ANGLING: Crawson bags a big carp!

Steve Crawson's 40-4 common ' biggest in the lake!
Steve Crawson's 40-4 common ' biggest in the lake!

Catching the biggest fish in the lake? That is a dream for most – but not for Steve Crawson...who has just banked the largest known carp in Stanwick’s Elsons!

And what a fish – a magnificent common turning the scales all the way to 40-4.

Steve was part of a bait-company party on the lake for ‘trials’ what they had on their hooks is anybody’s guess.

Elsons also yielded a 24 to regular Paul Couch and a 22lb to Brad Wegner. On Mallard Adam Seaton netted a 28 and Steve Wood a 24-8.

GOOD news for those yearning for the return of canal roach. The cut from Stoke bottom lock south past the overshots looks to be coming alive with them!

Saturday’s Nene-hosted CRT-AT pairs eliminator saw Steve Lathwell top with 7-8-8 –105 fish...95 of which were small roach. Redfins dominated the backing-weights, too, on a length twice electro-fished for zander by CRT in as many years.

Two visiting pairs qualified along with Wayne Robinson and Paul Keale.

WHITE Hart Flore’s Tofts do saw all top four with a ton-plus as Trevor Griffiths had 172-8, Terry Adams 155lb, Dave Chapman 129lb and Tom Griffiths 114-8. That was a double for Trevor as he’d topped the midweek old geezers’ Barby Banks do with 106-14. Ron Collins had 70-15 and Ted Adams 58-15.

CASTLE Ashby opens, Sunday: Grendon, Chris Garratt 31-8, Dave Martin 22-4, Chris Camplin 20-5; Scotland, Paul Abbott 54-9, Grant Howie 37-15, Andy Beasley 34-7; Brickyard, M Shephard 124-14, Gary Young 77-4, Lee Brackenberry 67-8.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Mill: Bill Prowse 54lb, Jim Tanser 40-9, Tony Smith 40lb.

GLEBE, Stockton: Marcus Annable 47-15, Dave Haddon 16-10, Geoff Green 2-10 (eight blanks).

MILL Lane, Lakeside: Mark Whadhams 44-3, Jim McLorey 40-12, Alan Byrnes 32-13.

FINEDON, Shearsby: John York 40lb, Pat Neil 33-2, Jason Binder 14-2.

WELLINGBOROUGH, Canons (silverfish): Andy Webster 21-12, Paul Lafflin 17-10, Dave Cantrell 13lb.

COUNTY Vets, Canons (silverfish): Jeff Rice 20-5, John Lewis 18-3, Bob Spencer 16-10.

TOWCESTER Vets, Mill Cotton: Les Wallace 20lb, Rob Rawlins 19-10, Grenville Read 12-4.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Astwell Mill (mostly small roach and rudd): Bob Eales 10-9-12, John Broughton 9-3-8, Chris Howard 7-1.

OLNEY Ouse open, mostly silvers: Neil Shearn 8-5 (largely bleak), Pete Hawley 7-8-8, Bob Gill 6-8-8.

OUNDLE, Cheramy Bridge Nene: Alan Smith 7-10, Mark Cunnington 7-3-8 (gudgeon!!), Malcolm Samsone 5-3.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Newport Ouse open 07795 068428; Oct 15 Towcester open (Castlethorpe cut) 01908 563617; Tues Oct 17 Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.