeder for 155-6.

Next up, almost 100lb adrift, was Ray Durrant on 58-6 followed by Nigel Smith 56-4.

Both were out for Team Meadowlands, but a disappointing third-man result meant they finished second on the day with 13 points (two ahead of Guru) as Lowdowns won without a man in the top three.

With three rounds to go, Garbolino lead overall on 50, one point ahead of Garbolino who are four up on Guru.

A FEW big Ouse chub are coming out despite the weather. ‘MK Piker’ had a rod-thumping after-work battle with a 6-4, and days earlier downstream of MK and Newport – Den Reid bagged a new PB at 6-11 on luncheon meat. Pete

Lima had a 4-2 on Olney’s section.

There are nice river roach to be had too, and Gary Maton had a 1-7 on the Ouzel.

SCHOOLBOY Kane Thompson, 14, took time out from work-experience at MK’s Fishing Republic to fish Bluebell Lake – and came up with a 13lb mirror.

PIKING on Stanwick’s Elsons, Simon Green banked a nicely conditioned 21-10.

WHITE Hart Flore oldies, Barby little pond: Ted Adams 60lb, Tom Griffiths 40lb, Glen Tilson 8lb.

TOVE VALLEY open, Lakeside: Mark Morgan 51-7, Phil Steele 37-12, Paul Abbott 46-7, Alan Pitt 32-9.

CASTLE Ashby: Wed., Brickyard, Mick Hewlett 27-12, Chris Camplin 24-6, Terry Dunkley 15-14; Sat., Chris Prigmore 45-14, Frank Pizamenti 18-14, Courtney Hewlett 7-12; Sun., Grendon, Mark Davis 49-4, Richard Dunkley 33lb, Martin Harrington 14-6.

WHITE Hart Flore, Barby Banks: Drew Adams 25lb, Steve Johnson 22-5, Tom Griffiths 21-5.

TOWCESTER Vets, Ringstead Nene: Pete Ely 14-2 (seed roach) Andy Webster 7-6, Dave Prodger 7-1.

MKAA winter individual league, Ouzel, Newport: Steve Carr 9-6 (punch roach), Alan Ford 5-10, Nigel Bass 4-10.

NENE/Towcester, canal, Bugbrooke: John Balhatchett 5-7, Bob Eales 1-14-4, Dave Gibbins 1-13.

FLORE & Brockhall, silverfish, Dog Lane: Terry Smith 4-15, Rob Rawlins 3lb, Steve Smith 2lb.

FINEDON, Canons: Paul Lafflin 3-5, John York and Roger Brain both 2-11.

FIXTURES: Saturday, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; Feb 18; MKAA individual league 01234 713144; Feb 25 British Pike Champs qualifier, Sherington Pits, 07952 812527, March 4 Lakeside open, book Tove Valley fb page.