ANGLING: Black Horse on course for victory

ABINGTON winner Vince Battams
ABINGTON winner Vince Battams

Black Horse continue to race ahead and look like dead-cert winners – yet again – of this year’s ‘Ashby winter league.

And, yet again, it looks like all the action is for second, with RAF’s uncharacteristic stumble in Sunday’s round meaning that only two points now span four teams.

A 32lb Brickyard roach net by ‘Horse’s Kevin Green won on the day with team-mate Rob Dzialak second on 28-4 from Grendon – just four ounces ahead of Royal Mail’s Ian Drage as MK’s Gary Underwood had 26-5 for fourth.

All that put ‘Horse top on the day (60 points) with Oakwood on 43 and Mail 42.

League (two rounds to go): ‘Horse 60, ‘Mail 14, RAF, Milton Keynes and Oakwood all on 16, ‘Ashby Youth 24, Browning 25, ‘Ashby A Team 25.

CLOSE – but no cigar. That was Steve Ringer defending his world feedermaster title on Ireland’s Lough Inniscarra, finishing fifth in this year’s five-day event.

He’s also taken up running and just done his first 10K event...

TACKLESHOP gloom: Carpin Capers’ Dougie and two mates blanked after bass off Brighton beach, while Gilders’ Pete, Dan and Raphy managed just three jacks on a Rutland predator day. Smile for the customers, lads...

TOWCESTER’s Jason Fleming had two 16lb+ pike from Newport’s Big Pit.

STANWICK’s carp of the week was Josh Geohghan’s 27lb PB mirror.

WHITE Hart oldies, Flecknoe: Ted Adams 108-11, Ron Collins 98-7, Tom Griffiths 98-2.

SPLINTERS, Dog Lane: Mick Howkins 88-3, Steve Johnson 70-10, Dave Griffiths 69-10.

MEADOWLANDS league second round: Dean Young 69-12, Mark Casemore 67-12, Mark Griffiths 63-4, Wayne Sharman leads.

ABINGTON, Boddington: Vince Battams 58-7 (carp to 18-12), Andy Weatherley 44-7, Paul Scrivener 36-12.

CASTLE silverfish, Canons: Paul Lafflin 18-9, Jeff Rice 10-11, Bob Moore 7-5

GLEBE, Mill Cotton: Dave Jones 17lb, Russ Lay 12-6, Marcus Annable 11-2.

TOWCESTER, town Tove: Graham Martin 19-8 (dace!) Les Goodridge 13lb (roach) Tony Hirst 11lb.

FINEDON, Woodford Mill, Nene: John York 8-4, Tony Kirke 6-14, Dave Ross 6-6.

FLORE & Brockhall, Dog Lane: Terry Smith 8lb, Rob Rawlins 5-14, Tony Ward 3-11.

OUNDLE, Barnwell Locks, Nene: Mark Cunnington 7-12, Brian Garrett 6-9, Dave Parry 3-1.

TOWCESTER Vets, Stoke Bottom Lock (mostly roach): Graham Martin 7-8, John Balhatchett 6-8, George Cooke 5-12.

SAD NEWS: former Chron angling columnist Chris Howe – he also produced a Radio Northampton weekly angling slot in the 1980s – has died aged 72.

He won a first division national medal on the Witham with Castle...and was also in the England seniors bowls team. His funeral is at Milton Crematorium, 3.30pm, Nov 27, all welcome.