ANGLING: Folwell on top at Grendon

RIVER BEASTS -  Chris Sawbridge had bream of 7-10 and 7-6 from the Newport Ouse
RIVER BEASTS - Chris Sawbridge had bream of 7-10 and 7-6 from the Newport Ouse

With Grendon’s carp seemingly on strike, roach saved the day in Sunday’s open – with more than 100lb of redfins shared by the top four.

Leading the way was Castle Ashby silverfish specialist Kevin Folwell, who caught more than 300 for his 37-6 top spot.

Unable to match that pace, England junior manager Joe Roberts still gave a fair demonstration of catching small fish fast to finish with 28-4 as John O’Neil had 24-2 and Keith Bishop 20-14.

IT was exactly the opposite for White Hart Flore old geezers midweek on Tofts, as they had carp practically crawling up their poles. Tom Griffiths ended-up with 230-13 as Trevor Griffiths totalled 141-8 and Dave Watkins 137-11.

AT Stanwick Charlie Richards pushed his PB to 35-6 with a common, netting a 21 in the same session. Ian Noonan had a 21 from Mallard.

GILDERS’ Dan Todd and pal Paul Bond’s Nottingham Trent trip saw them share 13 barbel to 6lb, and lose eight others, in a morning.

MILL Lane, Meadowlands: Kelvin McIlhinney 116-10, Glen Kirkton 98-4, Alan Byrnes 80-8.

TOVE Valley, Lakeside: Mark Morgan 110-9, Bryn Wignall 72-14, Andy Jones 58-8.

‘ASHBY Brickyard opens: Wed., Courtney Hewlett 75-12, Mick Bodilly 44-9, Mick Hewlett 19-12; Sat., C Hewlett (seventh win in nine matches) 58-12, M Hewlett 47-6, Keith Garratt 43-10.

WHITE Hart Flore, Canons: Gary Muddiman 74lb, Dave Chapman 37lb, Trevor Griffiths 29-8.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Banks: Tony Ward 73lb, Rob Rawlins 66lb, Paul Humphries 42lb.

GLEBE, Peatling Parva: Dave Hadden 50-3, Marcus Annable 37-5, Dave Jones 32-2.

TOWCESTER Vets, Mill Cotton: Rob Rawlins (braving life outside Flore & Brockhall) 21lb, Andy Webster 17lb, George Cooke 16lb.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Silverlake: Les Ramsden 16-4, Chris Howard 9-4, Mick Goodridge 7-4 A bit of a struggle – yet on the Friday evening, with rain pouring down, the wind across the same lake had had scores of carp feeding on the surface and I had three to 9lb, lost three more off the hook and missed several runs all on floating bread in 90 minutes. A couple of days can be a long time in fishing...

OLNEY, club Ouse: Pete Hawley 10-9, Rob Jolly 1-10, Dave Walsh 1-1.

COUNTY Vets, Canons: Paul Lafflin 24-8, John Lewis 15-10, Dave Cantrell 12-2.

FIXTURES: Thursday weekly junior sessions/matches (Wellingborough &DAA on Mill Cotton and Darwin) start Thursday (3rd) 07940 325987 or leaflet from Carpin Capers; Aug 8, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.